Monday, July 8, 2019


A long time ago, November of 2007 to be exact, I began a journey. My workout was interrupted when a story idea came to me. I hopped off the treadmill and began writing COMFORT IN THE CLOUDS, my first manuscript. It still hasn't found a home, but it was the first step on my journey towards publication.

I joined SCBWI and attended The Highlight's Foundation Summer Workshop in Chautauqua, NY. The years that followed taught me many things. Patience. Determination. The value of studying the craft of writing. Finding critique partners and being open to their suggestions also moved me forward.  Perseverance probably is the most important thing I learned. Just like the characters in my upcoming middle grade novel, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, CHILDREN, I had to keep a good attitude and persevere until I had success.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, CHILDREN is a story about how British Children, during WWII, persevered and overcame their situations. It is now available for pre-order at Black Rose Writing (If you used the code PREORDER2019 you get a 15% discount. It can also be pre-ordered through Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble. The release day is September 5th. I will be doing a signed book giveaway in September. I'm currently doing a Facebook  pre-order giveaway. Everyone who shares a link to my book will get their name in a drawing for a signed copy of KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, CHILDREN.

If you can't tell, I'm super excited! My grandparents in England gave me the seed that grew into KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, CHILDREN and in August I will be able to hand my 98 year old grandfather a copy of my first book.


  1. Many many congratulations Sharon - it's brilliant you've written and completed 'Keep Calm and Carry on, Children' and that your grandmother knew about your project before she sadly left you and your incredible grandfather, who will be seeing your book in print - aged 98 ... he's just brilliant, having had the privelege of meeting him - I know that ... he's delightful ... as are you two together. Wonderful news - cheers and here's to all your projects surrounding the launch - Hilary

  2. Congrats, Sharon! So excited for you! Good luck with your debut.

  3. Congratulations, Sharon. What a special book release for you.

  4. hooray! i'm so exited and happy for you. it will be an exciting moment when you hand your Granddad a copy of your first book.

    love you! ...hugs

  5. wow! your blog looks so cool. picture of your book stands out. can't wait to get my copy and read the finished product. i'm so proud of my Blom!

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Humble apologies for not getting here sooner and celebrating this wonderful news.

    I know how much passion you put in to your book. Your grandfather must be very proud of you. And indeed, my mother is thrilled with getting a signed copy of your book. As you know, my mother will very much relate to what you've written.

    Well done and hearty congrats, Sharon!