Thursday, December 8, 2011

Living Large in London

This is the British Museum.(Oops, I had the wrong museum originally....thankfully my wonderful sister let me know.  Thanks, Jo!) It was full of amazing pieces!  I wish I could show you every single picture I took, but you might never speak to me again if I showed them all. (wink)
Have you heard of the Rosetta Stone? I was shocked by how big it was and how tiny the script was.

 Flip flops have been around a long long long time!

I want a room like this in my house when I grow up.  So many treasured books!
I know this is kind of a horrid picture, but this body was buried in the desert in 3400B.C.  It amazes me that the bones survived, let alone the skin and the hair.  AMAZING!
 The courtyard used to be open, but they enclosed it and put this beautiful glass roof on it.

 Even the floor was spectacular!
I'm sure you've heard of Harrod's Department store.  This was my first trip there.  Wow, was it amazing.  I will warn you if you go there they frown on pictures being taken.  I got caught twice.  (blushes)
 Talk about fancy!

 Some serious boots!!!
 Some expensive shoes.
 Really expensive shoes...around $1,000 !
 Some extremely expensive shoes....$1600!

 I got caught and told off here...Now, I'm not usually a rule breaker, but...

 We do Christmas Crackers at our house every year and if we have guests during the holiday season I try to introduce them to our tradition.  These  are some seriously posh Christmas Crackers!
I tried to take a picture inside the tea room at Harrod's, but a security guard stopped me.  I am definitely going their for a cream tea the next time I visit London.  It was absolutely adorable. 

 I've never seen anything like it!

I hope you enjoyed part one of Living Large in London.

Thanks for putting up with me...and thanks for all the birthday wishes you guys sent me on Tuesday! 
 You're the BEST!


  1. Actually that is the British Museum - maybe you went to both and got them mixed up? The V&A is the one with all the textiles and design stuff, and the British Museum has all the antiquities.

  2. Hi Sharon .. no shaking hand! Wonderful pictures .. make me want to jump a train and go and visit the Queen and London! .. Fun pix ..

    Going back to check the others and say a belated Happy Birthday .. hope you had a happy time .. cheers Hilary

  3. I remember going to Harrods and determined to get some kind of souvenir from there ended up buying a bookmark! LOL! Well my friends and I were about 12 and only had enough pocket money for such things! Oh but the place was so luxurious and grand!

    Glad you got to see the British Museum! It's currently surrounded by lots and lots and lots of roadworks in anticipation of the Olympic Games!

    Take care

  4. Amazing pictures!! And those are some big flip-flops. :) I think you're pretty awesome, too.

  5. Awesome pictures. Sounds like so much fun to be there. And I'd love a room like that too.

  6. I LOVE the British Museum...when I lived in London I used to go and sketch there :-)

    Great pics of Harrods and I think I may have fallen in love with those shoes (I shall dream of them cause at that price I aint gonna be buying them...some people have more money than sense!)

    Loking forward to the next part

    C x

  7. I'd love to go there some day. The pics are great. I especially like the ones of the shoes. :)

  8. Turning green with envy...looks like you had a ball. Is the Rosetta Stone really the size of a full wall? Good grief! I always thought it was about the size of an iPad...what a drongo I am. Looking forward to more entertaining news from Merrie Olde...:)

  9. Hey Sharon,
    Interesting info and great photos. I have been too and seen most of the locations in your photos.
    Speaking of Harrod's, it was the only place in England that I could find some A&W Rootbeer :) Now that was an expensive can of pop!
    Cheers and jolly good show. Cheerio for now, Gary :)

  10. hi miss sharon! wow! cool pictures. i like that mummy stuff. i could like to go wandering all around in that museum. yikes! shoes that cost soooo much. ack! does the queen buy her stuff in that store? i think shes pretty rich. thanks for sharing out the london part of your trip.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. WOW! It all looks so amazing!!! Some day I'd love to visit there (with less expensive shoes). :)

  12. Oh, wow . . . it's been WAY TOO LONG since I visited you. London??? So jealous. Thanks for the amazing photo tour! :-)

  13. By the photos, it looks like you are truly living it up in London. Good for you!

    I heard of the Rosetta Stone but did not think it was THAT large. The Harrod's department store looks like a cool place to visit and I bet it would be heavenly to have a library room like that in one's house.

    Thanks for sharing these nice photos of your London experience.

    I thought about going to the local Art museum here today but woke up late and let work take priority. Oh well, another time, another place, lol.

    Happy belated birthday!

    The Madlab Post

  14. It looks like a really interesting place! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  15. I feel awful, I missed your birthday...Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon. May the coming year be your best ever!

    And go figure...I want the 1600 pair of shoes!

  16. Absolutley wonderful pictures. Considering you are not allowed to take pictures in Harrods you certainly were able to take a lot!

  17. So cool! I love those crackers. Definitely posh! :) You go, rule breaker!!

  18. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. What an awesome trip to take. I couldn't imagine spending so much on a pair of shoes. When I looked at the prices, I kept thinking of all the bills I could pay off, lol.

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

  19. This sounds like a great trip. I love cream tea when I'm in England! I was blown away when I first saw the Rosetta Stone - such a thrill.

  20. Oh, man! Great photos...thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh my! A trip to Harrods? I'm not a rule breaker either, but if I'm ever there, can I resist putting on the dresses then taking the photos? Lol!

    Lovely photos!

  22. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! Glad you had a good time and a happy birthday!

  23. thanks for being a rule-breaker :)

  24. Those were fabulous! Looks like you has a great time.

  25. Thanks Sharon for the lovely tour. I'll never forget the food display at Harrods with a giant eel in the display case. I also remember huge locomotives at the museum.

  26. Oh my gosh I love these pics. I had no idea the Rosetta Stone was so large too!

  27. I'm so very jealous. I want to go there too!!! You'll have to give me more details on your trip--I've been MIA for a month!