Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Living Large in London...part two

 I have discovered I love traveling by trains.  Have you ever been on a train trip?

 My lovely room at the Hilton at Hyde Park.  :)
When my Dad and Bonus Mum asked where I wanted to go this was the first place on my list.  The Natural History Museum was a place I had slight memories of from when I was little and lived in London.  I had always believed that there was a massive blue whale hanging on the ceiling.  
 So, we went to see if I could find my giant whale.
 Look at these fantastic columns inside the museum!
 One large armadillo...

Then I saw it...MY Blue Whale.  It wasn't way up in the air like I thought it was, but I was much taller this time when I saw it.  It was a life size replica of a blue whale. A skeleton of a real one hung above him.  I was pretty please that this was a real memory.  Because of my circumstances a lot of my childhood memories are mixed up.

 They had all kinds of things to look at.

 Isn't this beautiful!!!!

 This monkey sculpture was made entirely of bullet casings.
 My first sighting of a DoDo bird.  Kind of impressive!

 There was some great art!
 We were lucky enough to be able to observe one of the restoration rooms.  Very Cool stuff!
 Most of you know my cp, Lenny, calls me Blom...I had to take this picture for him. 
 I think it was a bank.
It was our first night in London.  We were hopping from one bus to another trying to get back to the hotel...Then something really exciting happened.  (I've searched on u tube for it) All of a sudden loads of people showed up on their bikes or skateboards.  They took over the entire street.  No one could pass them on the street.  They were shouting, "We are talking back the streets."
On the way back to our hotel, I saw something that I always thought was part of a childhood dream.  I couldn't believe it!  It was near Hyde Park.  A long time ago I decided I must have seen the monument in a French movie.  But...it was real,  I had seen it when I was little!  

I learned a lot about myself on this trip.

Have you ever been on a trip that gave you something more than a wonderful experience?

Hugs to all!


  1. Your photos are making me so jealous. I'd love to take this trip!

    I've traveled by train only once, when I was really little. I don't really remember much.

  2. hi blom! wow! more cool pictures! that blue whale is sooo big. i love all that museum stuff. trains are neat and some day i wanna take a trip on one.
    ...hugs from lenny

  3. Great photos - thanks for sharing! That looks like a beautiful museum. I'm glad you had such an amazing trip!

  4. I wonder if "taking back the street" is anything like "occupy wall street"? :)

  5. Awwww!! You're making me love London again! LOL!!

    The Natural History Museum is a most AMAZING place - I love it! I don't like the journey there but once there it's a great great great place! Yay!!

    Love that Lenny calls you Blom! LOL! Take care

  6. Hi Sharon .. great photos - wonderful seeing the Natural History Museum through someone else's eyes .. and a room at the Hilton, Hyde Park - truly luxurious ... lucky you.

    I wonder who the bike riders were .. and train trips - we can get to visually feast on beautiful countryside - lovely weather you had then too ..

    Love BLOM .. great pic for Lenny .. cheers Hilary

  7. What a wonderful trip!! I love all the photos! And how wonderful you got to see the whale from your childhood.

    I've taken a long train trip once in Alaska to Denali Park. It was very cool.

  8. I've never traveled on a train. But its on my To Do List. I want to go up the California coast on the Amtrak, then turn around and come back. Just for the experience.

  9. These are lovely photos. I've always, always wanted to visit London, and looking at these is almost like living vicariously through you. :)

  10. I love the pictures! They're fantastic. I think if I went to London, it would totally teach me something about myself. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow. Awesomness in these pics. I can't wait to go to Ireland. We're going to do some time in England (London). Did I say I can't wait?!

    That Rosetta stone is beautiful.

    Love you. Love Lenny. *Smooch*

  12. I think it's so neat that you sought out to revisit a beloved childhood memory with the whale. There are so many things I think I'd like to see/do again but worry that it wouldn't hold up to my memories. I'm glad this was such a good experience for you!

  13. The only train ride was not to any destination but a steam powered one in Strasburg, PA and for my wife and myself the experience in Lancaster County, PA is always more than we thought we would receive. Love the Amish.

  14. *sigh* Now I really, really want to go there. :-)

  15. What a beautiful museum! Wow! Isn't that something about your childhood memories. I'm glad you found the whale! I've only take a short train ride, but I'd love to go on a cross country train trip someday.

  16. Hi Sharon! Wow. More fantastic photos! I haven't been to the Natural History Museum. I should take the time to go! I love London. My last visit was 3 years ago...it feels like such a long time now.

  17. Love the photos. Brings back lots of memories, as I lived in England for two years and did travel a LOT by train.

    It was nice to go back to that in Italy this summer. We were there for six weeks.

  18. I'm glad that you were able to confirm your memories on this trip. And HOORAY for the cyclists and skateboarders taking back the street! We call it Critical Mass in New York (I've never participated because one time it got too 'activisty'/violent)

  19. Beautiful pictures! :)

    I haven't been on a train in years . . . I only have a vague memory of sitting next to my mom when I was little.

  20. We took long train rides in China quite frequently. I loved riding the trains. It was always interesting and it was nice to be able to move around while you travel.

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  21. Gorgeous! The building is as beautiful as the items within! :)

  22. Oh, I remember when I walked an entire afternoon in Hyde Park and took a ride on the Eye. I absolutely loved London. Thank you for sharing these great pics. Enjoy your trip, Sharon!

  23. Went for lots of train rides when I went to London.

    I love that city. It's so full of history and places to explore. Wish I could go back there.

  24. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. What a great trip.

  25. Very cool photos! Yes--thanks for sharing. Looks like a great trip!!! And um, armadillos are weird looking. ;o)

    thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Sharon,
    And thank you for sharing more of your photos from your delightful trip to London. Being my home town, I have been to many of the sights you note in your posting.
    And a train trip in Britain? The whole flipping system grinds to a halt if it has the wrong kind of leaves on the track!
    Cheers and jolly good show, Sharon.
    Cheerio, Gary :)

  28. Lovely photos Sharon...what a fantastic trip you are having! But is that last photo of the Arc d'Triomphe in Paris? Was just there last July...sure looks like it.

  29. Great pictures. Apparently my parents never took me to any of those places when I was growing up in England. Hmmmm.

  30. What an amazing trip! A year ago I went back to Germany, where I'd spent my first five years. The mix of memories and reality were a bit surreal. :)

  31. Thanks for sharing. So glad you found your whale!

  32. Oh, Sharon! I would have been in heaven!!! I love natural history museums and even worked in one for a few years.

    When (not if) I finally make it to London, this is the first place I'm going. Thanks for sharing, my dear!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  33. We took our girls to see that whale about ten years ago. What a fantastic sight!

  34. That museum is beautiful - inside and out!

    Yes, trips can be transformative. Sometimes I find a place I fit so well, I realize I could have a different life. It also males me question how I live - not just day to day, but my priorities.

    There's so much world, yet I've seen so little of it.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  35. Great pictures. You make me want to go to London again.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  36. Great photos...London is a great place.

    Neat blog name too.

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  37. I am really enjoying seeing London through your eyes! I spend so much time there and work with people who are really struggling that its good to be reminded that it is a fabulous city :-)

    C x

  38. Great photos. Thanks for sharing! I want to take this journey and visit now to London!