Agents, Editors, Etc.

Agents who represent picture books:

Jenny Bent
The Herman Agency
Harvey Klinger Agency  Sara Crowe-children's books
Liza Dawson Associates
The Greenhouse Agency (only if they already represent you)
Natalie Fischer Lakosil  blog (Picture book through YA)
Bradford Literary Agency (pb-ya)

 Jennifer Laughran

Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jamie Weiss Chilton
Mary Cole
Jennifer Mattson
Jennifer Rofe
Kelly Sonnack
BookStop Literary Agency
Kendra Marcus
Caren Johnson Literary Agency
Alana Roth is interested in author/illustrator submissions
Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Erin Murphy (PB-YA)
Ammi-Joan Paguette (PB-YA)
The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Full Circle Literary
Adriana Dominguez
Lily Ghahremani
Stefanie Bon Borstel
Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency
Jennifer DeChiara
Stephen Fraser
Levine Greenburg
Kerry Evans
McIntosh and Otis
Edward Necarsulmer
Nancy Gallt Agency
Marietta Zacker
Prospect Agency
Teresa Kietlinski
Rachel Orr (illustrators preferred)
Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Scott Treimel
Sheldon Fogleman Agency
Marcia Wernick
Linda Pratt
Sean McCarthy
Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
George Nicholson
Charlotte Sheedy
Stimola Literary Studio LLC
Rosemary Stimola
Upstart Crow Literary
Michael Stearns (only from writers he has met at conferences and expressed an interest.)

Agents who represent middle grade novels:

Nelson Literary Agency
The Knight Agency
Jill Corcoran  (PB, MG and Chapter books)
Susie Townsend
Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (MG and Chapter Books)
Kathleen Ortiz
The Waxman Agency
Sara Crowe
Liza Dawson Associates
Judith Engracia
Caren Johnson
The Greenhouse Agency
Tricia Lawrence at Erin Murphy Literary (MG- YA)

Agents who represent young adult novels:

Janet Reid
Rachelle Gardner (only ya with high concept topics)
Kristin Nelson
BookEnds, LLC
The Knight Agency
Jill Corcoran
Susie Townsend
Joanna Stampfel-Volpe
Mary Kole
Kathleen Ortiz
The Waxman Agency
Sara Crowe
Liza Dawson Associates
Judith Engracia
Caren Johnson
The Greenhouse Agency
Vicki Motter - blog
Sarah LaPolla -blog at Curtis Brown LTD

Editors who blog:
Cheryl Klein

Publishing Houses that blog:
Enchanted Conversations
Little Pickle Press
Stone Arch Books
Lucky Press, LLC
Charlesbridge Publishing

Other Helpful Blogs or sites:
Cupid's Literary Connection (Holds lots of agent judged contests for writers!)
Noah Lukeman  (has awesome free writing book downloads)
Getting Past the Gate Keeper
Query Tracker (blog, free membership, keep track of queries, lots of agent  information)
Literary Rambles (agent and editor interviews)
The Happy Accident (technology and social networking blog)
Writers Beware
Market My words
Dear Editor (great Q & A sight)
Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents (full of agent information)
Evelyn B. Christensen Educational Writer (full of ED Market Info)
Society of Book Writers & Illustrators
Verla Kay's message board
Brian Grove