Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three Wishes and a Contest...

Today is your lucky day…The sun is shining. A cool spray of mist splashes your face as the waves roll in. You’ve had an exceptional day. You hiked in the rain forest, swam in the ocean and ate lunch on a yacht that housed four servants. As you and your significant other walk down the Costa Rican Coast you notice something wedged between some rocks on the rocky shore. You bend over and pick it up. It appears to be an old bottle of some sort. You gently rub the sand and muck off of it. You can see there is something inside. You carefully pop the cork and what do you find? A genie pops out and graciously bows before you.

“I’ve been trapped in that bottle for over a hundred years,” he says. “You will be greatly rewarded for releasing me. I will give you three wishes, but none of the wishes can have anything to do with writing. (If you want to wish about writing you must go to Buffy’s Blog and wish there.)”

The contest rules:

1. You must become a follower of Random Thoughts.

2. You must leave three non-writing wishes.

3. You must check out Buffy’s blog.

The Prize:

I will randomly select, from a bowl (as I’m technologically not as advanced as some bloggers), two winners on December 10th. Each winner will receive a $10 Barnes and Nobles gift card.


  1. I'm already a follower.
    1. I wish it was warm all year.
    2. I wish we had enough money for both of us to retire tomorrow.
    3. I wish my vball game was earlier than 8:30.
    Off to Buffy's...

  2. fun! fun!

    My wishes:

    1. I wish school started at 9:00 so I didn't have to wake up at 6am to make breakfast and get the kids off
    2. I wish my house always stayed clean
    3. I wish kids never grew up and left the house (only 2 more summers with my oldest. that's a sad thought)

    Off to link to Buffy's. :D

  3. I'm a follower! :)
    1. I wish for Good health for my family and friends.
    2. I wish I was more efficient and organized.
    3. I wish and hope I raise my children right to be productive, kind, happy adults.
    I'm going to look at Buffy's blog now. Thanks for the contest!

  4. Great idea Sharon. Thanks, Buffy:)

    And to those who check out my blog, a big thank you. I hope you hang around for awhile.

  5. Amy--Nice wishes...were you talking about you and Scott or you and me?

    Tess--Great, now you've got me figuring out how long until Katherine goes to college. Perhaps, we've done a good enough job they'll want to come back often.

    Kelly--Good health for family and friends is one of mine too.

    Buffy--I enjoy your blog and hope others will join me and become followers.

  6. I'm a follower!

    1. I wish I didn't HAVE to work, although I would probably continue to do so.
    2. I wish I could see my mom more often.
    3. I wish that life was always filled with good news!

    I'm off to Buffy's blog. I hear that's the place to go...

  7. Hey Sharon, I just tweeted your contest so hopefully that will bring in a ton of hits for your blog. Good luck, Buffy:)

  8. Nora--What lovely wishes! I especially like number three.

    Buffy--Thanks. I'm not quite sure what that means. Will people (perhaps) come to my blog or go to my twitter account?

  9. I linked to your blog. Also posted on my Facebook, so that might help you, too. Both posts point people here. (Yawns... off to bed soon)

  10. I'm already a follower, but I do have three wishes:
    1. an extra hour of time each day
    2. we could move somewhere that it never snows
    3. the cat would use the litter box, and only the litter box.
    Thanks for the contest, Sharon - great idea! Now, off to Buffy's blog...

  11. Susan--I know why you would like an extra hour each day...It's so you could write more. :) Thanks for stopping in.

  12. How fun! I'm always wishing for something anyway, here goes.

    1. Spring all year
    2. Never having to cook again
    3. My family to always have good health

    Heading over to Buffy's!

  13. Great contest! Thanks for letting us know about it!

    1. I wish for everyone in my family to stay healthy and happy.
    2. I wish that I had more patience.
    3. I wish for a prosperous 2010.

  14. I was actually thinking I'd like to sleep more, so it's not a writing wish. :) Though I wouldn't mind an extra hour for writing, either!

  15. Fantastic contest! Now following you and Buffy.

    1. I wish to lose some weight next year.
    2. I wish for my husband to find a job in the next few weeks.
    3. I wish time would stop seeming like it's evaporating.

    dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

  16. Oh...I like this, Sharon!

    1. I wish for a finacially sound 2010 and the man years to follow

    2. I wish for a husband (any of you out there know a good man near the Baltimore area...send him over...actually, I'll relocate too-lol)

    3. Is it cheating to wish for 3 more wishes? I won't risk it. I wish for my sister to find a beautiful, healthy baby to adopt.

    Off to check out Buffy's blog!

  17. Tamika--Why is it everyone is against winter? No cooking would be great too...Health :)

    Lisa and Laura--happiness, patience and $$$. I hope you get them all.

    Susan--LOL. You'd use it for writing, you know you would.

    Kristen--I'm right there with you...I'm killing myself at the gym with little or no progress. Perhaps 2010 will bring me a smaller number. I hope your husband finds a new job too. What does he do?

    Karen--Financial stability what a great wish for all of us. I'd like to contribute to my household. Right now all I do is spend. (Well, I did earn a hundred dollars for an article.) Wish I new someone. I don't know anyone in Baltimore. Go for the healthy baby to adopt for your sister. If you get number one and two you won't need three more. :)

  18. Wow! cool and fun contest Sharon!

    I'm already a follower:)
    1. Wish that I could dance like those on So You Think You Can Dance Canada
    2. Wish that I could eat all the brownies I want without gaining any weight
    3. Wish that my man and I had time to go to Newfoundland and circumnavigate it by kayak

  19. What a cool contest, Sharon! :)

    I'm already a follower. Here's what I wish for:

    1. A buyer for our house (it's been on the market since 2007!)

    2. A mild winter

    3. Continued good health for my family

    Now I'm off to Buffy's . . . :)

  20. My three wishes:
    My daughter would suprise me for Christmas!
    I would get a job to support us for the next 16 months WITH Health benefits!
    My life would be filled with friends

    Off to check out her blog too!

  21. Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was going to follow you even without this contest, but what a fun way to get involved!


    1. I wish I had unlimited ability to focus.

    2. I wish for complete contentment with what I have and where I am in life.

    3. I wish I didn't doubt myself so much.

    Okay - off to check out Buffy's blog!

  22. Oh, three wishes...

    1. Health to my family.
    2. Happiness to my family.
    3. The ability to just be in the moment.

  23. Okay I'll put mine in and become a follower of your blog. Here they are:

    1) I wish for good health for me and all my family

    2) I wish for financial security for the next 150 years (I'm really going to be healthy!)

    3) I wish that everybody who sees this would sign up and follow my blog and actually read and comment sometimes (I don't think that's a writing wish is it if I'm wishing for other people to do something?)


  24. Sharon I just noticed that I am your 60th follower. At the present time, if you signed up to follow my blog you would become my 60th follower. Now is that weird or what?

  25. thanks for the comment on my blog, but I didn't see your name pop up on the yet and I'm still at 59!!!

  26. Terry--What do brownies taste like??? I can't remember....

    Crystal--I wish your house would sell too. I think things are starting to turn around in the economy. Four houses have sold in our neighborhood in the last month or so. Best Wishes!!!!

    Terri--I wish for you a job with healthcare benefits. I think it is really cheap of companies that keep their employees at just under full time hours so they don't have to provide them with healthcare. (my fingers are crossed for you)

    Heidi--I'm right there with you on the doubting thing. I wish the confidence fairy would fly around and give all of us a good dose of confidence dust.

    Hermione--Health and Happiness...That's what my hubby always says he wishes for our families.

    Arlee--I'm not sure I want to be 150. It seems like I would be VERY wrinkled. LOL I just went to your blog and signed up...I left a message...It's been a crazy day!

  27. What a fun contest!

    I'm already a follower and here are my wishes:

    1. That there were enough pieces of me to give to everyone who wants/needs my attention.
    2. That my children never fought.
    3. That we never had to worry about money again.

  28. Sherrie--I hope you get all your wishes. :) (Plus some.)

  29. Loving this contest!

    Hmmm...I'm wishing:

    1-for a happy healthy family, both close and extended

    2-a cheery, stress free holiday season full of peppermints, hot chocolate, good friends and snuggles

    3-for my christmas gifts to purchase and wrap themselves for said holiday season

    Stay warm and for the record, I love snow and am quite jealous of your quickly approaching blizzard!!!

  30. Hi Sharon! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving nice comments! :o) Going to check out Buffy's blog after I leave my wish list.

    Wish list:

    1. A healthy year!(this last year was a tough one for both my hubby and I but we are doing great now!)

    2. A great new dog(preferably a golden retriever) to come live with us this Spring. We lost our sweet Brandy girl last October.

    3. Great and cheap health insurance!(refer to wish number 1)

  31. This is a genius way to increase blog traffic to another blog. Genius!

    1. I'm already a follower (recently, but still - i was a follower before i saw this post)
    2. I wish i had enough money to quit my job buy my hobby farm and live comfortably with my animals. I wish i was thinner/fitter (sigh. vanity). I wish my friends, family and myself would live out our lives, healthful and content.

    3. Checking out Buffy's blog as we speak!

  32. Kristi--Don't be jealous...I can't find my front sidewalk! I did snow blow the driveway (part of it) today. It is seriously windy!

    You wishes are lovely. Wouldn't an automatic gift wrapper be a nice invention!

    Phyllis--Thanks for stopping by. :) I hope you get all of your wishes. I'm sorry to hear that you and Bradley had some health problems in 2009. I hope 2010 brings you both better health.

    Falen--I love your wishes...I only made $100 in 2009...I'd like to make a bit more next year, too. Being a bit fitter is always on my list...I hope that 2010 brings you all of your wishes.

  33. I wish my house would finally sell.

    I wish my husband would let my daughter have a puppy.

    I wish my sister lived closer.

    Thanks, Sharon. I'm on my way to Buffy's!

  34. Okay, if you insist...
    *I wish I could spend a weekend with God (face to face)
    *I wish for the constant happiness of little ones
    *I wish I could step into my good dreams and stay there a while.

    Heading over to Buffy's. Cool contest Sharon!

  35. Hi, Sharon!
    Fun! Okay, I'll be a follower as long as I can figure out how to do that. :)
    Here are three wishes:
    *I wish there were no such things as ticks and Lyme disease.
    *I wish I could hug my Dad.
    *I wish for the safety of our soldiers.

    Thanks a bunch! Now it's time to become a follower and then off to Buffy's before it's too late. :)

  36. Shannon--Be careful what you wish for... Puppies eat Christmas ornaments. I hope you sell your house soon, too.

    Ellie--You have a great "voice." It comes through in everything that comes out of your mouth/fingertips.

    Diana--You are such a doll. Thanks for thinking of our soldiers. Very sweet! How's that flicker account coming along? Can I post one of your paintings on my blog? I took a photo of your lovely buisness card. :)