Thursday, December 17, 2009


Who truly knows you? 

My heart belongs to these two people.  They are my everything.  They truly know me.   They laugh at my made up songs.  They encourage me to write.  They accept my flaws.  They make me smile.

On a lighter note...check out Ann's contest.  She lives in South Africa and writes beautifully.


  1. That is a lovely photograph. It looks like it belongs in one of those gorgeous coffee table books.

    My husband and my children are the ones who know me best - as it should be. :)

  2. Is it your dad and your daughter? What a lovely picture.

    But, hey! We encourage you to write too! And I've seen you smile at Robin's jokes. :) And we love you.

  3. Shannon--I thought the picture turned out quite well. Thanks.

    Amy--It's my husband and daughter. :) For people who know me so well, you'd think they would have known I'd be lagging behind taking pictures. I know you guys encourage me...I was giving props to them...I love you guys too.

  4. Lovely lovely photo. The camera shutter evocatively captured your love for both of them. The dog gambolling ahead of them added a wonderful touch.

    Thanks for the link to my Christmas Contest! Much appreciated. :)

  5. Wow! What an amazing photo! And such a great post to remind me who really matters. Thank you.

  6. Hello Sharon, thank you for stopping by and commenting. This is such a beautiful post. It said so much in few words. I love b/w photography and this one is wonderful.

    As far as your writing plan goes...restart the fire and take off even if it's baby steps :) Good luck!

  7. I will check out the blog that you recomend since I enjoy reading yours. You have such genuine sharing in your words.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  8. Ann--Thanks for the compliment on the photo. I love taking pictures.

    Terry--Thanks...We all need reminders once and a while. I was reminding myself. :)

    Life--Thanks for stopping by. You really made me want to get out my "plan" and to move forward.

    Awe--Tom--You are so kind. I hope you like Ann's blog. She has great photos and a sophisticated voice. She's more focused than me. (I'm okay with being rather random.)