Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Things I Learned This Week...

 Macy and I couldn't comment all week...
It was awful! 
 I missed you guys so much. 
Then a couple people told me to uncheck the gmail stay signed in box...
and BAM, I can comment again.

 If you know me very well you, know I've complained about the wind in Iowa....

It turns out the reason it's so windy here is...someone installed great big fans!

I'll be back on Thursday with Part Three of What Happens in Vegas...The Dam Tour. 
If you missed Part One or Part Two you can pop over to them or scroll down.

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.  Don't forget to thank a veteran...


  1. We've got a few of those in Ontario too....I never put two and two together. Thanks.

  2. Bwahahaha! That's hilarious. And--glad your found the way to comment again! My goodness--it's hard not being able to communicate! I didn't think I'd be as frustrated as I was.

  3. Awww hello there beautiful Macy and lovely Sharon K Mayhew!!!

    Look at your new fans!!! Yay! Have a great Memorial weekend! Take care

  4. Ha! That's funny! The same goes for Northern Colorado. There's a huge wind farm up near the border with Wyoming. I don't think they're such a pretty sight . . .

  5. Tee hee hee... we have tons of those here !Thanks for helping me know where all that wind comes from!
    We were flusterated over the comment thing and finally are able to again, it is really nice to communicate with everyone, we missed it SO MUCH !

  6. LOL! We have those great big fans in Washington, too. Aren't they enormous when you get close up to them. It's almost surreal.

    Excited to hear more about LV. :)


  7. I live in the Palm Springs area and I thought we invented those things. Man, it has been windy here!

  8. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Sharon! I've missed your Vegas posts -- I'm going to pop over as you suggested! :)

  9. Hello Sharon,
    And speaking of fans, don't you know I'm one of your biggest fans :)
    I've been very much in the background over the last few weeks. Spending some time back with some remarkable friends in Hope, British Columbia.
    May you have a peaceful and positive Memorial Day.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  10. Glad you are up and running. Blogger has been causing trouble. It finally released my followers after having held them hostage for almost four days.

  11. HeeHee, that must be part of the Sharon Fan Club!

  12. Hi Sharon .. wind farms in our tiny little island .. not sure they're the best idea - they do blight the landscape. Love the idea of them creating more wind - maybe that's why our summer has started off with lots of gales?!

    I think I need to catch the Vegas posts .. cheers for now .. and glad you're back - have a peaceful week .. Hilary

  13. I won’t forget to thank a veteran… or to remember their sacrifice for us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  14. Serious? Is that what was going on? I'm glad you let us know. =)

  15. Yes, it sure was frustrating with the Blogger problems. At first I thought it was a problem with my site, something I had wrong in the settings. Still trying to get the hang of blogging. I was glad to find out it wasn't just me.

    That's funny about those giant fans! Haha! I'm familiar with the wind farm in Palm Springs. You can't miss it! But it's super windy up here in the High Desert of So. Calif., too, so I wonder why there are no wind farms near me. Yesterday was so windy, I thought it was going to shred our beautiful flag, but Old Glory survived! Happy Memorial Day.

  16. Hah...big giant fans... :) So glad you can comment, again. (psst...I just finished my YA rewrite and need to look over beta notes. Then I'll be in touch, again, about the PBs.)

  17. Now who put those fans there??? No wonder it's so windy! :)

    I tagged you on my blog today.

  18. LOL! That's so funny. But if you want windy, you need to come visit the Windy City!

  19. Funny. Glad you can comment again. That would have driven me nuts.

  20. OMG.... This was SO funny! I can relate to the wind.... Chicago has INSANE wind and it's been blowing for the last three weeks! It started out frigid and then it turned to moist, hot, and humid.

  21. Lol @ the fans.

    I'm going to visit Chicago in a few months. I'm looking forward to the wind. I don't get enough down here in Florida.

  22. hi miss sharon! wow now you could know where all that winds coming from. ha ha. for sure i could like to come at iowa and fly a kite. love that picture of macy. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  23. haha! Those are some uber fans! ;-) I hate not being able to comment. It happens every once in a while when they block blogger at work. BOO

  24. Blogger has been so frustrating the last few weeks!

    Glad you're back.

  25. Ah, it's the fans causing all that wind? Shoot.

    Yes, Blogger has tested our patience lately. I'm glad you're able to comment again.

  26. Look at that amazing sky! And yes, blogger has been a bit worrying of late! Hopefully it has settled down now... she says, looking around in trepidation.

  27. I hope your weekend was very fun as well, Sharon and I will have to get up to speed on reading your Vegas posts.

    I stopped by to let you know that your blog Random Thoughts just WON the Overlord Award.

    You can pick it up on my "Overjoyed with the Overlord Award" post:

    The Madlab Post