Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 7... REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog party

Yesterday's winners were:
Tess, Brian, Jen Daiker and Terri Tiffany
(If you will notice I added an extra prize winner.  In case you don't know, Brian is a CAT!  I didn't think any of the prizes would work for him, so he's getting a special cat friendly prize.)
(Sorry about the late post...Blogger is mad at me for some reason???)
(What do you think I used the above materials for?)

For the next 12 days my posts are going to be brief, but to the point and random...I'm sure you know about Jackee's and my REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party, right? If not click here to enter my grand prize giveaway and here to enter Jackee's. Check back with me daily to answer a few questions worthy of a few small, but random daily prizes...

Today's questions...
  1. Are you an international spy/traveler?
  2. Name your favorite pick me up drink...
Thanks for joining in on our random fun! If you have trouble entering the grand prize give away, leave me a note in the comments. :) [Jackee and I will not be playing along on each others games as we don't want to mess up any of random.org's karma for future contests we enter...] Check back tomorrow to see if you won prize number 1 or 2.

Please leave your email address in the comments, so I can get in touch with you if you are a daily winner... I have a sneaky feeling that none of you are getting my replies to your comments. :( I've been sending comments via your blogger accounts, but Amy and Susan said they haven't heard from me at all. I'm really sorry. I hope no one feels like I've been ignoring them...


  1. I'm a WANNABE international spy/traveler. Haven't made it across the border yet, but someday!

    My favorite drink. Hmmm. Diet Coke ranks up there (sipping one now) but that's not very exotic. Jen sent me a fabulous recipe for cranberry vodka slush which I could drink by the gallon...except the vodka makes that unwise.

  2. Hi Sharon .. I think you were making a cake or stuffing for the birds .. and having stuffed the pine cone will all sorts of seeds, cake crumbs, fat etc .. you hung it in a tree or put it near the ground .. the little birds came flocking?

    Can I answer two first .. a glass of vino .. it's now just over the yard arm .. and this moving lark, clearing, sorting, etc leave me in need of a large pick-me-up .. but I could do with a beach, the sun, some lapping waves and a palm tree to rest under too .. sadly those are missing.

    Re international spy traveller .. probably no .. but I'm quite good at working things out ..

    Should I win .. with luck .. who knows .. please comment on the blog .. and I won't publish .. and then come back to you .. thank you .. I enjoyed the test one .. & hope I'm right??!!

    Happy days .. have fun .. Hilary

  3. 1. I don't travel as much as I wish/can afford. But I am in my heart. I've been to Serbia, England, Paris, and Dublin. So I'm an international traveler (sort of), but not a spy.

    2. Chai bombs are my favorite pick me up drink. It's chai tea, a shot of espresso, and steamed milk. It's like a spicy cafe latte.

  4. How did you know about my "secret" job? Yes. I am.
    Drink of choice would be a cafe mocha from Tim Hortons:)

    candace ganger at yahoo dot com

  5. (1)Oh, these are easy. Yes, I'm an international traveler. Since I once lived in Communist country, however, I can't admit to being a spy over the internet. :)

    (2)Dr. Pepper.


  6. 1. I am an international traveler.
    2. Mt. Dew. :)

    And, I think you have my email. :) xo

  7. 1. I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you.

    2. Cold water (so what if it never reaches my mouth, right?) ;)

  8. Yes, Brian (that's me) is a Happy cat!!!

    1. Yes, I spy on Canadian Geese so that is
    2. Niptini.

  9. Oh my gosh I won!!! That's so awesome! Thank you so much!! Woohoo!!!

    1. Do you think I'd tell you if I was? I don't like being put on the spot about my traveling whereabouts or my secret rendevous... that's a very personal question!
    2. Dr. Pepper hands down!

  10. hi miss sharon! i know that picture cause we made those for the birds too. the squirrels loved them too. ugh! heres the answers to the questions.

    1. yep im a spy! i cant tell you any more or i will disappear. ha ha.
    2. my fav drink for a pick me up is root beer float

    ...hugs from lenny

  11. 1. international traveler
    2. Surge but they don't make it anymore so I guess tea.

  12. Blogger has been tripping me up for the last few days as well. I've been unable to open at least 20 or 30 blogs. The comment boxes aren't always working either. Very frustrating! Today seems better though - crossing my fingers! :)

    1. I WISH!
    2. Chai tea or Diet Orange Crush

  13. Yay to the winners and particularly the gorgeous Brian - cos he's a furry sweetheart!!

    1) Are you an international spy/traveler? ONLY IN MY DREAMS!

    2) Name your favorite pick me up drink - BLOODY MARY.

    Take care

  14. Hooray!! That made my day, thank you :D :D :D

    and for today:

    1) nah, too tired for anything other than mom stuff

    2) diet coke, what else?

  15. 1. Nope, I'm usually a homebody.
    2. Coca Cola fountain pop!

  16. Making a bird treat with all the items in the picture.

    1. Nope, I'm a homebody
    2. Favorite pick me up drink right now is water. Very refreshing when it's hot.

  17. 1. Depends on the day.
    2. Iced tea (hot tea in winter).

    Congrats to all the winners!

  18. 1. Are you an international spy/traveler? I wish.

    2. Name your favorite pick me up drink... Blue raspberry coolattas.


  19. 1. I am a licensed Private Investigator and I've been to 9 foreign countries=does that count?
    2. Unsweetened Ice Tea
    Hope you're having a fun week, Sharon.

  20. You are making bird feeders.You spread the peanut butter on the pinecone using the knife, put the birdseed in the plastic bag, add the pinecone to the plastic bag and shake to coat.You tie the ribbon to the top of the pinecone so you can hang it on a tree.

    Now, to answer your questions:

    1. I love to travel with the kids but would love to travel even more.

    2. A hot caramel mocha or a Bud Light Lime, depending on the time of day.

  21. I am so lucky to have won a prize and this one is over but I still want to answer it!!! :)

    1. I am afraid I must be limited to the neighbourhood nosey neighbour since my travel experience is limited and I hate flying and hate boating!! :)
    2. Usually a diet pepsi lime gives me my afternoon zip. Unless it's a really hot day and I am sitting out on my patio with a friend. Then I may partake in a beverage such as Buffy above!! :)

    Congratulations to all your winners!
    xo Catherine