Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Offer...

So... I have some exciting news. I'm guessing you can tell what it is based on the photo...

I signed a contract with Black Rose Writing for my Middle Grade novel, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, CHILDREN!

It's a small independent publisher out of Texas. I did a lot of research before signing with them. I asked them lots of questions and I asked several of their authors questions. They don't charge any fees to publish your book or to design your cover. They do give you the opportunity to partner with them for additional advertising opportunities. I don't quite understand all of this information yet, but I'm sure they will help me understand the process and terms.

For me, the biggest factor was that my story will be a book later this year...September 5th! I'll be able to give my almost 99 year old grandfather, the inspiration for the book, a copy this year. In fact, according to my conversations with the publisher, the book will be available in the USA, Canada and England. So I'll be able to send him a copy through Amazon.UK. This makes me really really really happy!

Hoping that you are finding moments of happiness so far in 2019!




  1. Congratulations, Sharon! The title of the book is catchy and carries a message we should try to adhere to.

  2. So exciting! And so great for your grandfather. (Wow! 99 years young!) I'm sure he is very proud of you and will love to hold that book in his hands. Congratulations!!!!!

  3. BIG CONGRATULATIONS! you must be feeling so excited and proud. can't wait to see your hard work in print. your Grandad will be happy to hold and read a novel inspired by him and written by his Grandaughter. wow, how cool is that!

  4. Hi Sharon - that is great news ... wonderful - and now all the best as you get your book out there for our early Autumn. Fantastic news about your Granddad - you could come over here and give him a copy - now that would be extra special ... but it's good to know he's well. Brilliant - so pleased for you ... congratulations - love Hilary xoxo

  5. That really is wonderful, congratulations from all of us!

  6. Huge Congrats! I'm working on my fall schedule. E-mail me so that I can feature you. So excited for you!

  7. Such wonderful news !! Congratulations and best wishes. I have not been writing, but I do read once in a while and today I got to see the exciting post you have here.