Friday, September 28, 2012

The Final Frontier...Alasksa (last post)

 This will be my last post on Alaska.  I figure you guys are getting tired of my photos. 
 I've only posted a fraction of the ones I took...
 Our third stop in Alaska was Ketchikan.   These little islands were everywhere.  It was so beautiful!
 The port was so small we had to take lifeboats to shore.  
 Many of the little islands were owned by people!  They had houses and private docks.  They got their water from cisterns.  Their power is from generators.  We didn't hear about their septic systems????

You could actually rent some of these homes.  The government built cabins on some of the islands and you can rent them very reasonably (less than a hotel) for a week at a time.  How cool would that be? Renting an island for a week!!!
 We went on a wildlife tour and saw rafts of sea otters.  They were sooooooo cute!

 Our next stop was in Sitka. I went on a crab excursion.  The bus ride to the crab boat was amazing.  Sadly, most of the photos were blurry because they were through the bus windows.   We did see lots of eagles.  What was surprising was how many were sitting together in trees.  There were probably a dozen in one tree.  They were near an area with lots of fish.

 If you look closely you can see some very colorful starfish on this rocky bank.
 That big glob of sticks at the top of the center tree is an eagle nest.  I've never seen one before.  Eagles go back to their nest each year and add more branches and sticks to them, so they get pretty big.  This photo was taken from quite a distance.
 This is one of the crab pots they pulled up on the tour.  The crabs were beautiful. 
 I didn't hold one though.  I figured I'd have bad dreams....
 This is the splash of the porpoise I saw....the only one in the whole trip.
 This is an old crab canning plant that was along the tour route.  
 The tour ended with a fantastic crab feast.  I've never had crab that was this was fantastic!
 I tried a little local flavor....(not bad)  
some pretty desserts from the cruise ship...

some monkey business...

I hope you have enjoyed my Alaska photos.  I am so glad I went with my husband on his company trip this year.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn about "The Final Frontier"...ALASKA.

Happy writing, blogging, and reading my friends....


  1. I'm sorry to hear this is your last Alaska post - I've really enjoyed your photos! If I ever make it to Alaska, I definitely want to rent an island for a week - how cool is that???

  2. Hi Sharon .. loved the photos - that crab does look deliciously fresh! What a fantastic tour ... and you did see so much - great views and story line ... that eagle's nest is enormous isn't it, loved the coloured star fish .. and those otters what a gorgeous sight, then the porpoise and then (more thens) the crabbing trip - what fun ..

    No wonder you went with your hubby ... what a fabulous trip - cheers Hilary

  3. Loved your pictures Sharon. The one of the house on the island is intriguing. What a different way to live.

  4. Okay, but apparently I've missed most of your Alaska posts. :(

    I'm hoping to revamp my blogging soon, focusing on my regular blogging buds. Can't wait to catch up!

  5. Love your photos, could never get tired of them. I'm very interested in crabbing (as research for a novel) so you're going to have to tell me about it!

  6. Hubby and I did an Alaskan tour a few years ago and it is one of our favorite trips. The photos are gorgeous.

  7. Sea otters. I stopped at sea otters. After and before them pales into the background (well maybe not the starfish and porpoise! LOL!) Awwwww sea otters!!!!!!!

    Take care

  8. I love Alaska. My last book was set there. Your pictures are beautiful and the food looks yummy. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  9. Love that first photo and the desserts. Mmm...

  10. beautiful. hope you are well and that your fall is lovely and that you are enjoying your writing. cheers, friend!

  11. Gorgeous pictures. I knew quite a few people in college from Ketchikan, but I've never seen photos! How beautiful! I'd love to rent one of those island cabins. How fun. :)

  12. Beautiful photos! Very fun to hear about your trip! :)

  13. yippeee! more fantastical alaska pics. for sure i wish i could see some more. i learned lots from your alaska posts. i like going on pictrips with you.:) where we going next?
    ...hugs from lenny

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful pictures, Sharon! I read some books based in Alaska, so it was great to see pictures in cities like Sitka.

    I can tell you had a wonderful time on the trip!

  15. I have so enjoyed your Alaska photos. What a wonderful, picturesqe place to visit.

  16. Kudos for coming up with such detailed Alaskan adventure, photos did add details to your story.

    Pictures of Alaska