Friday, October 22, 2010


I've discovered my special purpose in life...
My job is to protect the people who live around me...
To patrol the streets...
To search out danger...
To stop future disasters from happening to my neighbors and friends...
How you ask? 

I pick up nails when I take Macy for a walk.  I'm picking up (on average) two a day.  Almost every house in our subdivision is getting a new roof, so roofing nails are blowing, rolling and falling into the streets daily...

Do you have a special purpose?  A secret talent?  (G-rated, please)
Please share...
Have a wonderful, safe weekend!


  1. My special purpose is to help as many helpless critters as is possible!

  2. Nails, especially rusty nails, are scary things. Your special purpose is such an awesome one! :)

  3. Love your talent! A definite super power! :)

  4. That is a very special talent ~ no hurt paws and little feet around your neighbourhood!

    I have't quite figured out my purpose or special telent yet. Hopefully I will figure it out soon. :)

    Happy Weekend Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Well you certainly nailed it with this blog. Or you, hit the nail right on the head with this blog...
    Sorry about that. You are very good watching out for your neighbours. Seriously, somebody or some little creature could get hurt if it wasn't for you being such a good neighbour. So well done.
    Okay then, if you would like to know. I think my special purpose in life was to demonstrate that just because one has mental health issues, it does not mean it has to control one's life. My mental illness is only a small part of who I am. I hope that my genuine empathy and caring comes across in my writing.
    May you and all your blogging friends, have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  6. G rated? Okay, not a talent. Purpose - Sock Recognizance. In couch cushions, under mattresses, stucked into fitted sheets in the dryer. It's a never-ending job and not very rewarding. Still, my vigilance keeps the feet of my family warm.

  7. What you're doing is a great thing, Sharon. I've had a few flat tires before because of nails. That sucks big time!

  8. your neighbors are lucky to have you!

    My special purpose in life (next to parenting) is to watch over the mostly-parentless latchkey kids in the neighborhood, hence the revolving door on the front of my house....

  9. I usually bring an extra bag along and pick up trash when I walk Piper. There's so much trash floating around, it's really sad.

  10. To GIVE!!!! I love helping people any way I can.

  11. I hope your neighbors realize there is a protector among them! You gots it going on, girl.

    As for me? Um, er champion chocolate cupcake eater? Or any cupcake for that matter. :)

    Also, much to hubby's dismay, I like to rescue animals. I would take them all, if he'd just let me. :)

  12. all my talents are exposed... no secrets.

    congrats on keeping those nails picked up i hate getting flats.


  13. My special purpose is to save as many cats as I can, in my own small ways perhaps... but still.

  14. Hi Sharon .. good purpose in life for your walk .. there are so many 'dangerous' things out there .. nails, broken glass, string lengths, and rubber bands .. those I pick up - but definitely should be doing more.

    Thanks for the reminder that if we all do a bit - it helps .. Hilary

  15. Erm... my job is to pick litter up in the estate I live in! It's such a pretty estate that litter just upsets the aesthetics of the place! :-)

    WELL DONE you for picking those nails up!! It's such a neighbourly community spirit thing to do!! Yay!!

    Hello there gorgeous Macy! Take care

  16. A very good secret purpose, indeed.
    My secret purpose at present: to be there for some friends who are going thru difficult times.

  17. Sharon,

    I once saw a cow with a piece of board attached to the bottom of one of its fee. Apparently, someone had thrown away that bit of board with nails in it and the cow stepped on to it. Needless to say, the cow made it's pain felt. If only we'd think of how the things we do affect others.

    Other than trying to raise my son to be a thoughtful man, I think I'm good at encouraging people when they're feeling down.

  18. Hi Sharon, it's good of you to pick up those nails when you see them. Would hate for someone to step on one and have it go through their foot.

    My special talent lately is making peanut butter bars.

  19. Special talent: teaching. Once I learn something, I teach and teach and teach it to everyone who wants to learn.

  20. My special purpose is to spread positivity wherever I go and to whomever will listen. If you're down, come to me. I will make you laugh at life and yourself but best of all, I will help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Have a terrific day!

  21. I hope this doesn't sound conceited, but I've always admired how my grandpa could make a every person he knew feel so special. One on one with people, he makes people's lives brighter. I surprised myself lately to notice that kind of like my grandfather, I can uplift people--but only one person at a time. I'm no good in crowds. :o)

    Good job, Macy and Sharon! Nails have taken out too many tires at my house--we could use your expertise. :o)

  22. G-rated? :)

    Um... I think I'm quite good at giving others pratical advice (when they ask - never proactively!). It's a shame I can't take my own advice!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  23. I put quarters in parking meters when they are about to expire. Why should people be fined more than what it would cost to park for the entire day?

    Stephen Tremp

  24. OMG nails? That's awful, thank goodness you pick them up!

    I cook dinner and clean up for my husband so he only has to worry about working and going to school, it's tough to juggle both so I know I can make his life a little easier with him not having to know what's for dinner.

  25. Nails can be SO dangerous, I can't believe you're the only one (maybe) out there picking them up and making sure they're out of the way! Well done you!

  26. hi miss sharon! you and macy sure do a good job getting those nails all picked up so no one could get hurt. thats a really good purpose for sure. i dont know if i got any special talent. mostly i just like making people happy and i like to be a supporter for good causes for people and for animals too.
    ...hugs from lenny

  27. Hi! My purpose in life is to help bring happiness to others. Vague, I know, but we can all do that in little ways every day. But I do have a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. I can find them as I walk to the back yard to feed my dog.

  28. It may seem like a small thing, but I know people will appreciate it, not so that they or their pets don't get hurt, but also to save the tires on their cars and bikes!

    My special power? Maybe it's that I have fairly good luck at anticipating what it is that people need and then I try to provide it for them. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  29. You're a nail picker-upper too?! I feel totally bonded. :)

  30. Have you been watching "the jerk"? love that funny.

  31. I do! I have a special purpose... an' as soon as I figure out what it is, I'll let you in on it, too.

    ~ Yaya