Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday's winners were:
A.L. Sonnichsen & Jacqueline

(The dove appreciated the bird seed that fell to the ground from my Nutter Butter Bird Feeder...)

For the next 10 days my posts are going to be brief, but to the point and random...I'm sure you know about Jackee's and my REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party, right? If not click here to enter my grand prize giveaway and here to enter Jackee's. Check back with me daily to answer a few questions worthy of a few small, but random daily prizes...

Today's questions...
  1. I say cookies, you say_________________.
  2. You are marooned on a deserted dessert island and all you have to drink is flavored water.  What flavor do you drink first?
Thanks for joining in on our random fun! If you have trouble entering the grand prize give away, leave me a note in the comments. :) [Jackee and I will not be playing along on each others games as we don't want to mess up any of's karma for future contests we enter...] Check back tomorrow to see if you won prize number 1 or 2.

Please leave your email address in the comments, so I can get in touch with you if you are a daily winner... I have a sneaky feeling that none of you are getting my replies to your comments. :( I've been sending comments via your blogger accounts, but Amy and Susan said they haven't heard from me at all. I'm really sorry. I hope no one feels like I've been ignoring them...


  1. 1. I say cookies, you say please. Cookies! Please. Cookies. Please. (I suddenly felt like I was back on the cheerleading team - what better thing to cheer than cookies!)

    2. Lemon flavored water first. Next the Mixed Berry Flavor.

    I love your daily games. They're so much fun!

  2. 1. double chocolate! Or oats n raisin mmm

    2. Pineapple
    Love the random fun concept!

  3. 1, banana
    2, chocolate (choc tastes good in any form!)

  4. yea! more fun questions.

    1. more cookies

    2. mango

    ...hugs from lenny

  5. 1. You say cookie, and I say... well, I can't speak because I'm already drooling and my mouth's a little busy trying to recover from it's Pavlovian training.

    2. Flavored water, huh? Can I say unflavored? You know, kind of like "unscented" is the scent of my deodorant? :)

    This is always so much fun!

  6. 1. You say cookies I say yes please!
    2. I would first question why I am on a deserted island since I hate to fly or go on boats... hmmm... but I would drink the lime or lemon water first! ;)

    xo Catherine

  7. 1) You say cookies, I say with chocolate bits pleese.
    2) Do they do coconut flavoured water?? I'll have that!

    p.s. love the birdies on the wall pic!

    Take care

  8. 1. Now.
    2. I'd rather be dehydrated than drink flavored water!

  9. 1.) Milk!
    2.) I'm with Candy. Don't flavor my water. I like it the way it is. ;)

  10. These questions are such fun!

    1 - Chocolate chip!

    2 - Raspberry :)

  11. You say cookies, I say YUM! (and then a very heart-felt THANK YOU)

    Strawberry or of those red fruity flavors.

  12. You say cookies, I say yes, please!

    I don't drink flavored water. But I guess if I had no other choice, I'd probably go for lemon first.

  13. I say CHOCOLATE!!

    Lemon flavored water, although I prefer plain. Flavored water just doesn't do it for me!

  14. I missed the first of these post, so now I have to go check what it's all about! Such fun to read through the comments!

    You say cookies, I say "Let me shoot up!" (ha ha! I'm diabetic, so I need insulin for them!)

    Black cherry flavored water. My fav! :)

  15. 1. Yes, please.
    2. The closest one.

  16. Congrats to the winners!

    1. Coming right up!

    2. I prefer plain, but cherry if I had to choose one - cherry's my favorite flavor of everything.

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  18. 1. Ice cream, preferably vanilla with caramel swirl.

    2. What are my choices? Raspberry?

  19. 1: and milk

    2: Raspberry flavored.

  20. (1) I say cookies, you say, "Yum."

    (2) Raspberry.

    (P.S. I'm so stoked I won yesterday's contest!! I guess persistence pays off, right? Thanks, Sharon!!)


  21. I say cookies, you say CHEESE!

    Because sweet and savory always go together!

    (actually I have no IDEA why that came to mind, but there it is)

    I'm on a deserted DESSERT island? I'll take the chocolate flavored water! Or maybe cherry pie?! Could it work like Violet's gum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Because that would be awesomesauce.