Friday, October 29, 2010

Animal Lover Award, Last Chance For This Month, and An AWESOME Link

My friend Gary, in Leek, England (the setting of my pb manuscript EVERYONE DID THEIR PART & my mg wip NOT A HOLIDAY) created this award featuring his lovely dog Penny...It is to be passed along to animal loving bloggers.  I've met several bloggers that really helped me when my Stripes passed away.  I don't know what I would have done without their support and continued friendship...So I'd like to pass Gary's award along to them, plus a couple other animal lovers.  :)

Old Animal Loving Friends--
Catherine is a cat lover, but is an AWESOME photographer and kind hearted Canadian.
Jacqueline has a new house full of beautiful cats and really helped me with tons of supportive emails after Stripes died.
Brian is a cat...a cat that blogs...How cool is that!  Brian's life goal is to help other animals in need of good homes.
Old Kitty is a wonderful writer who shares her writing journey and the daily adventures of her gorgeous cat Charlie.
Sarah lives in California and posts the most wonderful raccoon photos.  She feed wild raccoons each night at her house.  OMGoodness she puts up some great pics and videos!
Lenny--Lenny is  an ELEVEN year old that feeds raccoons in his kitchen and writes...Lenny also brightens the blogging world with his wonderful insight and kind words and is my critique partner.
New Animal Loving Friends---
Terry lives in Canada and is into sled dogs...In fact, her first novel is about to come out!
Angie lives in Minnesota and is a riot!  She puts up the funniest cat posts...she writes humor....

I know it's hard to check everyone out, when there are so many links...I hope you will check out one or two of them...

You have until Sunday to enter
 All you have to do it be a follower. 
 It doesn't have to be a completed novel....It's a great opportunity. 
I can tell you that from experience....
So please hop over and throw your hat in the ring...


I recently discovered Sally's great site!  It is full of submission information for freelance opportunities.  It's well worth the click...I thought so much of it....I even put it on my sidebar! (I only do that if I really adore you...)


Have a wonderful Friday night and Saturday.  I hope you will come back on Sunday and check out Macy in her costume....OMGoodness she looks awesome!  She loves dressing up!!!!

What are you going to be for Halloween?  If you aren't dressing up this year, what was your favorite past costume?


  1. Congratulations on the award!!

    I love animals! Especially dogs/cats and foxes!

  2. Absolutely love the award!

    You can pretty much gauge a person by how he treats his animals.

    The world needs more people like you :)

  3. Great award. Many bloggers write wonderful posts about animals.

  4. Great award :). Congrats to the winners!

  5. Congrats on the award! :)

    I'm not dressing up this year, but one of my favorite past costumes was a of a dragon.

  6. Yay!!! Awwww what a brilliant award!!! Wow!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love it!!! Wow!! Awwww!!!

    And thanks for these fab links!!! Unfortunately my wip is so adult it's practically not suitable for children under the age of 21! LOL!!! But Ms Hoehne's prize is a FABULOUS opportunity - so good luck to those entering!!

    For Halloween I shall be the "invisible woman lurking about in the dark hoping the scary big kids will go away and stop ringing her doorbell!" Awwwww but I do like the little kiddies all dressed up who drop by with their parents - they get my treats!!

    Take care

  7. hi miss sharon! me and gary been blogger friends for a long time. hes real nice and his dog penny is soooo cute. thanks for the award. i love all the animals in the world for sure. for halloween im being a hippy and im making my costume myself except for a wig my sister borrowed from one of her girl friends. i cant wait to see a picture of macy in her costume.
    ...happy halloween hugs from lenny

  8. thanks so much for the award! And great new blog! I entered the crit contest. Thanks so much.

  9. Congratulations on the award, Sharon! And thank you so much for all the links!

  10. Congrats on the award. Animals need love, too.

    Haven't dressed up for years, but I used to go as Brandon Lee from The Crow.

  11. Congratulations on the award and thanks so much for thinking of me; it was an honor and priviledge to share emails about your precious Stripes=somehow, grief seems more bearable when shared...Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Sharon; you are a lovely friend.

  12. That really is a great award and thanks so much for thinking of me. I will be sure it gets posted on my blog next week. I am delighted that we are friends!!!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you kindly for posting up the 'Gold Framed Dog Blog Award'. It was my great delight to bestow this award to you as one of the very first recipients.
    I am heartened to have noted how it has begun to circulate through the 'blogosphere', spreading joy and happiness, wherever it may land.
    Thank you for your kinds words about me. I am truly honoured. Even 'Penny' is thrilled to see her photo all over the internet. I hope this fame does not go to her head lol
    I shall now duly check out those you have bestowed this, soon to be, I hope, much cherished award. Of course, our young friend, Lenny, I already know and I just love his blog.
    Kind wishes Gary a Canadian living in Leek, England :-)

  14. Thank you Sharon for passing on to me the award and for your sweet words!!! How kind of you to think of me. Oh yes, you know I do indeed love our furry friends! :)

    I will be checking out some of the links you have posted tonight and tomorrow as I spend time catching up with everyone. (Was away for a few days.)

    Not too much planned for Halloween. I will be spending the day relaxing and trying to keep my hands out of the treat bowl! :)

    Happy Halloween to you friend!
    xo Catherine

  15. Hi Sharon. CONGRATS on your award. It is sooo cute!

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Some animals look great all dressed up. Some I feel sorry for. What were the owners thinking? Those poor creatures must feel a bit embarassed by some of the costumes I see them in. But overall its fun to see pets dressed up.

  17. Wow, what a great costume! You look marvelous. And you're right, cats can't move when they're in a costume, it's a perfect opportunity!!

  18. Thank you again for passing along the award! I will include it in my blog today (up until today, the blog posts had been pre-planned and it actually fits in perfectly today).

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  19. Congratulations, Sharon! I didn't wear a cistume for Halloween, but I definitely had fun guessing what the kids dressed up as when they came trick-or-treating :).