Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where has the summer gone?

Summer is drawing to an end in our part of the world.  The kids go back to school on Wednesday. Don't ask me how sad I'm going to be that first week...My baby is going to be a senior this year. A good portion of my summer has been devoted to helping her find her top three college choices. Thankfully we found the third one two weeks ago. (Wipes brow)

Bur I've been up to a lot of other things, mainly critiquing:

Critiquing for others:                         Writing for myself:

Short story=Coma                                A charmed Life S.S.
First 41 pages blind gardener               Stanley the Seagull PB
NF PB- Again Adolph                             My tears poem
Chester’s Best Idea Ever-PB                  Finished SURVIVING
Lenny’s Fourth of July-S.S.                    OPERATION PIED PIPER
Seer 50 pages                                     Queried 6 agents(that I
Motley Ed-1 chapter                              know through
Page one                                             conferences or on line
Page one                                             connections)
Muriel and the Misfits MG novel             The Ground-poem
Our Life Revisited-Memoir
Sorcerer Sisters YA
Starry Night-S.S.
3 author bios
Madison Morgan 115 page Chapter Book
Country Bus poem
Two query critiques
Wolf Charm S.S.

Future Plans: (After school starts)
Currently working on critiquing Saving Danger From Danger. Then I am going to start an edgy YA. 

I have to finish reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for the Story Master Conference That I won from Martina Boone.  It’s in November and I can hardly wait. If you don’t know Martina please hop over to her informative blog. (And congratulate her on her book deal.)

What did you do this summer? What is next on your list of things you want to do?


  1. Summer, what summer, it hasn't started for us yet.

  2. Busy bee at your sea and yeah it sure flew on by.

  3. Your blog's all changed too! Yay!!

    Awwwww yay for your baby about to go off to the wide exciting world of college!!

    Loving what you've been up to this summer - puts me to deep shame! I've been lazy! LOL! take care

  4. You certainly have been busy! Glad to see your daughter found her top three schools, too!

    My summer has been busy as well. I finally signed with an agent and I'm currently revising a few portions of my manuscript and then hopefully it will be good to go!

    Outside of that, it's been a lot of family stuff, so I hear you on that end!

  5. I know what you mean about summer flying by. Sounds like you've been busy writing-wise.

    My daughter will be a junior next year so we've been looking at colleges too and focusing on the ACT. I'm glad we still have a few weeks of summer.

  6. Girl, you have been busy! All productive work. I saw Christmas stuff in one store this past week, and it made me feel even more behind. Ack!

  7. Flipping heck, Sharon, haven't you been busy. Even during the summer you had other distractions trying to help your daughter make the right college choice.

    This Wednesday? I thought the kids went back on the Tuesday after Labour Day.

    My summer has involved taking my son to various locations in regards to getting into the British Navy. Such a long process.

    Enjoy you Sunday.

    Gary :)

  8. Next on our list? Got to get that Christmas Tree up!!!

  9. You are amazing. Have I told you that? What an amazing amount of selflessness to spend so much time critiquing. And you're really good critiquer. That must be why I hog you so much. ; )

    So nice you got to share these experiences with your daughter as she transitions to adulthood. It's a bittersweet time, but exciting too. (Easy for me to say, I know.)

    I wish you luck with your own writing and querying. Anytime you have anything that needs critiquing, send it along.

  10. P.S. I love that photo.

    And I'm so exciting about the conference you're attending! :)

  11. Hi Sharon .. well you've got your mojo back - that's some workload - but all grist to the mill .. helping others, as well as writing away for yourself ...

    So pleased you've found your daughter her third college - it's tough choosing ...

    But a walk on the beach is always a good way to blow the cobwebs out ..

    Enjoy what's left of the summer days .. and happy writing and critiquing .. cheers Hilary

  12. Holy moly, Sharon! All those critiques! Talk about giving of yourself. And you managed to do a lot of writing, too. All while being fabulously supportive of everyone. Hats off!

    You know what my summer is like, so I won't bore you. But I am getting to look out the window now and then and enjoy the greenery. (We're lucky to be green this year with all the rain!)

    Thanks so much for the shout-out. I am prepping for my own Free Expressions workshop with Donald Maass, trying to finish up my critique submission by Thursday. I hope you have a BALL at the November workshop. It should be amazing.

  13. Summer is going way too fast indeed. How can we be at mid-August already? I never take 'summer holidays' until September. Sometimes it's snowed during my holidays. Gaaak! We've been busy with renovations this summer. Tired!
    xo Catherine

  14. Wow, you have been very busy!!! Good for you and I hope you get to go outside and enjoy a little of summer too.

  15. Wow, your kids are going back to school early!! It's barely mid-August, poor kidlets. Congrats on having a senior--such a key year! You've definitely been busy this summer. I've revised on one story and finished my WIP. Now I'm revising my WIP. :)

  16. You've got a lot of great things going on! How exciting for your daughter to be at this stage in her schooling.

  17. You have had a busy summer! Exciting year with a senior. I've been doing lots of traveling, spending time with family, and have a new poetry and new children's book soon to be released in the next few months.

  18. Wow, sounds like you've gotten lots done.

    My summer's still coming, but in your summer, I've finished some edits, finished a rough draft and am in the process of rewriting another. :-)