Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enjoy the Seasons...of Your Life

 (Lake Superior at Duluth, Minnesota)

(Not Sea Gulls... Lake Gulls???)

(How cool is this bridge?  The center slides up when a boat needs to pass through the canal.)

(Gooseberry State Park)

(Trees thriving in the cooler climate.)

(Guess what greeted us as we crossed the border?  Canadian Geese.  LOL!)

(We took a walk through some beautiful woods until we got to a historic fort.)

(A beaver fur top hat.  I always wondered what they looked like.)

(Thunder Bay, Canada...a view from the top of a mountain.)

(Amethyst can come in more than one color.  It gets its color from the iron and quartz in the soil.)

(We had big fun hunting for amethyst at this mine!) 
(I'm going to give away a couple pieces I found later this month.)

(Ouimet Canyon was spectacular!)
(It was formed by glaciers.)

(Visitors are not allowed in the bottom of the canyon.  Rare arctic plants grow there!)

(Then we took a quick trip to Bull Shoals Lake and to Branson, Missouri for some back to school shopping.)
I promise I used restraint posting these pictures!  I took about 300 and only posted 18.  

Have you ever been unhappy, I mean really unhappy?  So unhappy you just wanted to go...anywhere.

I have a cure for this feeling of doom and gloom.

Consider this time of your life as a season.  Seasons come and go.  They don't last forever. 

While you are in this season find ways to appreciate it for what it is.  Go out, make friends, exercise, start new traditions and look for the good in your situation.  

Because this is just one season in your life it WILL pass and you will move on to another season.  

I REALLY & TRULY think this is true...

If you are in a season that you aren't enjoying (start small, like noticing how nice the neighbors flowers are)  look for the joy of that season.  

As winter approaches here in North America, I'm reminding myself that those frigid blustery days (that are getting closer) do have beautiful moments that can be appreciated; sparkly snow, Macy romping around, quiet still nights and sometimes days, crisp clean beautiful landscape scenes, and the opportunity to stay home because of the weather.

Remember you can get through this, just like the seasons; this too will pass.

What is going on in this season of your life?

(((Hugs))) to all!


  1. Gooseberry State Park!! I spent many summers camping there with my family when I was young. Seasons are so exciting, the endings and beginnings, and I'm trying to get ready for some big changes in my home and my career.

  2. Hi Sharon .. why's it called Gooseberry Park? Beautiful pictures - just love seeing all the sites .. and hearing the news as you travelled.

    Seasons pass and seasons go - could do with summer returning and starting again - do they do loops these seasons?!

    I think life might be moving along here too - we just have to see where it takes me, but I've made some decisions and so need to get on with them!

    The amethyst looks cool - Mum and I looked for some on the Namibian coast mine .. not a lot around .. and I suspect if we did find some - I left it behind!! We did have a large bit, which we bought - perhaps my brothers have it - I have samples though - i.e. eggs and pieces of minerals - with their names - so I know what they are!!

    Time for change that is for sure .. cheers for now .. Hilary

  3. Very good words to help us and awesome pictures. They were all so beautiful. Thanks.

  4. Love that! I have to remember that from time to time. Especially when I can't keep the house clean with all my kiddos stuff. =)

  5. Lake Superior FTW! I love the North Shore.

  6. Those are such terrific pictures! I like that hat!

  7. I love the pic of the waterfall! So glad you had a nice trip. I can feel the fall weather approaching, shorter days, cooler temps. When nature's changes are so obvious, it's a natural point for me to reevaluate and reassess where I'm at.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    What a lovely post! Yes, I do believe problems are transient (thank heavens they're not permanent). You're right, sometimes a brisk walk can make you feel better. The weather is starting to change and I dread the cold days that are upon us. I hate winter, especially up north in Montreal. So, I already registered for yoga classes to make this gloomy season go faster ;) I am also happy to entertain friends from abroad. This will help me get over cabin fever. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics. I love the seagulls and the geese ;)

  9. I love the picture of the Beaver top hat--too cool!! Thanks for once again sharing so many awesome pics with us, Sharon. And my season right now is a pretty good one. :-)

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The beaver top hat was pretty cool.

  11. The pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you enjoyedx your trip. It looks like ya'll had fun.

  12. I absolutely love photos! I always enjoy your pictures!
    I was just in Duluth last month probably at a similar spot by Lake Superior.
    I hate to admit I do dread winter a tiny bit. But the upside is its basketball season then, and I LOVE watching my boys play.

  13. I love this! So beautiful and inspirational. I am at a time in my life where life is just hectic and revolves around 3 little kids. Sometimes its hard not getting my required amount of "me" time, but I try to cherish these younger years even if some times I wish they would pass quicker. Thanks for this post and the awesome pictures!

  14. Awwwww you went amethyst mining! How lovely!! And yay for these photos - looks like you've had the wanderlust this summer - brilliant!!

    I love the summer but unfortunately for the third year running, the UK had the coldest summer again. Oh dear! :-) But I am looking forward to Christmas - my absolutely favourite time, second to birthdays! LOL!

    Take care

  15. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing and the thought about enjoying the season is very sweet. :)

  16. Hugs to you as well!!

    I feel confident in my writing (finally) it has been a long journey for me, but I can recognize the proper theory or construction of prose, craft and story line.

    It is a good place to be, I might not get published, but I feel confident in the direction I am going.

  17. Thanks for sharing your photos, Sharon! Winter is my least favorite month, but you're right, it definitely has a lot of beauty, too.

  18. Great pictures! Canada is so on my list of places to go see. :)

    I am currently in the crazy season of life. I remind myself all the time that I'll miss it when it's gone!

  19. I love the pictures!! And that our geese were waiting for you - that's so awesome :)

    Life has taken a few gigantic swings at my family this season - but we're getting through them. And your advice is completely spot on. Finding the little joys always, always works.

  20. Great pictures, Sharon! That beaver fur top hat is somethin'. Love the pic with all those barrels. And that huge chunk of amethyst! Wow! And the view of that valley. Gorgeous.

    I'm in a wonderful season right now - new grandbaby, another daughter got married a few months ago, a big wedding anniversary in a few days. You're so right about the sadness being like a season. It does pass. I've been through plenty of them. That's why I'm basking in my joyful season. I know the ups don't last, but maybe the peace will.

  21. Great pics! Thanks for sharing with us! Loved the pic of the canyon and the fun fact about not allowing visitors down because of rare plants.
    "This too shall pass" is my mom's favorite saying to me! I used to roll my eyes at her whenever she would quote it, but now I get it and try to remember it during the harder times. =)

  22. hi miss sharon! wow for sure you posted some neat pictures. i could like to know more bout htat canyon. i know bout that seasons stuff. us guys learned it from you. :) and for sure it woks!
    ...big hugs from lenny

  23. Fantastic photos, and a great reminder to enjoy what we have at the moment! Thanks, Sharon.

  24. Thank you so much for the advise. A loved one really needs it.
    Also the pictures are very nice. The waterfall is quaint and cute. The bridge has a very nice design and practicality as well. The Canadian Geese make me chuckle whenever I see them flying over our heads. Great Post:)

  25. I love seeing pictures of other places in the country. How beautiful they all are!

    And your words are so wise and true. I remember especially trying to embrace that when I had babies and was so sleep deprived and my ears were ringing from their colicky cries. Embrace and love it, because they grow so fast.

    The same is true with our writing lives, too. And all our life. :)

  26. Really nice pictures, Sharon. I enjoyed looking at them.

    Thanks for the reminder that things do get better no matter how bleak our situations may seem.

    Have a good weekend.

  27. Love the pictures, the geese ...and the hat! I'm ridiculously blessed and my challenge is to know that no matter what small matter seems awful, it's truly not. And this season (fall) is my favorite! It gives me extra reason to smile. :)

  28. What an upbeat post! I liked the pictures and the philosophy!

  29. Thank you, Sharon. You're always so inspiring! Thank you for the lovely pictures and the very true words. My season is tough at the moment-- my kids are tired from being in school all day so I'm dealing with more tantrums when they get home. And I signed them up for too many activities, so we're running around all the time. It feels crazy. I do enjoy my quieter mornings with just my little girls at home, though. You're right-- this too shall pass. And then I'll miss all the craziness because my kids will be grown up.


  30. And I do love me some seasons. Change is one of my favorite things. Now I just need to learn how to love things that don't change... Haha!

    Very good and very true advice.

    Beautiful pictures!

  31. Beautiful pictures. I live in Ontario, but haven't been as far north as Thunder Bay. Sault Ste. Marie is about the furthest I've gotton.

    I love all seasons--always ready for the next as it's about to roll in. Fall is always a busy one for me. Just bought my mums and tall grasses to decorate for fall on my porch today. Loving it!

  32. The pics are gorgeous. You photographer you. And the seasons of life lesson is excellent. I'm in a season I want to change,but I'll be happy while in it. No frowny face here.

    And, I want my pool weather back. Waaahaaaaaaaa *sob*

    Hubby is talking crazy talk about closing it up. (I'm still swimming. The only one in the family that is.) He calls me "The Eskimo." HA!

  33. Thanks for these words of inspiration. For me, it depends on the day. I can feel like I need to be pulled off the floor or can have a wonderful day.

    What wonderful pictures. Good to know a few Canadian Geese actually go to Canada.

  34. Beautiful pics, and I like the thoughts you shared. Going for a run or a long walk with a friend is a great cure for stress. So is chocolate. :)

  35. What fun pictures! Love that top hat.

  36. I really love the message you have here today Sharon. You are so right ~ we have to keep looking for the 'happy' things when all around us seems dark and gloomy.

    Looks like you saw lots of wonderful things on your trip ~ good for you!

    xo Catherine

  37. Stunning photos and lovely post. Thank you for sharing!

    All the best,

  38. I enjoyed your pictures and your message at the end.

    When I go through bumps in my life, I tell myself that I need to learn from them and that things will get better.

  39. So many awesome places! I think you've found some spots for new book settings. :o)


  40. Beautiful pictures of beautiful places. Right up my alley...I love rock hunting.

  41. woo! I lived in TBay for many years, and it was AWESOME! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Great photos! Thanks for the memories.

  42. Beautiful photos! You're so right. This too shall pass. Gotta hang on to that! Thanks for your wonderful sweetness! *hugs*


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  43. I like the bridge. That's one cool piece of engineering.

  44. I love these pictures! my favorite one is the pix with the barrels. It looks like a great place to visit!

  45. Beautiful pictures, and you have a very reassuring voice.
    I am letting you know you have won a Versatile Blog Award. My blog out for details.

  46. I luckily like all of the seasons.

    As for the season in my life, I'm loving it more and more as I come to the end of it. Soon it will be done and I will have pushed through a very difficult situation. After this, I will be free.


  47. So that's what they are.Canadian Geese! We have geese here in NC that look exactly like that. Beautiful creatures. Some of them must fly here for the winter. Among other places I'm sure. It is great to enjoy the seasons of life. Mine is querying right now. I'm enjoying every minute of it!