Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What makes you crazy? Here's your chance to unload all those irritating things the people you love do. What about perfect strangers? Do they do things that makes you crazy?

Leaving an empty toilet paper roll on the holder makes me nuts! Another thing on my list is putting the toilet paper on the holder backwards. I am a firm believer in the toilet paper goes over the top philosophy.

People yelling at their children while Christmas shopping is one thing strangers do that drives me crazy. It's the time of year you are supposed to be the happiest and nicest. If you pay attention as you walk down the aisles at Wal-Mart, you'll hear adults yelling and children crying.

So what makes you crazy? You don't have to mention names, unless you really want to...


  1. Backward toilet paper drives me crazy. In fact, I've changed the toilet paper direction at other people's houses before. It should come down on the front of the roll.

    People who get away without following rules makes me crazy too.

  2. LOL I've done the same thing. I've even put toilet paper on people's holders before.

    I agree, everyone should follow the rules. No cutting in line, especially!

  3. I am so tired of the expression "wake-up call". Not everything can be one. And shouldn't we already be awake at this point (as there seems to be so many of them)?

  4. Emails that tell you to send it to 10 friends and you will be blessed with money, love, etc... Or emails that make me cry. By the way, many of those emails that tell you to send it to ___ number of friends has some kind of tracking software that tags every email it goes to and new junk mail gets sent to those addresses.

  5. Caroline--People calling every disaster area "ground zero" gets me. To me that will always mean the Twin Towers. It almost feels disrespecful to all the people who died.

    Heather-Okay, I get the hint. I won't send you anymore.