Saturday, April 30, 2011

The ABC's of A Good Friend... "Z" (Z end...almost)

Today is the final day of Arlee Bird's A-Z Challenge! Since I write for younger children and we're doing the ABC's, I thought I'd do The ABC's of A Good Friend (and throw in a few random pictures, because I have a bit of a camera habit).
You should have all kinds of friends in your life.  But it's important to have a few friends that are a bit ZANY.  They're the ones you can be silly with.  The ones you can stay up all night chatting with.  They like to play board games.  They'll dress up at Halloween or if you have a Wig and Wine party for New Year's Eve.  Yep, everyone should have a ZANY friend.  If you don't have one, perhaps you are the ZANY friend in your circle of friends and that's a good thing.  You bring smiles to your friends.
Today is the last day of the A-Z Challenge.  If you participated in it, how did you do?  Did you come up with a word or topic for each day?  Did you have fun?  Are you going to keep blogging everyday?  YIKES!  I'm going back to my regular schedule of posting (usually) on Sundays and Thursdays.


  1. Zany friends are the best. Have you ever played Quelf?

  2. Zat wozz wonderful too! haha you look gorgeous. :) They say there could be years of aftershocks. You did such a great job of A-Z. XX

  3. Those pictures are awesome, and perfect for your "zany" post! You've done such an amazing job with this challenge!

  4. I come from a pretty zany family and we've had a lot of fun over the years. It seemed to attract me some zany friends as well. We may not be quite as zany these days, but in our younger days we could get a bit out there sometimes.
    Congratulations on making it to Z.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  5. Hi Sharon .. those wigs are just zanily great .. fun times being had from all. We're not zany - but I think I must be ..

    I did .. I had to skip the pond for one letter - but had a good sojourn in California and Oregon .. so can't be bad .. and it was fun to do ..

    Cheers - and see you soon .. Hilary

  6. I made it...every day....Will I continue to blog daily? No promises. In fact, I may even take the summer off.
    Great post for the dreaded Z.

  7. The Zanier the better!!! Look at you in your many guises!!!!!

    Well done you for finishing the A-Z!! I love your friendship theme too!!!!! Yay! Take care

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Looking good at being 'zany' :)
    I am so glad that the 'A to ZED Blogging Challenge!' Yep, complete with an exclamation mark for dramatic impact!, is finally over!
    I'm very glad I did not participate in it. Will be delighted to see my blogging friends back to a more 'normal' routine:)
    Have a lovely weekend. I'm off to the Zoo....:)

  9. Congrats on making it through the challenge. It was a bit too zany for me:)

  10. Just have to say, you did an amaZing job of getting through the entire alphabet with your theme!

    Each post made me think a bit.

    Well done!


  11. Chica, you took the challenge and ran with it. I congratulate you, my friend. Love these pics. I have a camera habit too, but when the family sees me pick up the camera they grab it and take the picture themselves.Hmmm wonder why?

    I'm going back to Mondays and Fridays. But I may blog about NAPIBOWRIWEE. I haven't decided. I'z sooo tired. xxxxxooooo

  12. Zealous… zeal… zzzzzz it’s over
    Have a Glorious weekend!

  13. Zany pictures!

    congrats on making it through the challenge

  14. hi miss sharon! wow i love those zantastic pictures of you wearing those weird wigs.ha ha. i like that zany part of you lots.
    ...hugs from lenny

  15. Yes! Being zany is one of THE MOST important qualities I look for in a friend! I freaking love those pictures of you. Where did you get all these wigs?

  16. Zany is totally purrfect, right up there with Wacky and Nutty!!!

  17. Thank you for the prayers. I hope your mother in law is o.k. too. Lots of bad things going on with the earth these days!!

  18. Zany is Great!

    How about Zippy and Zesty, too.

  19. What a great Z word! Zany friends are the best! Can't believe it's the last day of a-Z!

  20. You did it, Sharon! Congrats!!

    I love your hairdos! I really think you should grow out your hair and do braids all the time. :) That would be super ZANY!


  21. Nope, definitely won't blog everyday. My schedule doesn't allow for it on a regular basis.

    I think we all need a zany friend to remind us that everything is good in moderation and that being too serious all the time can be boring

  22. Zany is about the best you can hope for - I have thoroughly enjoyed this blogging challenge - hope to see you around the interweb plenty more, Sharon!