Sunday, June 3, 2018

Can you go home again?

 People say you can't go home again... But I went back to Meppershall, England.

It'd been forty-four years and thanks to Facebook I reconnected with my childhood friend Sheree. It gave me the courage to go back.

This was the last house I truly remember living in. It was a two up two down house with no inside toilet or bath. We did have water in the kitchen. It had seriously steep stairs to the upstairs. My brilliant 97 year old grandad knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. He explained I lived there about 44 years ago. The gracious young man let me go up to my old bedroom. My heart was full of joy! My shelves in the wall were still there. The room and the view matched my memories (other than people having put up fences in the garden).

My heart was full rather than pained when I saw the shed attached to the side of the house that we had an outside portable toilet in that we could use at night. During the day we used a privy at the end of the garden. I survived my childhood and some uncomfortable situations and now have some good stories to tell.

This was in front of the house. There is a small stream in the overgrowth. Sheree and I used to play there. My grandad and the knowledge of having a visit with my friend allowed me to find joy in the memories.

When I went to school we went on an exciting field trip to a bakery and we each were able to make a loaf of braided bread. I wasn't sure if this was a real memory or an invented one. Turns out if was true and the school still goes to the bakery every Harvest Season and the kids still get to make a loaf of bread.

It was lovely to find this was a real memory.

Sheree and Grandad gave me a bigger gift than they will ever know...

The school secretary gave us a tour of the school. It felt very much the same.

I shared my gymnasium trauma with the secretary. And she healed me... When you forgot your gym kit you had to do PE in your britches and undershirt. It had always hurt me that I had been given such an awful punishment. The secretary said the same thing happened to her when she was in school. So, I wasn't the only one this happened to. It took a great weight off my shoulders.

The ride was long, but the benefits it gave to me were huge... I found peace.

We came home with a giant loaf of bread from the bakery and we had enough to share with Stanley. Grandad's adopted pet.

I dealt with some ghost from the past and overcame them. I am at peace.

I wish you peace, too.

Have a wonderful summer!


  1. What a wonderful experience! I love it. The neighborhood I grew up in is only a couple hours away from my mom's house, and in the past when we'd go visit, we'd drive by to show the kids where I grew up. Good memories, mostly.

  2. Hi Sharon - saw this earlier but wanted to leave a decent comment. I'm so glad you were able to go back with your delightful, wonderful Grandad ... special man ... and how fabulous to be able to meet up with Sheree - and reconnect from days gone by. Then the school gymnasium ... ours look similar - except the bars were left plain ...

    Toilets - our first real connection ... that I will remember!! Long drops, privies et al ... then Meppershall - did you see what it's famous for - well of course a Sharon and a Sheree!! - but Coprolite (fossilised dung) ... talk about connections ...

    The bread looks delicious ... and those memories - wonderful you've been able to have them and see so much of your grandfather ...

    So pleased for you - cheers Hilary

  3. Hi Sharon,

    What an awesome and poignant time for you. I'm glad you are at peace, my kind friend.


  4. That's amazing! What a fabulous experience for all of you!!!
    Love the pics - can almost smell that bakery from here! :)

  5. i'm so glad you made the trip back to your childhood home. and...i'm happy you put the ghosts to rest and, after all these years, found peace. hooray for your friend and your granddad.

  6. What a treasure for you to have these precious memories and take this trip! Thank you for sharing about your experiences and the great photos.

  7. Hi Sharon! I see from your tweet bar over there that you signed a contract! That's awesome! I am just coming back to blogging and I'm so excited to hear of your success. I know you haven't posted here in a while, but I'm hoping you check in occasionally. I will try to find you on twitter in the meantime. Blessings!