Monday, July 14, 2014

Flooded With Gratitude

It may be hard to believe, but I'm at a loss for words that are big enough to express my gratitude. 

On July 7th, the tornado sirens were going off, rain was pounding our home and we were in the basement watching it all out the windows. (Naturally, my brilliant hubby was on the other side of the state.) The rain water made a beautiful waterfall coming over our egress wall. (I even video taped it on my phone.) We noticed the water rising in the bottom of the egress. It rose quickly, almost to the window sill. The TV went off the air, the sirens went off again, and I tried to move the weather radio to the bathroom with the pets. My beautiful daughter was in a panic because she thought her toilet was wasn't. The egress had emptied...into my house.

We (including my niece who is here for the summer) dashed around picking up anything on the floor, putting the furniture up on blocks, carrying as much as we could upstairs. I texted my brilliant husband on the other side of the state asking how to turn off the gas on the fireplace. He called a friend to come see what was going on. I texted a friend with a strong, college bound, football playing, son to see if he could come help. Within minutes friends began showing up at our house. They didn't bother to knock, they just came in and started helping get everything out of the basements. (Thank goodness for Rubbermaid tubs!) 

Within hours, the carpet and padding was removed, fans and dehumidifiers were busy drying the rest of the floors, pizza was ordered and wine was being poured.

The outpouring from our friends overwhelmed me. The next day people (even one who also had a flooded basement) called to check in on me.

We moved here almost six years ago. I didn't (really) open up to building true friendships until about a year and a half ago. I don't know how I will ever be able to show these amazing people how grateful I am for their friendship. 

The lesson I've learned from this is more than I have amazing friends. When you truly allow yourself to open up and build friendships, it allows you to not only to be the person they turn to, but they can be the people you can turn to when you are pushed past your limits. It feels pretty amazing to have so many people I can turn to.

Do you have a group of friends you can turn to? If not (yet), are you ready to open your heart and start building those kind of relationships?


  1. I'm so glad you have wonderful neighbors that helped you, especially since you live in a place with sirens and tornadoes and floods. Stay safe!

  2. Wow! What a scary event, and what wonderful friends! So grateful you're okay.

  3. hi blom!

    im sooo thankful you and everyone got through that scary weather safe. im glad you have such cool friends who came and helped get things cleaned up. i can hear how thankful you are. i know it took you a long while to make some friends when you moved there. now you’ve got some really nice ones and they’ve got a fantastic friend in you.

    for me i got a big bunch of cool blogger friends and my family i could turn to whenever i need someone. and…i got you! :)

    …hugs from lenny

  4. What a frightening event -- and having your husband away at the time must have left you feeling so alone ... until all those people poured in.

    Hurray for good people, good neighbors, good friends. I'm glad you are okay, your house is okay, and you have discovered how good your neighbors and friends are!

  5. What a wonderful story of good neighbours. We live in an apartment building and have done so for a long time now but hardly know anyone other than to say hi in passing.

  6. You've got some awesome friends! Glad you made it through the ordeal.

  7. Such an ordeal and we sure are happy you are safe.

  8. Glad you had such good friends to help you out. Good friends are really important to have. I'm grateful for mine.

  9. I echo Lenny's words. Of course, I usually do echo his words. Yippee for great friends. (Like you.) SO thankful you're okay, Mayhew. I only wish I could have been there in Iowa for you, too. xoxo

  10. Gosh Sharon - that sounds awful - but I'm so pleased you and the family are safe and your neighbours were so helpful ..

    Disasters like that are so depressing to deal with .. mind you pizza and wine does help.

    Good luck with the rest of the clear up and I hope it's not too serious, now the water has receded ..

    Yay - Lenny has a way with words doesn't he ..

    Good luck to you and with many thoughts .. cheers Hilary

  11. Hi Sharon, so sorry you had to go through this and I'm so glad those friends and neighbors came to help. I guess I'm also thankful I don't have a basement. LOL. Hugs to you!

  12. There really is value in company. Kudos for keeping your heads up amidst all this, and for not letting this onslaught of nature color your view of human beings in general. I hope the outpouring support allows you to get back on your feet again. Good luck to you guys!

    Charlena Leonard @ Weidner Law

  13. Wow. What an amazing experience. I'm so grateful your neighbors came to help. I've thought about that a couple times--especially after we bought our first house. After living there 2 years, I knew I had at least two neighbors who had my back, even though I had almost been a total shut-in. It's such a nice thing to know you're not alone, eh?

  14. Just saw this, Sharon. I'm so glad you have good friends and neighbors to rely on! I think writers' introversion often make us feel isolated from everyone else, but really being open to the people around us can be magical. I'm so glad you've found a place among your new friends!

  15. Oh wow! I'm very happy you got through the flood okay. Stay safe! I've been thinking a lot about friendship these days. For me, it is a constant practice, always, always trying to be more open with people old and new. Thanks for being that kind of friend to me : )

  16. Sharon, that bit of bad luck turned into good luck after all, since you had people to help you weather (ha,ha, couldn't resist) the storm. Hope you were able to save most of your belongings from water damage. But they are just things, and what you've got is better. :-)

  17. Oh Sharon! What a story....I can relate because usually all the exciting not fun times happen when my hubby is out of town, too! And it is ALWAYS during those times that friendships tend to develop into even stronger ones - because I have to ask for help. Then that turns into coffee dates, etc.

  18. So glad you're okay! What a terrifying and exhausting experience. I'm SOOOO not surprised you've managed to surround yourself with wonderful people. Karma at its best :)

  19. Hi Sharon,

    It's heartening to know that despite the trauma, you had neighbours, friends, who displayed the compassion of humanity united in a common cause.

    I do know you have to be cautious with whom you open up to. There are a lot of good people out there and if you bestow positivity, you usually get it in return. Just be careful of those who would take advantage of your own kind nature.

    A most heart warming post. Thankfully, all is okay.

    A peaceful weekend to you and your loved ones.



  20. God Bless! Friends you can count on no matter what is a true blessing!

    Warmest regards,