Friday, October 25, 2013

What are you going to fall for?

November seems to creep up on me every year...

Are you doing PiBoIdMo?

Are you doing your own thing?

I'm finishing my middle grade novel, after some great advice from an agent. She happens to be the first industry person I met, back in November of 2007. (I think that year is correct.)  I'm heading to the Story Master Workshop thanks to Martina Boone. I'm also joining hundreds of other writers and Tara Lazar in this years PiBoIdMo.

So what are your plans for November?


  1. Hi Sharon,

    All these challenges and I'd much rather do my own thing. Besides that NaNo thing is evidently a Mork from Ork writing challenge.

    All the best with it all, Sharon. My plans for November are to celebrate Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night.

    And speaking of Night. Goodnight and good morning and good weekend to you.

    Gary :)

  2. I'm so excited about your Story Master Workshop!

    As for me, November is mostly same old, same old. I am taking the one-day workshop/conference at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. I'm looking forward to that next Sunday.

  3. November has always screamed PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES AND REPORT CARDS at me. So, it's not usually a great month for writing.

    This year, I still have the conferences, but report cards aren't due until early December. Ugh ... that just stretches it out some more without really helping me!

    As Liz Lemon on 30 Rock would say: "Blerg."

  4. So excited you're going to the Story Master Workshop. Enjoy it! And awesome you got feedback from an agent.

    I'll be working and working on some job skills I need for my career change when I get laid off next year. Maybe I'll even get a bit of writing in.

    So glad you're blogging more, BTW.

  5. Sounds like a big bunch of busy fur sure! Thanks for the well wishes, I am doing better so far!

  6. I love November! My birthday is that month and the weather an holidays make it wonderful for me. You are staying busy, too!

  7. Have a great time with Story Master Workshop. My plans are to participate in some health webinars I've signed up for. Have an AWESOME week!

  8. I'm just finishing up my MG novel and working on a short story for an anthology that needs to be finished by December. Yikes! I think I will do PiBo... ;)

  9. YaY PiBoIdMo!! Could not do a November without it. Story Master Workshop sounds really great Mayhew. Fill us in about it will ya? XOXO

  10. Sounds like you're staying very busy and have some great things going on! I'm busy with my 2 new books and blog tour and look forward to visiting here next week.

  11. Hi Sharon ... well that's fun - enjoy this coming weekend .. and great meeting up with Martina Boone and all the other industry personages .. happy times over the weekend ..

    .. and me I do my own thing - cheers Hilary

  12. I'm not doing NaNo, but I am drafting. Best wishes to you!

  13. Awesome goals, Sharon! I'm writing and writing, and writing....:-)