Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You are awesome!!!!

 My awesome writing friend, Heidi Willis, shared a book that had been recommended to her during her residency.  Her post was so good it made me wanted to share it with you.
 Heidi wrote this amazing book (and me saying that is a lot because I'm not a huge women's fiction reader).  If you, anyone in your family, or a friend have ever battled with health questions you should read this book....It really and truly is wonderful.  My heart was full when I finished it.

You can check it out on Amazon.
(Oops, I got of topic.)

I think we all (writers or otherwise) struggle with accepting and acknowledging that we are good at certain things.  You Are Good At Things A Checklist points out that there are so many things a person can be good at.  I'm a firm believer in saying positive affirmations.  It sounds like this book is a great way to remind yourself that there are lots of things you are good at.(I'm going to order it on my next amazon order.)  Big or small recognizing your strengths is valuable.  You should remind yourself of all the things you are good at.

What are you good at?  

I'll go first?

  1. I'm good at encouraging people.
  2. I make a great cup of coffee.
  3. I'm good at hosting parties.
  4. I'm good at shoveling snow.
  5. I'm good at decorating.
Your turn... 
(I almost forgot...The Writing Nut is hosting me over on her blog on July 25th.  If you have time to hop over that would be awesome.)


  1. I'm good at daydreaming!

    Lovely Sharon - your not up yet at the Writing Nut, so will check later! Yay!!

    Take care

  2. I'm good at multi tasking and getting a lot of things done.

    Great post Sharon.

  3. I now consider myself good at hula hooping! LOL! I can do 1200 consecutive rotations without dripping it. I am working on walking while hula hooping now. Haha ~ my claim to fame I think!

    How fun that you are going to be hosted on her blog - I will go check it out.

    Hope you are having a super week Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  4. I'm good at procrastinating :-)

    C x

  5. I'm getting very good at things I'm good at. :)

    I'm good at getting wet when I wash the dog.

    I'm good at cleaning stains from clothing.

    I'm good at smiling and being polite when I really feel like being snarky.

    It's so funny how this can take over if you let it. All day long now I think about this: I'm good at... washing dishes. I'm good at...not answering the phone when it's a political party. I'm good at... yelling at the kids to get their piles of books off the counter. I'm good at washing my hands a million times a day.

    My friend and I who started who started chatting about this now send texts to each other all day. Most of them are sarcastic, but it's nice to remember how many mundane things we do every day that we've gotten good at. :)

    Thanks for the kind words about my book. I can't believe it's been two and a half years!

  6. I'm good at inspiring others but I should be good at inspiring myself.:)

  7. Shh!! You should never admit to being good at shovelling snow - mother nature hears you and BOOM! :)

  8. You are definitely good at encouraging people, Sharon!

    Me? I'm good at follow through when I decide to do something. Getting to that point though is always tricky...

    Happy writing!

  9. Just stopped by to say thanks for visiting. And, no, I definitely am a panster. But, it definitely is a huge advantage when you grew up in the place that you write about.
    Veronica Singleton

  10. I'm good at many things, ;)
    But I'll share three of them in no particular order:
    -good at cooking
    -good at listening
    -good at protecting animals
    I'll hop over to Writing Nut's blog.

  11. Sharon, I'm glad you're good at all those things you mentioned, because I am not! :D It's so awesome to see other people's gifts and unique attributes.

    I'm good at making messes. I can also figure out dinner from random ingredients in the cupboard without having to consult a cookbook. And that's about it. ha ha! :D

    Have a wonderful day, Sharon!

  12. I added both of these books to my wish list.

    Here are a few things I'm good at:
    *tech stuff
    *working fast and multi-tasking

    I'll visit The Writing Nut.

  13. Sounds like a neat book--thanks for sharing Heidi's book! Sounds like an important one, food for thought.

    And great list there! What am I good at? Um...drawing, writing. Organizing things. Being creative. :)

  14. I give great pats on the back!! :)

  15. I'm good at baking.

    Thanks for sharing about those books. I'll check them out.

  16. I seriously don't know what I'm good at, but I hope there is something.

  17. What a cute, positive idea for a book!

    You are good at being a good friend!

    I'm good at smiling. And making kids smile.

  18. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for informing me about Heidi.
    I'm very good at discreetly supporting and bringing awareness of bloggers I feel deserve recognition. I do this with little fanfare.
    Ah, I see you have made it over to the "The Writing Nut". Time permitting in between all my um acts of altruism, I shall duly check it out.
    Hugs, Gary :)

  19. I love positive lists that people make about themselves. So often we're darned hard on ourselves.

    So here's mine: I'm honest. I'm there if someone needs me. I cook up a mean spaghetti gravy.

  20. I'm good at offering assistance to someone in need.

  21. I agree, positive thinking is always a good thing. Hmmmm....I'm good at making my kids laugh. :)

  22. I'm good at procrastinating
    I'm good at eating chocolate ;)

  23. Great post, Sharon. THanks for being on my Wednesday Writer's Workspace!

  24. Hi, Sharon,

    What a wonderfully positive post. I am all for being positive!

    I couldn't agree with you more about being good at several things. We are all good at more than one thing.

    But I know you have SO many more than what you listed.

    I liked the decorating one... I have my last design job posted at my blog, It's the one under the current one. Check it out if you get the chance.

    So I will start with that one. LOL.

    I am also good at listening to others, giving supportive advice, and pushing myself and others when they need a little nudge or big one. Whatever the case may be. LOL.

  25. I completely agree about reminding ourselves what we're good at :)

    I'm good at making chocolate chip cookies and rolls. AND I'm good at ignoring messes. :)

  26. Thanks for the book recommendations.

    I'd like to go to one of your book parties!

  27. Hmmm...


    1) Good at writing/editing, if I say so myself. ;-)
    2) Very good at singing
    3) Very good at picking up new skills.
    4) Quite good at drawing.
    5) REALLY good at procrastinating.