Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What to Get Him for Valentine's Day???

Are you thinking about Valentine's Day?  It's just around the corner!
Women are easy to buy for: flowers, perfume, jewelry, dinner out...
If you are really stuck, a spa gift certificate always works.

But what do you get for him?
If I ask my husband what he wants (for any occasion) he always says for me to be happy.
But I really want to get him something special 
 I'm sure you want to get your significant other something special too...
So I went to my BBB (best blogging buddy) and CP (critique partner) for advice.
Lenny gave me some super advice and I wanted to share it with you...

Lenny did a search on google  Most of the sites said guys  just want some love or made to feel special. But Lenny wrote down some ideas of other things they might like.
1. tickets to a sports event or the theatre or movie or concert
2. tools
3. regular date night
4. cook him a special dinner and have a night alone at home if you got kids
5. special hand made stuff. a handmade card and a poem you write youself. paint a picture or paint a little statue of something he likes. one guys wife painted a penguin for him cause he likes penquins and he said he just love it and keeps it on his desk and it always reminds him of how much she love him. 
6. mostly all the guys said they could like a watch.
7. a lot said they could like a belt with a cool belt buckle ...
8. t shirts with stuff they hunting or weightlifting or cycling or whatever...
9. a lot of them said they could like flowers cause no one ever thinks guys could like to get flowers. for sure that could be a surprise.
10. gift card for a massage or facial ..
11. guys that got hobbies like stuff for that ...
If none of those idea work, Lenny said, hop on to amazon and put valentines day gifts for men in the search box  you could get lots of ideas.

So....Do you have something special planned for your significant other or bestie?

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Guys really are hard to buy for aren't they? Hubby and I just always agree to not buy each other anything and we go out for supper together.
    Hope all is well with you Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  2. hi my bbb!

    im just real happy you could use some of the valentine idea stuff i found. i hope your post could help all the fantastical lady bloggers get something cool for valentines day for their guys.

    being loved is just way cool! :)

    ...hugs from lenny

  3. Hi Sharon .. Lenny is so great with his imagination and he always finds things out doesn't he ...

    Love all the ideas he came up with - not being married or having a significant other - but generally for presents if someone mentions something during the year .. I note it for birthday, Christmas etc time ..

    With your hubby - a night at home with the bestest of Sharon food - all his most loved courses ... at least he won't be travelling!

    I do have a post planned those for a definite bestie ...

    Happy hunting in the meantime ... Cheers Hilary

  4. Awwww Yay for Lenny! What a great list! Oooh you have lots to pick from there lovely Sharon!! Your hubby is one lucky man!!

    Take care

  5. Lenny is so cool. He always comes up with the best advice.

    We're so unromantic. We tell each other not to buy each other anything and save the money. It'll be a school night for my daughter with lots of homework, so doubt we'll do anything special. She's leaving for a school trip to Costa Rica next Saturday so maybe we'll go to dinner alone while she's gone. We rarely do that. Sorry to be so unhelpful.

  6. Thanks for the ideas Lenny & Sharon - Valentine's Day is sneaking up, isn't it? Gotta get on that... :)

  7. Cool list! I second the food thing!!!!

  8. Lenny is a sweetheart :) Enjoy Valentines Day, whatever it is you decide to do.

  9. Good luck finding the perfect gift!

  10. Great tips from your BBB. I think my sweetie will get a proof copy of my love story.

  11. Lenny has GREAT ideas! :) And so interesting that guys could like flowers--I've never thought of that before!

  12. Thanks, Sharon and Lenny, for the list. I'm totally stuck this year!

  13. Fab ideas!!

    I do have a special gift lined up for my Hubby. He's a HUGE Blade Runner fan...loves loves loves the movie and I discovered that you can now buy Whisky glasses that are the same design as Deckard has in the film. Husband loves Whisky (He's Scottish of course he's going to love Whisky) and he loves the movie...perfect present!! (And they are not cheap crap they are Italian hand blown glass and all the reviews say they are fantastic)

    *grins* I hope I will have done good with this years present!!

    C x

  14. The kids and I bought tools for my hubby one Father's Day, and when he opened his gift you'd think he'd gotten socks and jocks. He'd be hopeless bluffing in Poker.

    I've learned since then, he loves his kitchen gadgets and I like the tools, so it balances out. :)