Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ninth Grade Honors Math Or A Hole In The Roof?

Which would you rather deal with? Ninth Grade Honors Math or a hole in the roof? I've been dealing with the math for the last four hours. The hole in the roof took one phone call and it was fixed.

It's amazing what we forget as we get older...or perhaps didn't learn when we were younger. I always took pride in the fact that I graduated a year early from high school, until today. I think I missed out on some valuable math lessons.

What do you wish you had learned more of in high school or college? For me, it was math. Of course tomorrow, it might be something else.


  1. I would have thought the math would take less time, but I still would have picked the hole in the roof.

    I've already forgotten so much math that I've turned my third grader's questions over to the husband.

    (I took Calculus in high school... and third grade math scares me, but I'm okay with that.)

  2. Wendy--I was able to solve one of the two hardest problems, and was able to explain it to her when she came down from her shower. The other one about right angles, measures and cos, tns and somthing else was a different story. I still don't have a clue. We went with the wrong answer. Hopefully, she won't have to go to the board and solve that one tomorrow. Maye she'll figure it out while they are reviewing for the test. (FINGERS ARE CROSSED)

  3. I wish I wasn't such a slacker in my foreign language classes. I had four freakin years to learn another language and didn't take advantage of it...too worried about boys and clothes. Humph. Teenage Anita, you needed some brains.

  4. Anita--teenage Sharon was just trying to get to college asap. You just added to my list of things I needed to learn but didn't. I can count to ten in four languages though. ;)

  5. Hello, Sister Mayhew. You sure have a friendly little blog here. (It'd have to be if Anita hangs out here)

    As soon as I post, I'm going to follow. I'm only sorry that I don't know nuthin about holes or math.

  6. As I visited my former college last week, I did wonder why I didn't make the most of my classes there. I really did get good grades, but probably did the bare minimum to get the A's and B's (okay and two C's). I took two music classes that I wish I'd appreciated more (especially since I've always been a big music lover!) and I wish I'd learned an instrument.

  7. Ray--Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to hop over and check out your blog. :) Thanks for calling mine a friendly blog.

    Kelly--All we can do is move forward. We took our daughter to the University of Arkansas a couple summers ago. It was fun going down memmory lane. I wish I had gotten a masters in art. I was offered an assitantship, but had already gotten used to having a real paycheck.