Monday, September 14, 2009

Are You Ever Too Old?

Are you ever too old to try something new? What if it's something everyone else has done, and you're embarrassed to admit you've never done it? This year I had my first experience traveling by train. I traveled from New Castle, England to Little Hampton, England. The trip was wonderful. Looking out the window and seeing the countryside, going from the north end of England to the south end, was a great way to truly see the country. Seeing farms, foxes, people's homes and gardens was interesting. I didn't know that England is full of community gardens. It's a different perspective than driving or flying. I felt like I really saw England.

I was absolutely terrified about getting lost. I had to get off the train in London and take a taxi to a different train station. We arrived late because the first train lost power and had to drive on auxiliary power. It was slow and the cabins got HOT. Luckily, there was another train to Little Hampton.

My next adventure will be to travel on a bus. Did you have any firsts this year? What do you still want to do? Is there anything you're embarrassed to say that you haven't done (at your age) yet?


  1. Good for you! I find adventures like that to be empowering.

    I've never been out of the country...but I'd like to. One day.

  2. This year, I went on my first rollercoaster ride. I was always afraid of them, but I finally gained the confidence to go on them. The thrill, the excitement, the scariness all blend into one and create that sort of feeling that you don't ever want to end.

  3. Laura-I'm originally from England, so it's really about going home and seeing my family .

    Stephen-Good for you! I'm scared of big rollercoasters or anything that turns you upside down.

    Thanks for reading my post. :)

  4. It's Newcastle! One word!

    Train is definitely the best way to travel. I wish there were more trains in America. Where are you going on your bus trip?

  5. Oops! My sister corrected me. She should know better than I. She grew up in the NEWCASTLE area.

    I don't have a bus trip planned, but I want to go on one. I just remembered that when I was in 4-H I went by bus to Washington DC. I'm going on a cruise in February. That means I've traveled on buses, planes, trains, automobiles, ferry boats, boats, canoes, kayaks, foot, horse, bike, motorcycle, and in February I can add ships.

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