Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Write Adventures...You Must Have Adventures

 Every holiday should involve some kind of excitement!

 It should also involve figuring out why the box turtle is chasing you...
She was VERY thirsty.

 It should involve appreciating nature...

 Every adventure should have a beautiful sunset to enjoy.

And every adventure should wear out your puppy so you can take silly pictures of her.  

Really and truly, when you go on holiday, do you think about the setting? The characters you meet? The potential for adventure?  Holidays are another way to collect experiences so that they can show up in your writing in the future.  You may not know when or even if you can use the experience....but if you don't take notice of it, you won't have the chance to use it?

What adventures are you having this summer???

Are you taking notes of 509 photos (like I took)?

Happy Summer Holidays My Dear Blog Friends!!!!


  1. Oh, beautiful photos! That puppy is adorable--I just want to pet that silky fur.

  2. Looks like a very fun holiday! Pup looks played out ~ haha!

    No summer holidays for us. We take our holidays in September. We may travel down to Montana, which is just below Saskatchewan and check out the shopping in Billings. That's as adventurous as I get. ;)

    xo C

  3. That looks like a fantastic holiday!

  4. Excellent observation! And yes! I will be having an adventure this summer.

    After listening to me whine about how nuts I was to set the climax of my WIP at a foreign, well-known location I have never visited in person, my husband said, "Okay then. Let's go."

    He and I are flying to Mexico City in August and driving from there to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan where we will, among other things, climb to the top of the Sun Pyramid -- where my protagonists have to fight for their lives! Squeeee!

  5. Hooray for adventures! I'm taking notes on 509 photos too... You and I share this photo mania. :)

  6. Definitely agree that you need to have a rich life to get a fraction of that richness on the page. Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  7. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I'm have an adventure-free summer, which is exactly what I want. The past few summers I was either job hunting or travelling. It's good to be at home and writing, but next summer I'm hoping for adventure.

  8. Sounds (and looks) like you had a grand time. Maybe that's what's missing in my writing - adventures!...sigh...perhaps next year :)

  9. WeeeeeeeeeeOooooooooo! Looks like fun to me!

  10. woweee! cool pictures. i love that box turtle. :) looks like you been having the most fun adventures and for sure you could use them in your writing. cant wait to hear and see pics of your next adventure.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. I went to Las Vegas in early June, saw the Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon as well. That's been my adventure so far this summer! :)

  12. Lovely Sharon K Mayhew!! Awwww I totally adore that pic of the turtle! How amazing!!

    Yay for your fab summer hols!!

    Take care

  13. Ha, I looked at this post and thought, "All I need is the TITLE!" Is that title true, or what? But how does a bookworm become adventurous? Drat.

    But I'm glad I read the whole post. :) And I love the pictures.

  14. I agree! After all, what would we have to write about if we didn't actually live life. Great pictures!

  15. Looks like you had a blast! And so did your puppy!

    We're heading to the beach next week. Yay!

  16. Hi Sharon,
    Apologies for such a delay in commenting on your posting. I've been rather busy and also trying to finish reading a certain manuscript :)
    Sometimes, adventures can be those that start as a glowing image in your mind. And indeed, the holidays of adventure can bring out the inquisitive nature that inspires your writing.
    If we had a summer, I might have that adventure of the distant memory of something called a sunset as your lovely pictures convey. That's where my imagination comes in handy to remember a sunset.
    Have a peaceful weekend, Sharon. I shall endeavour to respond to you know what, fairly soon.
    In kindness and hugs, your way, Gary :)

  17. Great pictures! :)

    My mom and I recently went to some state parks and hiked along the trails; not the most exciting, but it was fun.

  18. It seems you are having a lovely summer - full of adventures. We have done some camping and have a lake trip planned in August. Most of my summer has been working on an office makeover...it's almost finished!

  19. What great pictures! Looks like you're having a wonderful summer. How is it mid-July already???

  20. Oh the tired puppy is soo cute and I love your other pictures too. Especially the turtle. I have a turtle featured in my manuscript.

  21. We had a staycation this year, which is actually pretty easy to do in St. Louis. Lots of fun to be had. (Staycation because we are STILL trying to sell our house! UGH!)

  22. Gotta love adventures!! They keep us young as well.