Wednesday, June 23, 2010


How do you feel about alliteration? Do you think it's fun? Does it make you want to play in the sun? But, maybe it makes you want to run!
 Fun, sun, run, perhaps it makes you wish I was done...

If you like picture books, hop over to Amy's blog and read her interview with picture book author Beth Reinke. (It's a good one!)

Most of you know I'm on a retreat...retreating to the sunny warm weather of the south.  I took a few books with me and thought I'd share them with you. 

Read so far this week:
Fancy Nancy, Pajama Day by Jane O'Connor
A fun easy reader with some FANCY vocabulary introductions.
Mount Rushmore by Marion Dane Bauer.
A sweet but simple easy reader about the history of Mt. Rushmore.

Good Night, Good Knight by blogging friend Shelley Moore Thomas.
A lovely level two easy reader that tells a comforting tale using some repetition to help the beginning reader feel confident in their new reading skills.

Peanut Butter For Cupcakes by Donna Nordmark Aviles.


(I was introduced to Donna by YaYa a few months ago.  Thanks, Yaya!)
This is the third book Donna has written about her families experiences during the Great Depression and The Orphan Train.  Outstanding chapter books that you won't be able to put down until you are finished with all three of them!

Reading Right Now:
Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.
This Newbery winner is awesome!  I was a bit leery by the format of this mid grade novel, but once you get used to the formatting it's a lovely read that takes you into the turmoil of the dust bowl.


Heist Society by Ally Carter.
(My lovely blog friend Jackee sent me this awesome book. Thanks, Jackee!)
This young adult (YA) novel is hot!  I've just started reading it, but am anxious to finish this post, so I can go back to reading...

I've been quite busy reading and writing since I left our little home in Iowa...

What are you reading right now?

P.S. I'm only 809 people away from having a 1,000 followers! Can you believe it? I'm totally stoked and have been thinking of what to do to celebrate when I'm K-800 followers. Well, we've come up with a plan...My daughter (now a high school freshman) and I decided to have a Really Random Prize of EPIC proportion! It's going to be sooooo (I could add more o's) much fun for you, me and a committee of judges....


  1. I do like alliteration -- it's very fun to read. However, too much of it can be jarring. Moderation is good. :)

    I've heard many things about HEIST SOCIETY -- it's on my to-read this. Hope you'll like it.

  2. I love vacations where you can read to your heart's content. Very nice. Enjoy!

  3. I'm currently reading Elizabeth Berg's The Last Time I Saw You. So far, so good! Enjoy your vacation :)

  4. I love the titles of these books! Kids really have the best books written for them! :-)

    Alliteration is fun!! I love them The Dr Seuss series!!

    Have a great holiday!
    Take care

  5. H.G uses alliteration all the time. He can be quite funny. Hope youre having a wonderful time. At the moment I'm reading lots of Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels.

  6. Alliteration? Wow, I learned a new word and it's not one I've heard, but I won't be a nerd I'll go share with a bird. Oh well, I hope you have a great time on your retreat!!!

  7. LOVE Brian's comment!...Hope you are enjoying your retreat, having a fun, safe trip.

  8. I just wanted to say thanks for all you do—I am thankful to have stumbled across your blog. You insight both on your blog and the comments left on my blog are beyond my expectations. I hope you continue to do what you do, and get out what you put into it.
    Thx again

  9. Sandy--I like it too, as long as the sentences aren't too long.

    Janet--You are so right, free reading time is great!

    Joanne--OH, that sounds good!

    Jennifer--They certainly do. I love the kid's and teen section in the book store. :)

    Niki--I'll have to look up that series.

    Brian--Good job! You are now an alliteration pro!

    Jacqueline--Thanks and ditto to Brian's comment. :)

    Jeff--AWWW, you are too kind. I'm glad we "met" too. :)

  10. I just finished Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves, self published by Larry Seeley (great guy book), and am reading a friends MS and Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

    Stephen Tremp

  11. YOu are certainly getting a ton of reading done on vacation! Are you sitting on a beach:) That's when I do my best reading. Enjoy!

  12. hi miss sharon! sounds like youre havin lots of fun and reading lots of stuff. right now im reading the great wide sea and its by m h herlong. i just got started on it but im gonna stop cause im goin swimming and i got a baseball game. ill get back to readin more maybe tonight.
    ...hugs from lenny

  13. I've heard some really good things about Heist Society.

    I'm just about to start 'Della Says' but Keris Stainton. Can't wait!

  14. Thanks for the mention! :) I'm reading 'Dust of 100 Dogs' by A.S. King. Liking it so far!

  15. Hope you're having a great time Sharon, congrats on the following, it is hardly surprising though. It's been a while since I've been here, I will be sure to catch up on the posts

    Hope all is well

  16. Stephen--I haven't heard of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves...I'll have to google it. My husband just read The Lost Symbol and enjoyed it.

    Terri--The beach would be great, but I'm at our cabin. I'm afraid there would be too many distractions at the shells, rocks and tidal wave animals.

    Lenny--Great Wide Sea sounds like a great book. I love adventure/survival stories! Have you read any of Gary Paulsen's books? I hope you have a fun afternoon! We're going swimming later.

    Talli--Heist Society is really good so far! I'll have to google Della Says... :)

    Amy--You are welcome...It's a great interview!
    I love seeing what everyone is reading. :)

    Valerie--Thanks for stopping in. I just opened up your blog and saw the pictures...I can't wait to see what you have to say. I'm guessing it's something about plastic surgery???

  17. I'm reading Good Enough by Paula Yoo, Gone by Michael Grant, Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, and Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino.

    I have a blog award for you.

  18. I'm reading Rebel in Blue Jeans by Beverly Stowe McClure.

  19. A little lively alliteration lures me with lilting and lyrical lines. (hint, hint) Sorry, the language teacher in me can't help myself. ;-)

  20. I'm a little nuts, I'm reading three books at once, but two are by Margaret Atwood--the Year of the Flood and the Handmaid's tale.

    Hey, I gave you an award of your choice over at my blog!

  21. Medeia--Whew! You are reading four books at once! I usually top out at three. I forgot to put down The Second World War by Churchill on my currently reading list. Awww...Thank you you are too kind!

    Susanne--That sounds like a fun one!

    Wendy--Wonderful Wendy what would we do without woo? (Yeah, I probably wasn't as good at teaching alliteration as you were...)

    Lydia--OMGoodness, what do you think about the Handmaid's Tale? It kind of freaked me out...

    Oh...Thank you so much. You are so sweet!

  22. Super books! I also enjoyed Out of the Dust. I had my daughter read it for homeschool a couple years ago. Thanks for the link to the interview!

  23. Hi Sharon .. sounds a lovely way to spend a few weeks in the summer .. chilling out savouring others' writings and rejuvinating yourself in natural surroundings .. enjoy the time .. Hilary

  24. Carol--I hated how the ending of Out of the Dust...I wanted more! I needed to know if she was able to play the piano again and if her dad remarried...

    Hilary--It's been great, however tonight I can't sleep. I finished Out of the Dust and all I can do is think about how I want my words to flow like Karen Hesse's did....

  25. Only 809 people away from 1000 followers?! Congratulations!

    I'm reading hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and loving it so far. I just finished girl coming in for a landing: a novel in poems. Before that, I reread the first two Harry Potter books.

  26. These are some lovely pics! AND I just loved your rhyme! I just fnished reading the boy with the cuckoo clock heart =D

  27. Alliteration is great unless you don't want it but the word that suits the sentence best is the one causing the problem. Then Alliteration makes me cry!

    Book next? Oh dear. I have 22 books in the reading pile next to me and more down stairs! I'm unsure of where to go next!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  28. Theresa--I thought my 1000-800 followers would be kind a fun approach. Wait until you see the pile of random prizes I have! It will be a lot of fun!

    I like the title Hush, it YA?

    Clara--Thanks, they are scenes from my first ever solo boat trip. We've been boating for 9 years, but this was my first trip without my hubby...I feel so grown up! Hmmm, I haven't heard of that one.

    Angela--I know what you mean...I was just critiquing a piece for a friend and it had luscious lavendar in a sentence and it threw me for a loop. I told her if she capitalized them to indicate that was the name of the nail product.

    Wow! 22 TBR's! Hubby would have flipped out if I brought that many books with me to the lake. :)

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  29. Sharon - I love how you have your goals posted on your sidebar, great idea! I'm reading The Hunger Games (fiction) and Manuscript Makeover (non-fiction) right now, and loving them both!

  30. Lucky you! Have a wonderful retreat and enjoy all those juicy books! I'm writing a Southern Romance so I just picked up Danielle Steele's latest paperback (which is disappointing) and an older Janet Daily that was just reprinted in paperback. Been spending most of my free time writing, though, so I'm not getting any reading in.)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment! Olivia

  31. I love alliteration!

    I saw your cool comment on PJ's blog using the S-C prompt.

    Come over and link up sometime. It was really excellent.

    Your comment about being 800 and some followers short of 1,000 made me laugh.

  32. You're reading some good ones... I'm reading A Mango Shaped Space and The Other Side of the Bridge right now. Both good, I guess. I like the Mango Space one because I know someone who equates colors and numbers and that is part of this novel...very interesting stuff,

    happy vacationing!

  33. I read OUT OF THE DUST a while ago when I was teaching and I remember loving it. The girls in our book club love it as well! Right now, I'm reading DECEPTION by Lee Nichols and it's amazing. After that, it's INCARCERON. Happy reading!

  34. Hope your enjoying your retreat and I'm happy to report you only --now-- need 807 followers to reach 1,000...How funny you are :)

  35. Susan--I need to get the Hunger Games!

    Jackee and Jill K. really inspired me to post my goals. I'm feeling more productive because of it.

    Olivia--Thanks for dropping in...Have you read any of Laura Bradford/Elizabeth Lynn Casey's novels? Her newest ones are based on a women's sewing circle in the south.

    Tess--They sound like good books...I only have two books left...I may have to "borrow" some books from K.

    LiLa--I wish there had been a few more pages in OUT OF THE DUST. Karen Hesse said she does not do sequels.... (bummer)

    SS--Thanks for stopping in and helping me get a bit closer to my goal of 1,000-800 followers. :)

  36. Jenny--Thanks for the invite. It looks like fun! I love PJ's blog...she is so sweet!

  37. You've read some good ones! And I'm really glad you loved Heist Society--now I need to read it myself. :o)

    Epic is good! I like epic! LOL