Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Turn To Answer Jackee's Questions...

I'm so glad Jackee came up with the idea of us answering each others questions. It was so hard to not comment on her blog for almost three weeks!
So here are my answers to Jackee's questions...
1. What’s more important to you, shoes or food? Shoes, for sure...How can you go and buy the food without shoes???
2. Are you a lister or a Post-it all over the office type? I'm an obsessive lister and crosser offer!
3. If you could choose your own last name, what would it be? Sheen (Umm, I'm not telling why.)
4. MG Fantasy or YA Sci-fi? MG HF or anything PB
5. Like life sweet or salty? Salty for sure...cheesy is even better!
6. A picture or a word person? Too hard to answer!  I love pictures and art of almost any form and the same goes with words...I'll read almost anything!
7 If your life was an open notebook, what would the headline read? The headline would have to be the dedication page...My first book will be dedicated to my Grandparents.  They mean so much to me.  Both of them are wonderful story tellers...
8. At home do you like to go barefoot, slippered, socked, or shoed? Socked.  My daughter makes fun of me because I have car socks.  I love wearing sandals, but I'll wear socks when I'm in the car and take them off when I get out of the car.
9. You’ve heard it said everything you need to know you learn in Kindergarten? Name one of those things. I didn't go to Kindergarten...(which might explain a few things...)
10. What’s your favorite cookie? chocolate chip
11. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? I flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon!
12. What is one of your favorite smells? Channel No. 5 is my favorite smell!
13. What is an interesting bedtime ritual you have? I have to get all of my pillows in the exact right spots before I can rest...
14. What is an interesting morning ritual you have? I take Macy out first thing in the morning, so all of the neighbors have seen me in my pj's...
15. Have you ever known a “one-upper” and if so, what was it they did/said? I'm a bit worried that I might be one...I usually have a story for most circumstance.
16. Favorite meal of the day? Breakfast!
17. What is your biggest pet peeve, the thing that can heat you up so fast you’ll pop your hull? I don't like laziness or people who take advantage of others.
18. If you were king/queen of the world, what would be the first thing on your “To Do” clipboard? First, I would provide world health, not health insurance...perfect health for everyone!  Second, I'd end all violence in the world. Third, I'd give book deals to all my writing buddies....(Yeah I know I was just supposed to do one...)
19. Favorite breakfast food? Vegetarian sausage
21. What’s your favorite magazine? Highlights For Kids
22. How often do you wash your hair? Let's just say I'm better than Robert Patterson...

Jackee had a couple extra questions just for me:
1.What elements would entail a "perfect" life for you? I think a constant feeling of happiness and worth would make life perfect.  (No floods, no pets dying, no hail storms, acceptance letters, friends, good health)

2.How did you meet your husband? We met when I was 17.  I skipped a year of high school and started college early.   He was someone I admired from the moment we met.  He was driven, brilliant and an all around great guy.  We'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year.  It's hard to believe!  We keep our marriage fresh by still have firsts in our the Harley.  :) 

We both appreciate all of your participation in our blog party.  It's been great getting to know you.  I'll be gone for a couple days.  I'm going to visit Susan.  When I get back I'll be adding some new people to my blog roll.  (smiles)


  1. You have impecable taste in magazines! And there were a couple of others that made me laugh *cough* "Sheen."

    Have a great time!

  2. We're actully going to take these questions and use them for our post (a little later this morning). Your answers are GREAT~!!!

  3. Yay!!!!! You flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and I wish you'd rule the world already! :-)

    I'm not going to ask "Why Sheen"? On no I'm not. Yet! LOL!

    Take care

  4. Myrna-I know you have several stories in Highlights. :) Congratulations!

    Shannon and Krew- How fun!

    Jennifer--I don't really wish I ruled the world. Have you seen what it does to leaders? They get all wrinkled!

  5. Your answers were hilarious! Except the one about your husband--that was just pure sweetness. Thank you for answering them--they made my day!

    Now hurry up with my book deal, Queen Sharon. LOL!

  6. Great answers - I'm a little obsessive about my pillows at night too :)

    Have fun!

  7. Fun answers, Sharon! Great contest, ladies!!

  8. I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you better...As a divorced woman, I applaud your long term happy marriage!

  9. hi miss sharon sheen! ha ha. cool last name. its fun reading what you said on miss jackees questions. i like learning more about people. i hope you have a real nice visit. im gonna miss you.
    ...hugs from lenny

  10. Good, honest (and funny) answers, Sharon! It's great to get to know you better! :)

  11. It was a good exchange of info, thx.

  12. Salty for sure...cheesy is even better. A woman after my own heart. Let me know,the next time ur in nyc. We can share some delicious dairy.

  13. I didn't know your 25th anniversary is next year! Congrats! That calls for a trip to Hawaii or Europe!

  14. I loved reading your answers!! Brilliant post :-)

    C x

  15. This was a great contest--and a great wrap up! Loved the q&a!!

  16. Congrats on your anniversary! It was great to get to know you a little better! :)