Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something Special...Something to Ponder and a Contest

Something Special

Every year I save some of my daughter’s art work. The above photo is one from last year. They were studying positive and negative space. I loved the colors…the design…the shapes… It was worthy of framing and hanging.

Two of my critique group members have exciting news. Tess Hilmo just signed her first book contract; her book should come out in 2011! Check out her awesome blog. Amy Allgeyer Cook’s first book is coming out in 2010. Amy is deep in revisions. Amy has a super whimsical blog. To add to the coolness of our critique group, Heidi Schmidt is doing the illustrations for Amy’s book. You can find Heidi on Flicker. I hope you will check out my friends.

Something to Ponder

As you write do you find yourself lost in another world? Escaping from your reality into your characters’ realities? Are you an observer of their lives or do you insert yourself into them and their lives? When I write, particularly the MG Historical Fiction novel I’m working on, I am so there! I hear the bombs whizzing through the sky, the silence that occurs right before they drop and the explosions as they hit the ground. I smell the smoke and dust that fill the air. I hear the neighbors calling out to see who is still alive. I hear people walking through the rubble, kicking it out of the way and cursing Hitler. Please share…

The Contest

Follow this link to my December 1, 2009 post. Follow the directions and best wishes to all! I will announce the results on December 10th.


  1. Firstly, congrats to Amy Allgeyer Cook and her book deal!!!!

    Your wishing contest - that is an original idea. Well done Sharon. Sounds like fun, I hope it goes well.

    Now, I know what period in history your novel is set I think it 's going to be a great success. If it is set around World War II, then there is still a strong market for this genre. I am actually interviewing people at the moment for a social history project that Pumpkin Press is involved in and the period is around 1940. It's completely fascinating. Ye, I remember, you have strong connections with this period. I think your book will be brilliant.

  2. Thanks for the encouranging words. I hope I can make it as good as the story deserves to be. I did what I thought was a picture book version of the story, but my friends (both published, about to be published and talented critique group members) all thought it was a scene in a MG novel. They said it was my best writing yet.

  3. YEAH AMY! Can't wait to read her book. Your book also looks interesting, Sharon. Love your wishes contest!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Sharon.

    And, follow your heart. I can't tell you how many people/editors/agents/conf. workers told me not to write historical. Said it wouldn't sell.

    well, I'm glad I didn't listen to that part of it. If you write a great novel - it will sell. There is always room in the market for these things.

  5. Congrats to your writing partner on her book! YAY! And tell your daughter she is really talented. Bought a necklace very similar to that design that looked like the metal gates in Charleston.
    Will check out your contest!

  6. Thanks Sharon for the shout out and Sharon McP. for the congrats!

    Tess, your book is awesome. Maybe someday you'll let me read the whole thing. Or...I'll just buy it when it comes out/ :)

    Sapphire, you write the book about WWII. I know it will be phenomenal.

  7. Terry--Thanks for coming by. Both Amy and Tess are awesome writers!

    Tess--I don't really have a choice about writing it. I already told my Grandad, and it wouldn't do to disappoint him.

    Terri--Thanks, I think I just got in trouble for posting one of her pieces on my blog...Oh well, I'm the grown up....(She didn't know I posted her picture. he he he)

    Amy--We'll have to have a WAD book signing party in the future. Maybe the rest of us will catch up with you two. (Thanks for the Sapphire reminder...I kind of lost her in the move.)