Friday, May 4, 2012

A Symphony of release and giveaway





These are a Symphony of Seasons...

Every season has it's own moment to shine.  Bloggy friend, Connie Arnold, just released her newest poetry book.   Everyone who buys A Symphony of Seasons directly from Connie gets one of these lovely framed photos (below) free with purchase.
Connie gave me permission to share one of her summer poems (because summer is my favorite season).

Shelter of the Trees

A warm summer wind
blows through the trees,
A soft and gentle caressing breeze,
Causing the branches to
wave and sway,
Enhancing the beauty of the day.

Children are playing in the shade
That these magnificent trees have made,
Running around and having fun,
Protected from the hot summer sun.

Green leaves shine in the bright sunlight
While children are laughing with delight
On this perfect day that’s sure to please
Beneath the shelter of the trees.

To read an excerpt (in a variety of formats) follow this link
You can purchase Connie newest book and other books and a calendar at Barnes & Noble or Amazon

You can even purchase it directly from her publisher RPJ.

Connie is giving away a couple lovely prizes during her blog tour, so if you leave comment here or on one of the other sites you will be entered in that contest.  

Because I adore Connie, I'm going to giveaway a signed copy of her book and all you have to do is be a follower and answer my question in the comments... (I'll announce the winner of Connie's signed book on May 11th)

What is your favorite season?


  1. Love the photo's!

    Summer is my favorite- beautiful flowers, tons of outdoor activities and long evenings with loved ones!

  2. Those images are just what I needed, today. Thanks.

  3. All the best to Connie!! Trees are are truly magnificent and a perfect place to shelter from the hot summer sun! Take care

  4. Sharon, thank you so much for being a valuable part of my blog tour for A Symphony of Seasons. You have a wonderful blog, and you are a dear person!

    I appreciate your giving a copy of my book to the winner and hope people will remember it in thinking of gifts for Mother's Day, graduation, birthdays, etc.

  5. TC, SA and Old Kitty, thank you for your comments. Summer is a wonderful time of year. It feels like it's already here where I am in North Carolina!

    The autumn photo was taken near my home, and the others around the state by photographer Gary Strader, who also provided the photos for my previous book, Abundant Comfort and Grace.

  6. I like to see the trees sway in the wind...beautiful poem. My fav season is Spring!
    Like the photos

  7. I love spring, because it's the end to winter, and the beginning of all kinds of new life.

  8. Fall is my favorite. I love all the colors and the crisp leaves and the perfect, cool temperatures. :)

  9. Kim, so glad you enjoyed the poem and the photos!

    Beth, I have to agree with you about spring being a special season with new life beginning.

    Shannon, fall is a beautiful season with the colors and more comfortable temperatures after summer's heat.

    Thanks for all your comments!

  10. Lovely pictures and a beautiful poem. I think I love spring best when flowers start popping up.

  11. I'm not surprised I enjoyed Connie's poem - she's awesome! :)

  12. My favorite season is summer. I love days spent on the boat at the lake or home working in the garden.

  13. The photos are beautiful! I enjoyed the poem.

    My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. Spring because it is a beginning of new things blooming. Fall because of the fun of raking leaves and the cooler days.

  14. Natalie, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and poem. Spring flowers are wonderful, aren't they?

    Jemi, you are so sweet. Thank you!

    Renee, sounds like you agree with Sharon on the season preference!

    Susanne, there is so much beauty in every season, and these photos have captured a glimpse of that beauty in each. Glad you enjoyed the poem too!

  15. A great post ~ I can't get used to this new blogger, so mine is very short. My favorite season is Spring. Everything is so beautiful and new. :) I love Connie's summer poem.

  16. Cathy, I agree that it's a little hard to figure out the new blogger format. I'm pleased you enjoyed my summer poem!

  17. Sharon, how nice of you to host Connie. I'd choose summer because I'm off. I love spending time with my kids and visiting family.

  18. Hi Sharon,

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for your comment on my blog and I'm sorry you missed princess week!


  19. I love the poem and the photos! That winter photo is especially beautiful (even though I hate winter!)

  20. Theresa, I agree, it is very nice of Sharon. She is so sweet!

    Mayra, nice to see your comment. Hope things are going well with you!

    Susan, I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem and photos! It's good to find the beauty in winter even if we don't like the cold.

  21. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing such love and color!

  22. What a hard question! :) I'd have to say fall is my favorite because I love all the holidays in the fall--Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love pumpkins and fall colors. But each season is special in its own way. I am sure the poems reflect that. Thanks for the giveaway.

    (margo@margodill (dot) com)

  23. Congrats to Connie on the release of her new book.

    Those are gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing these photos and Connie's poem and book with us, Sharon.

    My favorite season is spring. Ah, love to see flowers blooming and new growth sprouting everywhere. I have to say that I love summer, too. Nothing like fun in the sun on a beautiful summer day.

  24. Nas, so glad you like the photos. All the seasons certainly have their beauty and their own color.

    Margo, those are good reasons for liking fall. You are right, each season is special and the poems do reflect the specialness of each one!

    Lyn, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

  25. That's so interesting that we both put summer verses on our blogs. I love summer even though it is killer hot around here.

  26. Congratulations to Connie!

    As to seasons. Spring is usually best down this way.

  27. I love Connie too!So happy for her.
    Summer of course but not when I was in Fl--loved fall then.

  28. Lovely pictures and words! Congratulations to Connie!

    My favorite season is spring, although summer is a close second.

  29. Desert Rocks, I just read your summer verse and enjoyed it. Well done!

    Al, thanks so much!

    Terri, love you too! Thanks for sharing my joy!

    Hema, so glad you enjoyed them, and thank you very much!

  30. Why does winter always look better in pictures than it does when you have to live through it???

  31. Hi Sharon - great selection of photos for the seasons .. and what a lovely book of poetry - I love Connie's Summer poem: Shelter of the Trees.

    This time of year normally - when the bursting buds are coming out, flowers and trees phase in and out - blossoms, leaves, colour appearing, greening up .. we see the colours of the world appearing .. yellows, whites, purples, blues, reds ... oranges now and lots to follow come autumn.

    Have a great week .. cheers Hilary

  32. Congrats to Connie!

    I'm a big fan of early summer... sigh. If it ever comes to England this year!

  33. Gorgeous pictures! And congrats to Connie!

  34. Stina, I agree with your assessment of winter. It's beautiful when you're looking out the window at it, but not as much when you're outside shivering in it!

    Hilary, I'm glad you enjoyed Shelter of the Trees. This time of year is very colorful. Thank you for your comment!

    Talli, thanks so much! I have been in England twice during the summer, and I was bundled up in a sweater both times.

    Carolyn, thank you very much for your kind comment!

  35. My favorite season is the spring. Summers in Alabama are very hot and miserable.
    Love the poetry!!

    Thank you so much for the prayers!

  36. Melody, thank you for your comment, and I'm very pleased you like the poetry! I used to live in Louisiana and am sure summers in Alabama are similar - way too hot and humid!

  37. Those are gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing these photos and Connie's poem and book with us, Sharon.

    Congratulations to Connie!

  38. Beautiful pictures and I enjoyed the poetry.

    My favorite season is fall. We don't get the changing of leaves where I live, but I welcome the cooling weather after a sweltering summer.

  39. Romance Book Haven, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. They are taken in the beautiful state of North Carolina. All seasons are lovely here!

    Medeia, thank you for your comment, and I'm pleased you enjoyed the pictures and poem. Sorry you don't get to enjoy the colorful leaf show in fall, but the cooler weather is certainly refreshing after a sweltering summer!

  40. Love those photos! I don't really have a favourite season - I love parts of all of them! (And don't like parts of all of them too :-))

  41. What a lovely poem! I love anything descriptive about the seasons. I'd have to say, overall, that summer is my favorite!

  42. Sangu, the photos are lovely, aren't they? Thank you for your comment! The seasons are like our lives with ups and down, positives and negatives.

  43. Mary, thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed my poem! A Symphony of Seasons is full of descriptive poems about the seasons.

  44. Spring probably, because it reminds me that new beginnings are always possible. Love your pictures by the way

  45. Melanie, glad you enjoyed the pictures! The new beginnings do make spring a special time.

  46. What beautiful pictures, beautiful poem!

  47. Carolina, thank you so much! It's nice that you enjoyed the pictures and my poem. Thank you for the kind comment!

  48. My favourite season is fall. I just wish it would last longer here in Saskatchewan. :(

    Happy weekend to you Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  49. Catherine, fall is a beautiful season. I would imagine in turns to winter fairly quickly in Saskatchewan!