Friday, November 6, 2009

When Is Winter going to get here???

This lovely scene is from last year. It was sixty-six degrees here today. Which sounds lovely, but it's all too distracting. The grass still needs to be mowed, but we already put the snow blower on the lawnmower. The flower beds need to be weeded AGAIN! I'm so ready for winter. Being snowbound has its advantages. No distractions. You can stay home and write all day without feeling guilty about never leaving the house.

Is anyone else wishing for snow?


  1. I am a californian heading to NY for a short time... let winter hold off at least until I get back if you can make that happen.

    Lawn stuff converting to snow stuff - very interesting.

  2. Have fun in NY. My Dad is flying there next week too. He's hoping for winter to hold off until he gets back to England.

    You take the mowing deck off the bottom off the riding lawn mower. Then you put chains on the back wheels, add some weights to the back and put the snow blower on the front. Last year was my first year to ever blow snow. Cold and wet, but fun. A few people in Saint Louis had push snowblowers, but I didn't know about the lawn-mower conversion thing until we moved to NE Iowa.

    Have a safe trip.

  3. I never knew a lawn mower could convert to a snow blower! My family just moved from VA to So. California. I don't think we'll get to see snow unless we go to the mountains. I will miss the snowmen.
    You need to train those wild bunnies to do your garden weeding!

  4. Kim, thanks for stopping by. :) It would be lovely if the bunnies ate the weeds. They really enjoyed the lettuce I tired to grow this year. It must have been good, I wouldn't know. They ate it all.

    A dad in our neighborhood built a HUGE snowman. I'll bet the base was the size of avolkswagon bug!

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful weekend wishes! I wish I got the winter in CA, when I lived in UT I loved the winter and I know what you mean about being able to cozy in your house, I miss that feeling. What a fun picture - hope you enjoy the snow when it arrives!

  6. Hi Sharon: I'm repsonding to your comment over at my place. :)

    I write pb, mg, and a bit of ya, but if I had to pick the genre that most represents me, I'd say mg. With that in mind, I looked for agents that represented all three. There are some (Rosemary Stimola, BookStop, the Herman Agency, Pippin Properites...)that exclusively work with children's books. Most, though, are an adult/children's combo.

    When I subbed to my agent, I knew she did women's fiction, ya, and mid-grade. One of the things I asked her when we talked was about representing pbs. She told me she hadn't had success with the genre but was open to trying.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is cast a wide net, focusing ultimately on the genre that most defines your work, be willing to hold off on some stories for a while (or forever...that's something all of us have to face!), and ask questions. What is presented in an agent's write up is subject to change, esp. if they like your other work.

  7. I'll take your sixty degree weather any day. :)

  8. Hmmm...not missing the snow at the moment. I do love snow and appreciate it while it's here, but right now, I'm loving the blue skies.

  9. Caroline- Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Amy--If I give you a sixty degree now, you have to take a minus 28 day in February.

    Ocean--I'm sure you have some nice sunny perks living in CA.

    Anita--I'm sure you'll be getting some snow soon.

  10. Hi, Sharon
    I stopped by to check out your blog - cool stuff. I'll add myself as a follower here. I agree that we should keep in touch! :)

  11. After being stuck in 2 feet of snow and thick ice last year, we're not quite ready for it! THOUGH ... if you asked my son the same question, he'd have a very different response! He is SO ready to play in it again! :-) Give me another month, then I'll be wanting it again ... maybe just not two feet of it this time! :-) Thanks for stopping by the other day ... you're right ... PBs and personal essays! :-)

  12. Shannon--Thanks for stopping by and joining in. :) I'll be checking in on you a couple times a week. I'd love to say I'd stop in every day, but heck I can't even promise my hubby I'll fix him dinner every night.

    Kelly--It was almost seventy again today! It's really funny seeing Christmas lights being turned on. I expected it in the south, but here in northern Iowa it just feels wrong...What do you do with your personal essays?

  13. I love the snow. Everything looks so clean and pure.

  14. Annon.--I guess as much as I want the snow, I want the farmers to get in their crops. Hopefully, they'll all have them havervested in the next two weeks. Based on a little ride in the countryside yesterday, they are finally starting to make some progress. My fingers are crossed for them.