Sunday, June 27, 2010

RELAX A A's makin me wait...

Take a deep breath.  Hold it in.  Let it out slowly.  Tell your body to relax as you let it out.

Tighten up all of your muscles and then release them...Do one muscle group at a time...(Start at your toes!)

Relax your shoulders and breath in and out slowly...
You can do this...
It's summer...
Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride...

Stop rushing around...
Find relaxing things you like to do and make a habit of doing them...
The more you enjoy life, the more relaxed you will be...
(the more productive as a writer and human you will be.)
Don't worry about that query you sent out...write something else while you are waiting for a response...
Make a relaxation plan...and stick to it!

What do you do to relax?

P.S. I'm only 807 people away from having a 1,000 followers! Can you believe it? I'm totally stoked and have been thinking of what to do to celebrate when I'm K-800 followers. Well, we've come up with a plan...My daughter (now a high school freshman) and I decided to have a Really Random Prize of EPIC proportion! It's going to be sooooo (I could add more o's) much fun for you, me and a committee of judges....


  1. I think it's a great idea to have a relaxation plan. I don't have one, but perhaps that is why I'm always stressed out. I'm planning one now, thank you!

  2. I write... and not nearly enough. I also read, sometimes too much. I sit in a hot bath every night and listen to Stephen King’s audio book “on writing”
    That sums up what I do to relax every night… good luck.

  3. That's what I need, a relaxation plan!

    Now to just fit that in...

  4. Oh, those pictures... *sigh*

    Anything involving the outdoors + water = relaxation in my book. I need some near-the-water time. :-)

  5. I feel most relaxed and very calm looking at your wonderful pics!!

    Ahhhh! Bliss!

    Thank you!

    Take care

  6. A long walk outdoors always helps, and working in the garden. It's been so hot and humid lately, my tomato plants are growing taller than their stakes! It'll be relaxing enjoying them when they ripen too.

  7. A cup of tea, a lit candle and reading a good book is my idea of relaxing.

  8. Sandy--I think just being aware of your breathing and body tension can be helpful.

    Lisa Marie--Thanks for dropping in. I hope you and Sandy figure out a plan. :)

    Jeff--Those a great plans, but do they help you relax physically? Or do they keep you thinking? I love to sit and write, but if I'm writing a tense scene I walk away from it exhausted...I do like the idea of listening to audio books in the bath.

    Shakespeare--It sounds like you might be the perfect candidate!

    Shannon--I so love the water too! Walking on the beach is one of my favorite activities...but the beach is a long long way from Iowa!

    Jennifer--This is one of the few places I totally relaxed. I think everyone should have a "place" that makes them feel calm and unaware of the time and day.

    Joanne--Wow! Our tomatoes aren't that big yet. They do have some green tomatoes on them. I think growing a veg garden is a great way to relax and to appreciate what a miracle it is that a tiny seed can make food for you. (It never ceases to amaze me!)

  9. Susanne--Nice plan...just be careful with the candle!

  10. OK, I did it just as you described and now I feel wonderful...gonna go catch a bug!

  11. Thanks for the reminder. I sat down at the computer because I was weary, and your post reminded me to breathe! :)


  12. Love these pics, Sharon!

    To relax, I usually go to the park, sit under a tree, and stare at the lake. There's something so nice about water...

  13. Brian--I'm glad I was helpful. Watch out for the big black bugs with stingers...They hurt!

    Amy--I hope you have a relaxing afternoon...(The reminder to breathe is for me too:)

    Talli--I think water is a commonality in relaxing. I thought it was just me or anyone who was born on an island...

    Thanks for the props on the pics. I love having them pop up on my screen saver...

  14. hi miss sharon! for me playing baseball going to the movies and lots of busy stuff and i even got in a yoyo contest but didnt win. when its time for relaxin what i like best is swimming and then lying on a raft in the pool or at the lake and just floating around and looking up at the neat white clouds. i hope you have a lot more relaxin fun.
    ...hugs from lenny

  15. You know what would relax me? An agent. You know what would relax me more? A book contract.

    Other than that, writing, reading, a glass of red wine, and spending time at the ocean. Love your pictures!

  16. Yay to almost 1k! Ha, ha.

    Relaxing is something I really struggle with. I can't sit still very well. So I do Tai chi. It's relaxation in motion and it really helps me. I reccommend it to everyone! :o)

  17. Sometimes I sit and read blogs to relax. Really!
    Or just lay on my bed and close my eyes (but with three kids and two dogs, this is always a very short rest).
    Great pics! Have fuN!

  18. I love relaxation. We all need reminders to enjoy the here and now and unwind a bit.
    Thanks for the reminder!!!

  19. ROMANCE with the hubby! Nothing better! the pictures!


  20. Lenny--I'm proud of you for entering the yoyo contest. It takes a lot of courage to enter contests!

    I saw some great clouds looked like a rooster head and another looked like a bunny...too bad I didn't have the camera with me. Funnily enough, the first story I ever wrote was inspired by the clouds I saw at my Grandma's funeral.

    Theresa--You are so right having an agent would make writing so much more fun! Jane Yolen told me the best thing about having an agent is that you just write and don't worry about where your work should be sent.

    Jackee--Yep, only 807 away...I'm sure I'll hit 1,000 before the weekend. (wink)

    I haven't done Tai chi, but I did do Tae Bo today. :)

    Kelly--You are right, it's relaxing reading blogs...and laying in bed with your eyes closed listening to what is going on in your house.

    Glad you are back...we've missed you!

    Lydia--You are right it is so important. Research shows that rested employees are more productive. As a teacher, I had my fair share of principals...the ones that encouraged me to enjoy my career and the rest of my life got the most work out of me. The military style ones may have gotten more hours out of me, but I don't think I was at my best...

    Hawk--Romance is great...Just hanging out with your spouse doing nothing is super!!! Thanks for the props on the pics...I sooo love taking them.

  21. I think I relax way too much some days! LOL I read and sit on my porch and make my husband take a ride around the area with me:)

  22. ooooo can I visit? Great pictures!

    What helps me relax? Stretching and deep breaths. I sound like a yogi, but really it's just stopping to breath sometimes for me ;)

    PS Thanks for stopping by Tales of Whimsy...

  23. Hi Sharon .. love the pictures and can imagine being there .. and doing your exercise .. yes we should all do more stretching and especially relaxing.

    Something I need to build in come August - September when life's a little more settled ..

    Enjoy your break .. Hilary