Monday, October 5, 2009

FAN MAIL....Well Kind Of...

I recieved my first piece of fan mail on Friday. It probably isn't true fan mail...I knew the person who wrote it (thanks Suzie). But it did feel pretty nice. Someone took the time to send me a card to congratulate me on my story being published. The last time I had anything remotely like this happen to me was when I was a DJ in college. I was on a remote broadcast and a little girl came up and asked for my autograph.

Today I finished a folktale A TALE OF A TAIL and did a first draft of another folktale. Then I spent some time researching publishers who have published folktales in the past. I've never written a folktale before, but it kind of just oozed out of me.

Have you ever written something that was completely different from your normal genre? What did you do with it?

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