Monday, October 24, 2011


If you love reading or writing mid grade novels and you don't know Hilary Wagner you are missing out on something special!  Hilary writes epicly beautiful stories about rats.  How could a story about rats be epic?  Hilary is a master writer.  Her words are beautiful.  She wraps you up in the story and the characters lives.  She causes you to love or hate with your whole heart.  (I'm really seeing a movie in her future...)

 In book one, Nightshade City I fell in love with Vincent, Victor and Clover.  I even fell in love with Billycan one of the evil doers.  Once you open the first page of this book you won't want to put it down.  You'll be fully immersed in Nightshade City and entranced by all the characters.  But then the book ends...And you'll be sad...because you want more.

Thankfully, Hilary is willing to give us more!  The White Assassin leaves off right where Nightshade City ends....but be ready to not put this book down until you are finished reading it.  There are twists and turns and new (creature) characters introduced and some old ones creep out of the catacombs.....This is a book you will not be able to put down.  I know The White Assassin has just been released, but I'm desperate for the next book already!  (hint hint hint Holiday House Publishers)

Christmas is just around the corner...if you have any 8-12 year olds on your shopping list Nightshade City and The White Assassin would be awesome gifts for them.  Kids who read do better in school.  Hilary is cranking out more books as we speak...So the lucky kids who get hooked on Hilary will have many books to read in the future.  (Still thinking there's going to be a movie...hint hint hint MZ)

Here's the official information...

The White Assassin
Book II of the Nightshade Chronicles
by Hilary Wagner
Publisher: Holiday House
Pub Date: October 2nd, 2011
ISBN: 9780823423330
Ages: 9 up
Official Website:

Book II in the Nightshade Chronicles begins three years after Juniper and his rebel band of rats liberate the Catacombs and defeat their oppressors.

A sense of peace has settled over Nightshade City, but it is a false one. Billycan, the white assassin, has been found. Deep in the southern swamps, he now rules a primitive horde of savage swamp rats eager to overrun Nightshade City and claim it for their king. With the help of an ancient colony of bats and an uneasy alliance with the swamp snakes, Juniper and his Council set out to thwart Billycan’s plans. When an old secret is revealed—one so shocking it shakes both Billycan and Juniper to the core—the fate of Nightshade City and the life of Juniper’s only son depend on Juniper’s decision: should he help his mortal enemy? The past resurfaces with devastating impact in this exciting sequel toNightshade City, a dark tale of intrigue, deception, and betrayal.

Nightshade City, Book I of the Nightshade Chronicles is a CBC Best Book of 2011 and a Crystal Kite finalist.

I'll be giving away two The White Assassin bookmarks to two lucky readers...All you have to do is be a follower and a follower of Hilary's blog and leave a comment here. (I'll announce the winners on November 1st.)

Drum roll.....
The winner of Tess Hilmo's book With A Name Like Love is:
SA Larsen
The following readers won With A Name Like Love Bookmarks:
Stina Lindenblatt
Ms Hatch
Jemi Fraser
Melissa Sugar
Mary Mary
Please email me at sharon k mayhew at gmail dot com with your address.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to pick up a copy of The White Assassin and With A Name Like Love...You won't regret spending the money for them.   

OMGoodness!  I just won a copy of Open Minds from the Awesome Susan Kaye Quinn.  FYI: Friday she is going to post the first chapter to this awesome sounding book...

Do you collect bookmarks? or do you use them?  I love bookmarks!  I buy the as souvenirs...


  1. Congratulations to all the winners, and congratulations on your win! I won't enter this contest as I've already won a copy of this book, but good luck to everyone else who enters.

  2. I'm already a follower of both you and Hilary, so sign me up for bookmarks! I'm so happy for her that she's writing MG - we need more great MG books!!

    p.s. thanks for the shout out on Open Minds! :)

  3. Yay for the White Assassin!!! It's so on my christmas wishlist - oh yes!!!

    Thanks Sharon and Hilary! Bookmarks are great!! Good luck to everyone!!

    Take care

  4. Sharon, thank you so much for your sweet post! I'm actually just starting Book III! :) You are such a doll and have been so supportive to and tons of other writers!

    Thanks so much!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo -- Hilary

  5. I really need to read these! (Can't believe I haven't) *hangs head in shame*

  6. Yay for Hilary! I loved Nightshade City so much. Can't wait to read the White Assassin.

  7. Congrats to the winners! Nighshade City is on my list -- something about the cover (beyond the obvious rat...) reminds me of the Rats of NIMH which I still love.

  8. Go, Hilary! I, by the way, have always been a fan of rodent protagonists. :)

    Congrats to the winners of your contest and to you for winning a book!

  9. I'm not entering the contest, but I have an ARC to give away too. But I loved THE WHITE ASSASSIN and what Hilary did with Billycan. It was brilliant!

  10. Yay for Hilary! I can't wait to read this one.

    And congrats to the winners of Tess' book!

  11. Yay for Hilary! I can't wait to read this one.

    And congrats to the winners of Tess' book!

  12. Thank you for sharing the information. I will save the name of the book and the writer and see if our local library can order a copy. We used to read stories about mice in India and as kids we used to love them.

  13. I've heard so many good things about the White Assassin. Thanks for reminding me to go out and get this series!

  14. So excited for Hilary! I loved her first book, excited to read this one too!
    When I get bookmarks from authors, I keep one for myself and take the others to my local library or middle school library to advertise an author I love!

  15. And yay! I just read in the comments that Hilary is starting on Book 3!!!

  16. Wow, congrats for Hilary!! As far as bookmarks, I collect them to an unhealthy degree. Thanks so much for coming to my blog from Janet's! I see you're a fellow Sagittarian :)

  17. Hilary rocks my socks off!! I love her and I love her books. She's about as good as they come--inside and out! :-)

  18. Nightshade City was entracing, wasn't it? Go Hillary!

  19. Congrats to the winners and to Hilary. Looking forward to reading the new one.

  20. Count me in. :) I've followed Hilary's blog, like, forever. :) And I can't wait to read this!

  21. hi miss sharon! for sure im miss hilarys biggest fan!!! i love her books!! rats rule!!!
    ...hugs from lenny

  22. I'll have to let my 9 yo know about the book. It wasn't one that appealed to my oldest son, but that might mean my youngest one will love it.

    Yay, about the bookmark. I LOVE bookmarks.

    I've read Susan's book. It's awesome. :D

  23. Congrats to the winners and the rats sound like interesting characters.The covers are fascinating too.

  24. Congrats Hillary on your newest book! What an exciting series.

    Congrats to the winners!

    I love anything that has to do with books, including bookmarks. They are useful and wonderful to collect.

  25. Congrats to Sheri and all the bookmark winners!

    Hilary's books sound fantastic - thanks for the recommendation!

  26. Thank you very much Sharon! Everyone loves a bookmark!

  27. Best wishes to Hilary and her books! And I usually lose my bookmarks.

  28. The White Assassin sounds amazing - I'll be sure to check it out! Congratulations to all the winners here!

  29. "Nightshade City" sounds amazing! I'm going to check out her site now :)

  30. I bet a movie WOULD be great! Sounds like great books too. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. :)

  31. Yay!!! Thank you! :)

    I agree - a movie is a MUST! Kids & adults would flock to it!

  32. I have been grateful for this blog tour because without it, I wouldn't have known about these books! And I DO have kids in this reading age so they're perfect. Really love the cover on WHITE ASSASSIN. :)

  33. Congrats to the winners!

    I'm glad to see The White Assassin everywhere. It's an awesome book.

    I use my bookmarks and extras go to my classroom, so I really don't collect them.

  34. I'm a follower of both blogs. : )

    I've heard a LOT about Hilary's books and they are on my TBR book list.

    I like collecting bookmarks.

  35. Well now that is darn cool, I will sure have to check our the Hillary books!

  36. I love bookmarks. These books sound cool. I know I would like them and I think I could even convert my youngest to a bookworm with The White Assassin. I am a follower of both you blog and Hilary's blog

  37. I read Nightshade City this summer. I hope White Assassin is doing well.

    Yes, I love collecting bookmarks. I have a few signed ones.

  38. Hi Sharon,
    So nice to hear from you over on my blog. I hope you had a wonderful trip in the UK. Looking forward to catching up on your blog this week. It's been too long.


  39. Hi Sharon :) I love rats. They make such wonderful pets.

    My writing is going well. I finished one story. My tutor said it might be suitable as an easy reader in an educational series. I've tucked it away for now and will pull it out in a few weeks time.

    I hope you are happy and healthy and that you enjoyed your holiday. :) xx

  40. Darn. My son just out grew that stage, and my daughter's about two years out. I'll have to put this one on the reading list.

  41. My kids would LOVE those books! Thanks for the recommendations!