Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Twisted True Tales...and a book giveaway!

I have to say I am a fan girl...Stephanie Bearce is not only a friend, but the queen of research. Her series Twisted True Tales From Science can attribute to her amazing researching skills and her great voice. She doesn't dumb down her science she makes is just right for her readers. I would recommend her books for third through fifth grade and second grade if they are exceptional readers. 

Twisted True Tales From Science: Disaster Discoveries
As a former third and fourth grade teacher I would expect this book to be highly sought after off my book shelf. There is nothing more exciting than a natural or man made disaster and this book is full of them! One of my favorite parts is the hands on activities. Who doesn't want to make their own volcano erupt or figure out what liquids are heavier than others (density)?

Twisted True Tales From Science: Explosive Experiements
This has to be my favorite book in Stephanie Bearce's series! I could not put it down. Literally, I read it while I was getting a pedicure and was sharing what I was learning with everyone around me.

I knew the Chinese developed gunpowder, but I had no idea what they were trying to invent and all the invention that occurred because of their potion. This book is filled with great experiments that any second through fifth grader would love to do. Paint bombs, bath bombs and even soapy explosions.

While this book is full of history, it's full of great hands on activities. If I was still teaching this book would be a must have on my bookshelf!

Twisted True Tales From Science: Insane Inventors

Don't Try This At Home...might be another good title for this book.

Third through fifth graders will love reading about these crazy and successful inventors who tried far to many experiments at home or on themselves. It's amazing how many scientist experimented on themselves to provide us with modern medicine and technology. Many of these scientists injured themselves or even died for the good of others. 

Another great read by Stephanie Bearce!

Twisted True Tales From Science: Medical Mayhew
If you have a fever perhaps you should eat some spider webs...or for something more serious a jar of leeches might do the trick, but if your situation is peril you might want to eat some mouse paste. Yes, I said that! What a great book telling the horrors of medical history. It even has some experiments you can do. This is gross/fun/informative read.

And now for the giveaway....Please leave a comment and you will be entered in a drawing to win one of Stephanie's books...Please Tweet or share my post. It won't get your name in the drawing more, but it will help promote a talented author. (I'll use to choose the winner on July 19th.)


  1. She is an amazing writer and fantastic person! She's helped me several times in the short time I've known her.

  2. you sent me miss Stephanie's book Medical Mayhem. it was really cool and fun to read. i learned lots of weird and interesting stuff. i did a review on amazon. for sure i wanna read more of her books. she has an easy to read style and makes you wanna keep reading. nice shout out for her. :)

  3. Hi Sharon - these sound like fun reads - in fact can quite see why you'd want to share some of her finds ... jar of leeches - yuggy! Cheers Hilary

  4. These books look great. I'm certainly looking forward to reading them with my boys.

  5. Hey Sharon,

    Stephanie's book seem like an awesome read.

    As paw usual, Penny will Tweet this post.

    Take care and thanks, Sharon.


  6. Those books look awesome! I checked out her Amazon page and there are so many cool titles. :)