Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are You Ready to Write?

Whether it's a blizzard or a peaceful resort, it's always important to be prepared. Always carry a pen and notebook. I mean it! No matter where you are you should have them handy. When I'm on a road trip, I come up with new ideas of things to write about. Recently, my daughter and I were on a trip and we were listening to some cd's. Flo Rida has a cd called ROOTS, while listening to it I was able to come up with lots of ideas for a YA WIP I'm working on. Thankfully, I had my daughter to jot down notes as I drove.
Do you always have pen and paper ready? Do certain types of music inspire you? Do certain seasons inspire you? What makes you pull out that notebook?


  1. Yay!! Welcome to your own blog, Sharon! It's kinda like having your first apartment! :)

  2. I never had my own first apartment. I've been married since I was 20. I'm really pleased that I set up a blog without anyone's help. This is mine, not ours. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I'm inspired mostly by great literature and music. Those get my creative juices flowing.

    And, of course I will follow! But, the friend widget on my blog is malfunctioning right now. I can't figure it out. My follower list is not showing up ...I'll work on it.

  4. I have a mini tape recorder that I keep in the car. For some reason, I often get ideas while driving.

  5. I find that my best ideas come while I am driving alone. I don't keep a pen and paper but I do text the outline to myself via email and finish it later.

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Amy, I used to carry my tape recorder when I walked. I recently transfered all the information on it to the computer. I have two stories outlined on it.

    Team Russi, great idea! Can I share that one? Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I love taking photos, to the point of annoying my husband and daughter. Thanks for reading my blog.