Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm A Winner, A Researcher and a Giverawayer (Not sure how to spell that?)

I'm a Winner!
 Not only was November NaNoWriMo, it was PiBoIdMo.  I signed up for both, but due to unexpected  circumstances I wasn't able to finish NaNo....But I finished PiBo with 31 new ideas!  My plans are to compile all my ideas on to a piece of poster board and post it in my office.  Then I can check them off as I complete the first draft of each story.  (I love list making.) If you aren't sure what PiBoIdMo is, it's Picture Book Idea Month, Tara did a super job organizing it.  (*waves*)

I'm a Researcher...

 We found this on the beach in South Shields, England.  
We think it was a watch station of some sort for the Home Guard during WWII.
 This beautiful spot was beside a cafe' we stopped at on our way to Eden Camp.  
 As you enter this WWII POW camp you will notice the barbed wire fence and the watch towers.  Eden Camp house prisoners of war during WWII.  The prisoners were mostly Italian and German.  If they were good they were allowed to have day passes to work in local businesses and on farms.  There was a shortage of strong young men during the War as they were all off fighting.
 They had several examples of bomb shelters.  I am refraining from showing you all my photos. 
 Be thankful...I took a LOT.
 During the War every man, woman, child and baby was required to carry a gas mask with them at all times. The babies had units that they completely fit in and I'm sure it was their mums that carried it for them.

 A group of school children were on a visit to Eden Camp and were all labeled with identification labels and carried a small satchel, just like the children who were evacuated during the war.
 All sorts of artifacts were on display; from food
 to what a bombed building might look like,
 To examples of blacking out a room,
 to fashions,
and even popular toys.  This dolly is dressed in a woman's service uniform.
 Prisoners at Eden Camp enjoyed shows. 
 The treatment they endured was much much much kinder than the treatment the Allied Forces received.

 Bombs and planes showed the attitude of the Brits.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my research on my trip to England.  My next post will be on December 6th and I'll announce the winner of my English Goodie Bag Give Away.  If you haven't entered, please hop over HERE and enter.

I hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  

Hugs to all!


  1. Fascinating photos. My folks grew up during WWII in Scotland and had to carry their gas masks with them. They added some Mickey Mouse ears to them to make them less scary for the kids.

  2. So very interesting! It is amazing all that we take for granted....

    Great pictures!


  3. How did I miss this post, CP?? *feeling like a poop head*

    These are great pics. Oh man! The artifacts, the bombed building. All reminders of the despicable man that Hitler was.

    Thanks for posting these. Jemi's comment got me too.

    I heart you.

  4. Congrats for meeting your picture book challenge! I think brainstorming is have the trouble with writing and you're already ahead. Way to go!

  5. I'll be sure to check out your giveaway. Congratulations on all the new picture book ideas!

  6. Yes, you are a winner!! (I got one, too! Love that badge.)
    How cool are the pictures you took. Thank you for sharing these. Love it! Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. hi miss sharon! woweee! 31 pb ideas!! how cool is that! im hoping some of them are about jj. :) those pictures are real history stuff for sure. i couldnt want to have to use those gas masks. i hope all that research helps with your book. i got my fingers crossed that i could be a winner of that goodie bag. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  8. Congratulations on finishing the PiBoIdMo!! You are a WINNER!! And now you have gorgeous ideas for inspiration!! All the best with it and good luck!! Yay for you!

    Oh these pics are fantastic - what a fabulous historical trip for research! Love the "Up Yours Adolf"! It's amazing coming across these abandoned Home Guard shelters - some in the most unexpected of places. In one of my rambles in the wilds of Herts, we stumbled across one - but it was built on a field in the middle of nowhere - and we couldn't see why it was built there - except that a few miles along was what used to be a landing strip. Very interesting!

    Take care

  9. Hi Sharon .. great photos - and how lovely to have so many reminders. Camp Eden sounds a very interesting museum, which only opened in 1987 I see.

    Picture Book Idea Month - sounds fun .. and looks like that you've easily got loads just from the photos ..

    Beautiful channelled brook through the village ..

    What fun you had .. and lots to use in your coming book/s ... cheers Hilary

  10. Congrats on your success during PiBoIdMo! And I loved all of the pictures!! :)

  11. yay for your ideas!

    and wow! those pics are amazing!

  12. Congratulations on your win, Sharon, and all your new ideas! Hoping to see books forthcoming using some of those! Thanks for sharing the pictures and research from your trip. They are great!

  13. Awesome pics! I'm such a WWII buff. I love anything to do with this era. Amazing both my parents were alive at this time, albeit in elementery school.

  14. Wow, fantastic pictures, thank you so much! As a history major, I'm one blog reader who'd cheerfully sit through the whole slide show. Next time I'm heading for the UK, I'm going to see if I can drag my husband off to check this out -- I'd love to write something set during WWII!

  15. What cool pictures. Some of them made my heart ache. What a difficult time that must have been for everyone involved! Thank you for sharing, Sharon!

  16. And congrats on finishing your picture book challenge. That's wonderful!

  17. Congrats on finishing PiBo.

    I always love your picture posts.

    Have a great weekend, Sharon.

  18. Oh, wow, Sharon, I didn't know that's what PiBoldMo stood for. I had never heard of it before until I read Robyn Campbell's blog today, and I still didn't get it. Duh. I understood more when I read Julie's post about the 12x12. Very cool idea! So congrats to you for winning PiBoldMo! I didn't finish NaNo either, not even close, but I'm happy with what I did write and will continue to work on my novel.

    Your research is fascinating. I didn't know about the gas masks. Isn't that something about the ones babies had to wear? And what a great field trip for kids to go on. Thanks for sharing the photos and the interesting research!

  19. wow, huge congrats on finishing PiBold. 31 ideas is brilliant. Getting the ideas to begin with is the hardest thing.

  20. Hi Sharon,
    Loved looking at your photos from the trip. It's never a bad idea to see what people went through and then realize you have so much to be grateful for. My father was actually in a prison camp in Italy run by the Americans (he was German) and generally said they were well treated by their captors. He was never so gratefully than to Canada for giving him such a great life after WW2, and he instilled in all 3 of us kids how horrible the war was and how blessed we were not to have known such hard times.

    Thanks for sharing your great photos. I for one wouldn't have minded more bomb shelters and artifacts. ;)


  21. Congratulations on PiBo and I'm with you on NaNo--No NaNo for me this year.

    The photos are very interesting. Good research.

    Wrote By Rote

  22. That was really interesting and your photo's are fab!

    C x

  23. Congrats on being a winner! And nothing quite beats on-site researching. Especially if it's in England!

  24. Great photos!

    Congratulations on being a winner!

  25. Very interesting research and I enjoyed the tour. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Blessings.

  26. CONGRATS on being a PiBoldMo winner! Cool badge for your blog.

    Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.

  27. Interesting research and cool photos!

    Congrats on being the winner!