Thursday, March 7, 2013

And...the winner is:

And the winner is...Robyn Campbell! (according to

If you haven't checked out Janna's art...please visit her on etsy.  :)


I've been really struggling with my WWII story.  So many people suffered so much.  Watching Schindler's List really put that suffering in perspective.  If you or your family has suffered persecution because of your faith, race, sex or other reasons I really want to know about your struggles.  The only way we can move forward as a society is to NEVER FORGET the struggles of individuals and groups....  Please email me at sharonkmayhew at gmail dot com so I can tell you or your families struggles to the they will NEVER FORGET.

Hugs to all....


  1. CONGRATS to Robyn!

    Sharon, best wishes with moving forward with your WWII story.

  2. Congrats to Robyn! Good luck with what you're struggling with in your story, Sharon.

  3. Hi Sharon .. congratulations to Robyn - what a beautiful pendant ... Janna is a talented creative ...

    Re your WWll story it was something we never discussed as a family -

    I'll have a think .. and I do hope you get some responses ... the Remembrance Day books - a few have recently come out (last couple of years) might give you some ideas ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Congrats to Robyn.
    Hope that you will work something out with the WWII story. I have not been following this endeavor of yours, but I know that you are good with a lot of writing.

  5. Congratulations to your friend and follower Robyn. I wish you luck with the war story Sharon.

  6. Good luck woth your story, I know you will overcome the obstacles! Hooray for the winner Robyn!

  7. I lived through those years, but no real suffering thank God. War is never funny though. Hubby remembers more but isn't really interested in talking about them.

  8. World War II is a story that can not be forgotten.

  9. hooray for miss robyn!! for sure she won a really pretty necklace. wow! janna makes such cool stuff.

    im just real sorry youre struggling with your book.

    ...hugs from lenny

  10. Such a pretty necklace! Congrats, Robyn!
    You have a big heart, Sharon!

  11. WOOHOO!!!!! *happy dance* I'm thrilled!!!!!!! I coveted that necklace from the first day I saw it.

    Regarding your story, Mayhew, it's important to show the world about this. I promise you it is. Never ever compare SOPP with any other story. (Schindler's List included. Every story is important. SOPP included. :-)

  12. Oops. Forgot my closing ). Gotta be bedtime!! ;-)

  13. Forgot to say thank you. Janna is unbelievably talented. I have her sight bookmarked.

  14. Congratulations to the winner!
    Happy Weekend Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  15. Yay! Congrat Robyn!

    Wow. WWII is such a heart breaker for me. It's hard for me to even read past accounts, but you are right that they need to not be forgotten.