Friday, December 18, 2009


I had the great pleasure of visiting the Peterson Institute a  year and a half ago.  Our group had a private tour of the facility and even  viewed their collection of extinct birds.  The large bird is the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.  Several years ago there were sightings of it near Des Arc, Arkansas.  The sightings were not verified by professionals, so it's still up in the air (I think).

I wanted to share an article about writing picture books.  I thought it was helpful.  Perhaps, it will help one of you to not become an extinct writer.

What do you do each day to ensure you will not become extinct?   


  1. I remember that exhibit ... cool and a little creepy, too.

    I suppose I just keep writing - even if it is just for my posterity.

  2. Tess--Umm, did you forget that you just sold your first (and might I add awesome) book?

  3. I remember that exhibit, too. That was a fun night. I'm with Tess, I just keep writing, at least I know Sharon will read my stuff!

  4. I'll always read your stuff ladies. It's an honor to be involved in your journey. :)