Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, What do you think the above picture is? I'm really not sure, but when I saw it, I thought it was an interesting looking object. I like the bright yellow color and the bumpy texture.


  1. That is very odd (but interesting!)
    What in the world is it?!

  2. an ogres eyeball?

    dried mustard?

    a shrivled balloon?

    do tell!

  3. I think it is some kind of bouy. It was on the sand at the beach near my grandparent's house in England. I didn't really understand why it was there. It was high up on the beach, so even if the tide was is, it wouldn't have been very deep.

    Tess--GROSS, dried mustard...

  4. It is a buoy. It's probably the mooring buoy for a small boat -- it won't be very deep at high tide because you have to be able to wade out to the boat. There are loads of them like this on the beach near home.


  5. Jo--Why do the boats come in to the beach and why do people need to walk out to the boats?