Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday's winners are:
Nicole McDonald & Karen Hooper

(Snow removal in the north...)

For the next 9 days my posts are going to be brief, but to the point and random...I'm sure you know about Jackee's and my REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party, right? If not click here to enter my grand prize giveaway and here to enter Jackee's. Check back with me daily to answer a few questions worthy of a few small, but random daily prizes...

Today's questions...
  1. If you see a mouse in your house, what do you do?
  2. Describe the inside of your desk drawer...
Thanks for joining in on our random fun! If you have trouble entering the grand prize give away, leave me a note in the comments. :) [Jackee and I will not be playing along on each others games as we don't want to mess up any of's karma for future contests we enter...] Check back tomorrow to see if you won prize number 1 or 2.

Please leave your email address in the comments, so I can get in touch with you if you are a daily winner... I have a sneaky feeling that none of you are getting my replies to your comments. :( I've been sending comments via your blogger accounts, but I don't think it's been working. Please read this Awesomesauce post of Elana's about how to get/give blog replies to your readers' in boxes....


  1. HMMM...I changed some of my settings trying to make commenting easier, but now I have to make a comment to subscribe to my post. I'll be investigating this tomorrow...

    Thanks for joining in on Jackee's and my random fun!

  2. Hi Sharon, your picture of snow removal in the north reminds me of what we have to look forward to. : (
    I'm not a snow person.

    1. If I see a mouse in the house I'll be screaming for my husband, my son, and my cat!

    2. I don't have a desk drawer, so I can't describe anything inside it.

  3. 1)the mouse:
    I will try and trap it to take to the woods nearby before my cat catches it!! Poor squeaky thing!!

    2) the inside of my drawer desk..
    Ooops messy - lots of old mags and an eclectic mix of stationery!


    Take care

  4. hi miss sharon! here my answers

    1. id catch that mouse and chase my sister with it. ha ha. then id let it go in the woods.

    2. we share a desk so its full of everyones stuff. its a big mess!

    ...smiles from lenny

  5. 1. Scream!
    2. My desk drawer is neat. Business cards, pens and pencils -- everything has its space. (Smiles)

    Thanks Sharon and Jackee for all of the fun. Have a super day, Buffy

  6. 1. Get a cat.

    2. Papers, pens, paper clips. business cards, manuscript pages, iPod plug, and a pair of glasses in a purple mod case. All in a random mess, of course!

  7. I love these completely random questions!

    1. We HAD a mouse 2 years ago. Snuck into the walls through teeny hole in the drywall in the garage. I heard him chewing in the walls at night and it both creeped me out and ticked me off. I THOUGHT he was stuck in the walls, so when I saw him dart across the floor one day I FREAKED. Set up a dozen traps and caught him. No problems since then!

  8. JEEZ, How did I hit 'publish comment' before I answered #2? Stupid touchpad...

    2. My desk drawer...the top one has stamps, stapler, and an envelope or two. The bottom one is kind of a junk drawer with an old photo printer and cat5 cables and big manila envelopes.

  9. 1.Run. Then I beg my husband to put it outside bc I don't believe in those kill traps.
    2.I don't have a desk:/

  10. 1. Move away then look for a box or something to trap it.

    2. Crammed to capacity.

    P.S. Got my random prize. :) LOVE it!

  11. 1. You must fill up every hole you have in your home with steel wool, then caulk it closed! Then caulk your pipes so they can't get in there either! Then set up those snap traps like it's nobody's business. Don't try and be humane! Don't get those sticky pads! Snap their heads off. It's the only thing that works. I caught 5 mice in my old apt. that way and rid myself of them for good! (sorry, I get really worked up when I hear about mice)
    2. My desk drawer is filled with folders of paperwork, bills, and oddly, wrapping paper. It's a pretty useless drawer.

  12. 2. Any drawer in my house is simply overfilled with too much stuff. and if I had a bigger house with more furniture and more drawers, I would probably overfill them, too.


  13. Love the photo! Brings back great memories of this past winter and our record breaking snows!

    1. We have mice all the time. We live in the woods, so when it gets cold, in they come. I've stopped screaming. I just watch where they run, and stick a mouse trap there. Within minutes I've usually caught it. I hate doing that. I'm not a fan of killing anything, but I have little kids and can't have mice running amok. It's the only way I know to get them fast. We've caught five in one night before.

    2. I use a laptop, so I don't have a desk drawer. My laptop bag, however, is crammed with books and notebooks and power cords and pens. But neatly, because otherwise it wouldn't fit!

  14. If I saw a mouse, my first instinct would be to jump up on the bed or table, whichever is handy. And then investigate my options :).

    And my desk drawer? Hmm... probably not best to describe it in detail here ;).

    Thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments (when you visit my blog), Sharon! You have an award in my post titled "The Writing Bug", btw.

  15. 1, re MICE: First, I scream. Then I call the man. If the man is not available, I go to Target and buy armageddon-level amounts of mice control products and probably two new lipsticks and a funky shade of eyeliner ('cause who goes to Target without cruising the make-up aisle?)

    2, re DRAWER: I don't have one, but my DESK has neatly stacked piles of things I use daily. I do have filing cabinets with a drawer each for architecture, writing, family stuff and misc. stuff, and they are carefully organized. I like order.

  16. 1. Freak out for a minute and then try to catch it and let it go=after the shock, they really are cute!
    2. Organized on a good day :)

  17. 1. scream
    2. Lose change,(both domestic and foriegn), stickey tabs, post it notes, a few rubber bands, stands of gold from where this chaos caused me to lose my hair weight it down and cause a pocket of air between the drawer and the desk.

  18. 1.) Check to see if it's wearing little red shorts, or a dress. Mickey likes Swiss cheese but Minne prefers cheddar. ;)

    2.) No desk = no drawer.

    Yay! I'm a winner. Thanks so much! :)

  19. Here I am!! :)

    and thanks :) so much fun

  20. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE GREAT COMMENTS!!! I loved all of the mouse ones. :)

    I'm still working on my settings...I hope everyone read Elana's post on blog replies!!!!

    Thanks for joining in!

  21. If I saw a mouse, I'd think, "Okay, I must be better about sweeping."

    And the inside of my desk drawers have random things--ink for my stampers, chocolate, almonds, green tea bags, Airborne, spare lip balm, and quarters. Amongst many other things!

  22. 1: I freak out… I set TONs of traps and tend to lose sleep over it. No doubt it becomes all out war until a week passes and the plethora of traps go un-triggered, then I can feel at ease.

    2: Every draw I own resembles a junk draw one way or the other.