Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Husband Called & Said Don't Go Out In The Storm, but...

I couldn't help but laugh when my husband called and said not to go out in the storm.  It was already hailing at our house.  Why on the earth would I need to be reminded to not go out in a hail storm?  Well...

Sometimes I don't use the best judgment. However, I did wait until the first round of hail stopped, well, almost stopped before I went out and took some photos...

My favorite bird's nest was completely full!  And then...it began to really hail!  Back in I went, and straight to the basement.  The second round was seriously loud and the hailstones were about golf ball size! 
I surveyed the damage to the house when this round ended.  Our siding is pretty beat up.  I didn't stay out too long; you never know how big the next hailstone might be...  I stayed out just long enough to collect some proof for the freezer...  I guess distractions come in all forms.  This one was pretty exciting, but I expect it will be expensive in the end.

What kind of severe weather do you have?  Does is scare you, excite you, or inspire you?

If you didn't catch this yesterday, my dear friend Susan is celebrating her 100th follower by having an awesome (gift cards…) contest!

My dear friend, Amy just got back from a trip to Ecuador and is having a really cool contest!  If you haven't met Amy, please check her out.  Her first book is coming out in JULY! 

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  1. You know, that could very much be my place. Our hail rocks are about the same size. We get all kinds of wild weather. No hurricanes.

    I love the bird's nest pic.

  2. Holy cow, Sharon! That is some BIG hail. We have a lot of different weather - all four seasons - but seldom anything severe. We're pretty lucky. But then, we miss those awesome photo ops! The bird's nest photo is gorgeous. :-)

  3. We don't have severe weather in Boise. In fact, Boise is one of the safest cities in the country because we have very little risk of natural disaster. Isn't that fascinating? ;)

    But why didn't you mention MY giveaway. :[

  4. Whoa! That is some hail!! We got storms last night, but nothing like that. Or uh, oh, maybe that is coming my way soon!

  5. Stina--The wind here is crazy! We had no idea that Iowa would have so much weather other than snow...

    Shannon--I love the bird's nest. It was here when we moved in. It's in a lilac tree in front of our house. Last spring, I watched the robins lay eggs and hatch babies. My photos of them were always blurry. :(

    AMY--I MUST HAVE GOTTEN HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A MASSIVE HAILSTONE! Or maybe I just really want to win that cool scarf, chocolates and book...I edited my post. I hope lots of people come over and enter, even if it costs me a win. :)

    Kelly--I think it will go north of you. It was heading northeast. I think you are (little bit) southeast of me. I hope you don't get it....

  6. I live on a little stretch of land in FL between the gulf and Tampa Bay. Hurricanes can get scary. We don't get much hail though. Thank goodness.

    Nice pics!

  7. Karen--I've never been in a hurricane. I was in a tropical depression, that was pretty amazing! The amount of rain that came down was awesome! I just saw one of my downspouts...it is all beat up! I just had them and all the gutters replaced last fall. UGH!

  8. WOW! nice pictures!

    Living in Houston, we get it all... hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, flash flooding, droughts. . . weather is an incredible thing. I once thought I was going to be a meteorologist... then I took a class on it and realized how much math/physics was involved. NO THANKS!

  9. Kristin--I don't know if we get droughts (yet) in Iowa, but my goodness we get floods, tornados, hail, blizzards, and WIND. It is windy here all of the time. Even when it's nice...We don't have furniture on our patio because it blows away everytime the wind blows...First backyard landscaping project. :)

  10. Living in Florida, weather can produce serious sitiuations. Intense thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, it is endless what you can experince here in tropical climate Florida. However, with that said there is nothing more spectactular than watching a hard core Summer Florida thunderstorn.

  11. Velva--I adore Florida! I desperately want to go again. I want to see Manatee in the wild...I hope you have a safe spring season!

  12. New photo: nice!!!

    Hope the sun comes to you soon.

  13. Jennie--I'm guessing you are talking about the top photo...it was an crocodile and now is an English pub. Thanks for the well wishes...I hope it's nice tomorrow too. I started redoing flower beds on Sunday...I need some dry weather to get to the next one in line.

  14. Wow, I grew up in MO and remember hail...but nothing like that! YIKES! I, also, was impressed with the bird's nest photo.
    Now I'm living in Taiwan and we have typhoons and earthquakes...both very different from living in the Midwest. But, I'd take a typhoon over a tornado any day!

  15. Oh Wow!! Those are BIG HAILSTONES!!! Good grief!

    Glad that you and your family are all ok!

    Poor bird's nest!

    I find extreme weather like this amazing - the last really big hailstones that hit where I am was last July - it was scorching hot, I was shopping in Waitrose and without warning the clouds darkened and the whole area was pummelled by these ROCKS of ice! Shop windows were smashed, car alarms went crazy, we all stared at the roof of the shopping place because it sounded as if it were about to collapse on us!

    And it was over in 2 minutes. The clouds rolled back, the sun came blazing out!

    Absolutely bizarre!

    Anyway, yay for Susan!! I'll go check out the other two now - yay for them too!!!

    take care

  16. Look at that hail!! I love the bird nest full of it!

    In the mid-late summer we get some dandy thunderstorms and me no likey.

  17. MaDonna--We lived in MO until about 18 months ago...The weather here has been more dramatic than it ever was there.

    Typhoons are something I've never experienced...We had a couple mild earthquakes in MO.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  18. Kitty--That sounds like a worse storm than we had. I had to call the insurance company today about the siding, gutters etc... She said, "Welcome to Iowa!"

    P.J.--I used to be scared of storms, but now I'm facinated with them. I just walked around the house to inspect the damage. The grass looks like it's been aerated (sp?)...

  19. i used to get excited about storms, but now that i own a home and am, you know, "responsible" i find that they fill me with anxiety

  20. Falen-- :) UGH...I just discovered more damage. Quite a few of the window screens have holes/dents in them.

  21. Wow, what a storm you had. I live in Canada where severe weather is a winter normality. Except this year- apparently, the US took winter away from us. It has been 65 to 80 F for the last week, and we had days like that in March too. Last Friday here was warmer than LA and Florida, apparently. I think I shovel the walkway and driveway three times all winter, and wore my winter boots perhaps seven or eight times. That's how little snow we had. My fall shoes are worn out from winter wearing.

    I just want to say a big thank you to all of you in America for taking this past season away from us- it was a lovely break. ;)


  22. Anne-Marie--Isn't that wild! I wish we would have some nice weather. We had about a week of it, but now it's turned off cold again. I guess I should be thankful it's not snowing. :) Next year we'll let you have the snow.

  23. That's some serious hail! Wow. We don't get much weather here. Just heat. Sometimes crazy wind. Nothing like that!

  24. Anissa--I miss the heat...It's like 38 degrees here today. :( I think if we ever move back South we'll suffer though. We've gotten accustomed to the cold.

  25. P.J.--I'm glad there weren't any eggs or birds in the nest. I think if the storm was two weeks from now that may have been a different story.

    Thanks for stopping by...I don't know how I missed your comment earlier in the day...

  26. Oh my goodness! That looks like it must have been a wonderful storm--perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and enjoying the sound of hail on the roof!