Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

I had another great day at the lake.  Well, it was mostly great.  I slept in late with K.  Licked her ears to wake her up.  Got my ball and headed to my boat.  Mom put on my life jacket and Dad drove us out into the middle of the lake. 

For some strange reason Dad threw my ball out in the water.  I jumped off the back of the boat and swam about three miles to get it!  When I got back he did it again...I mean for goodness sakes, it's my ball and I wanted it in the boat.  Dad kept throwing until I laid down on Mom's towel.

But then, I needed to...you know...I whined a little to get my point across.  Dad soooo understood. He pulled up the anchor and drove us towards the bank.  He put on the leash so he wouldn't get lost.  (He's always worrying about getting lost.  Every time we go for a walk he puts the leash on.  I think if I wasn't attached to the other end of it, he'd never find his way home!)  Anyway, he pulled up to a cliff.  He wanted me to...you know on a CLIFF!
Yeah, like that was gonna happen...I was hoping for something a little more like a grassy bank...

It all turned out okay.  I didn't have an accident in the boat or anything.  Dad fell in the lake though .  It was a good thing he was on his leash or he might have drowned.  I'm pretty sure next time he'll take me to a grassy bank.

Licks and Back Scratches,

I kept a journal of Macy's first year of life...I haven't done anything with it yet, but I'm thinking mid grade novel.  What do you think?

Do you keep a writer's notebook (or 6)?  Do you open a new file every time you get a new story idea?  Do you write on napkins if that is the only paper available?

P.S. I'm only 804 people away from having a 1,000 followers! Can you believe it? I'm totally stoked and have been thinking of what to do to celebrate when I'm K-800 followers. Well, we've come up with a plan...My daughter (now a high school freshman) and I decided to have a Really Random Prize Give-A-Way...one of EPIC proportion!


  1. I love your diary entry through Macy's PoV. So cute.

    I do have a notebook where I jot down new story ideas so that I won't forget them in the future, but I don't open a new file until it has a plot and I'm ready to write it. :)

  2. Love this! Macy is so cute!

    When I get a new idea, I open a word doc and save it in my 'ideas' file.

  3. That was a great story, I had my paws crossed for you and you made it!

  4. I think this is a great creative exercise. And you have a whole notebook? Go for it!

  5. Cute post! (I especially like how Dad puts on the leash so he won't get lost) My dog, Finnegan, loves his boat time, too. He especially likes floating on his boogie board in the middle of the lake with us.

  6. Fun!!!

    I have a notebook for each story. I work out scenes in it, but do the hardcore writing on my computer.

  7. gotta love anything dog related! very cute.
    I also write random things on slips of paper!

  8. That is so sweet! Have you read Sheep from the dog's point of view?
    I'm thinking picture or chapter book though ...but what a great idea!

  9. Yes... I keep every thought about a new book on file. 38 so far, half have been outlined.

    I should learn to keep a note pad by my bed; so many good ideas have come on gone, ones I thought I could never forget. Come morning there completely forgotten--only the residue of a GREAT book left in its wake, and no matter how hard I try to remember, it will not return.

  10. I would LOVE to be lounging at the lake today. (sigh).

    I quit keeping a journal/diary because people kept reading it! Grrr. Lately when I have ideas I either email them to myself or I use a little voice recorder I carry with me everywhere...which I later transcribe into email. I do like to keep a notebook in the car in case inspiration strikes while I'm stuck waiting somewhere.

  11. Aww, Macy sounds awesome. :)

    I keep a couple random journals and lots of files for story ideas and random scenes.

  12. It's a lovely diary entry from Macy!!! I love it!! More please!! And forget middle grade kids - it's for me!!!!! and people like me and we are many!! LOL!!

    Lovely and I love the pics as well!! Hugs to Macy! :-)

    take care

  13. Very cute pooch! And yes I would totally write on a napkin. I once wrote an entire scene on the back of a loooong grocery receipt!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  14. That sure looks a lot like Greers Ferry lake! :)

  15. Cute idea!

    It'd be a fun exercise to keep a diary from someone else's perspective in my house. My husbands, maybe? Naw...

  16. Oh my goodness ... loved this!
    Absolutely, I keep little journals everywhere!

  17. Macy is so cute. Enjoyed reading about the day from Macy's POV. Pictures are great.

  18. Sandy--I really need to look at Macy's old diary...I documented her reaction to her first snow, walks, things that she didn't like (Longhorn cows) and tons of other stuff. It was fun to write.

    Talli--Thanks for sharing...It sounds like you have one computer file that you jot ideas down in. Am I right?

    Brian--Thanks for your concern...if you were willing I'd give you a lick! :0 MACY TYPED THAT NOT ME...I DON'T LICK CATS...

    Bluestocking--It's about 5,300 words. A lot of it is not in complete sentences or diary entries. I think that might be the next project I work on. :)

    Mary--Thanks for stopping in. We've tried putting Macy on a boogie board, but she doesn't like it. It took a long time to get her to stop swimming when we are holding her in the water. She looks so cute in her life jacket.

    Donna--Thanks...Macy is easy to photograph.

    Anita--I hope you are having a great time at your writing internship...I'm a bit jealous...

    Terry--How did I know you'd enjoy Macy's POV??? HMMM...

    Kelly--I haven't read Sheep, but it sounds great! I'll have to look for it. :)

    Jeff--HOLY COW! 38!!! Something I did when I was journaling Macy's "thoughts" was to keep a mini tape recorder in my dog walking bag. That might be something you could have on your nightstand.

    Vicki--No way...someone reads your journal! I have a couple junk journals that I write in when I'm mad...I hope no one ever reads them...I do the same thing with emails...

    Karen--Macy is such a sweetie...On one of our walks she picked up an empty plastic liquor bottle. She carried it close to a mile! I ended up carrying it the last quarter mile to our trashcan. :)

    Jennifer--I thought you were a kitty girl. :) It is funny to watch dogs. Well I don't know about all dogs, but you can tell Macy is thinking about stuff. She can bring you the right toy on command and sometimes she has to think about where she left it.

    Angela--Never waste a perfectly good scrap of paper! I don't like it when the grocery stores have printing on the back of the receipts.

    DL--Bull Shoals is a lot like Greer's Ferry, just a lot bigger. We love the crystal clear water and the mountains. :)

    Nora--OMGoodness...it's almost Chautauqua time! I'm so excited for you...You are going to learn so much and meet some wonderful people!

    Kelly H-Y--Me too...I have little pads of paper everywhere! I have travel journals, seasonal journals, ya journals, mg journals, pb journals...I rarely am without a little notebook.

    Susanne--Thanks! Macy is my daughter's dog. We got her just over three years ago. She's one smart pup...

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  19. Hi Sharon and Macy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    That was a very nice trip you had. I wish I would get out more often, but my humans are afraid I will get lost or run by a car, so I'm always home.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  20. I LOVE the idea of Macy's first year of life as a book, what a great idea! It would be so charming, sharing the world through your pup's eyes. Maybe even a Pup-Memoir ... I say Go for it!

  21. Gotchi--We brought our daughter's cat (Ginger) to our cabin with us. We don't like boarding unless we have to. But we don't take her out on the boat. I don't thnk she'd like it as much as Macy does. Thanks for stopping in.

    Joanne--Do you think it's marketable? I have a name for it: Memoires of Macy the Mutt. :)

  22. How fun!

    I have a random selection of notebooks, but I try to get my notes into the computer as soon as I can.

  23. I enjoyed the book, "A Dog's Life." If you can make a compelling story, go ahead and write it! My daughter loves book about animals.

    I open a new file with new ideas. No notebook for me.

  24. Hi Sharon .. loved your story .. can imagine some of my animals (that I used to own) feeling like this sometimes ..

    Yup - I open a new Word doc every time .. and keep loads of other info .. so ideas in all directions .. one day I'll get them sorted for other ideas I have!

    Enjoy the lake .. Hilary

  25. hi macy! wow you're a writer just like your mom! how cool is that. it was neat that your mom let you write on her blog. maybe some day you could have your own blog. sounds like you had a really good day at the lake. im happy you didnt let your dad get lost or drowned. you must love him lots. cant wait for you to write some more. say hi to your mom for me.
    ...pats on the head and back scratches from lenny

  26. PJ--Thanks for stopping in. :) I'm always buying notebooks too. :)

    Theresa--I have heard of that one...I need to do some reading research before I begin Macy's story...

    Hilary--Macy is so funny! She often looks like she's thinking.

    Lenny--I had a hard time tapping the keys, but I knew it would be fun writing on the computer...Mom does it all of the time. :-0 MACY

  27. Cute letter. I especially like how Dad needs the leash so he doesn't get lost ;-)

  28. Hi Sharon,
    I think the idea is cute and would really fly with the right age. The lake looks lovely and I'm glad you're enjoying the summer break. Ours started today, and we're off to Italy tomorrow. So excite- ruins, churches, reading and writing under a different sun. What could be better? (except the lake, of course).

    Have a great summer!


  29. Hi, Sharon!

    What a fun blog entry! My daughter adores ANYTHING dog/puppy. Hurry up and write that book!

    To answer your questions: yes, yes, and yes! LOL! :-)

  30. Wendy--Yep, we're putting Dad on a leash again today and taking him to the Buffalo River.

    Anne-Marie--I hope you have an awesome time in Italy. (green with jealousy)

    Shannon--I'll let Macy know she needs to pick up the pace and write her book. :)

  31. Your doggie is so adorable!! Macy. Cute, cute! Is she a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel? I couldn't tell. Oh, and I loved the diary!

  32. First: That's the cutest dog ever!EVER!

    Second: I write all my writting ideas in my agenda, it never leaves my side! =D

  33. Haha, what a great point of view for a story, Sharon! (Especially loved the part about Daddy not able to find his way back if he were not on a leash :).) I think Macy's diary would make for a wonderful younger MG novel -- good luck!!

  34. I'm in awe how many readers leave comments consistently at your blog! Keep up the great work!

  35. Jill--Macy is a Cockapooh...or a Spoodle. She's half cocker spaniel and half poodle. We thinks she's pretty cute too...Thanks!

    Clara--Thanks! We adore her. That's how I am...I'm rarely without paper...

    Hema--Thanks. I'm sure you'll be seeing a chapter or two when I get NOT A HOLIDAY done. :)

    Donna--I feel really blessed that so many people care enough to leave me a comment. :) I think being a bit random works for me...


  36. Yes, I keep a note book on me all the time. I carry it around on my waist with my mobile and a small pen. The notebook is smaller than my mobile and was picked up at a flea market it dates from the 1930 and is leatherbound.

    I upload the notes from my handnotes to my computer at the end of the day.

  37. I would be completely lost without a notebook with me at all times!!

    Actually when my three children were growing up I kept journals about many different things that were happening in their lives at the time. I still haven't shown the journals to them, even though they are fully grown now and I have caught the most mischievous one trying to sneak a peek!

  38. Always love these adventures of yours, Sharon, especially all the adorable pictures. Macy really does sound like something! Hope all is well


  39. Looks like SOOO much fun! I haven't done anything like this in quite a while.

    And I LOVE the idea of a MG novel for Macy!

  40. you are so clever... what a fun vacation you all are having!

  41. What a clever way to share your pup's life. I would SO buy your book. Just tell me when its in print and I'm out the door and ready to buy. And I loved the title you're thinking about, too. Really, really cute idea for a mg novel.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  42. Jamara--Thanks for stopping by! Your notebook sounds positively charming!

    Jenny--What a wonderful idea! I've done scrapbooks for my daughter, but I love the idea of journaling her life. (Like I've done for Macy...)

    Val--Thanks for stopping in! Macy has a personality. I swear she smiles when she's happy...

    Carol--It was fun writing this post. Now I know why Brian's blog is so much fun!!! I hope you had a fun holiday. :)

    Tess--Thanks...We did have a wonderful time! Sadly, Walt came home sick.

    Yaya--You are so sweet...I'll give you a sneak peek when I work it into more than notes.

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  43. Your book should be a novel in cartoons, like Diary of a wimpy kid. Could totally see it.

    Fun post. :) My ideas are scattered on the backs of envelopes and in various notebooks throughout the house. Not very organized. :(

  44. To live the life of a well loved dog or a well loved cat ~ what a beautiful life! :)

    Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  45. I do journal, bit sporadically. Anything I can write on will work. I keep running notes on a Word document too. And in my head, which may not be the best place to leave a "Note To Self."

    Stephen Tremp