Monday, April 18, 2011

The ABC's of A Good Friend... "O"


It's day 15 of Arlee Bird's A-Z Challenge! Since I write for younger children and we're doing the ABC's, I thought I'd do The ABC's of A Good Friend (and throw in a few random pictures, because I have a bit of a camera habit).

Obedience is a great quality in a friend , I mean a dog.  I love how Macy almost always does as she's told, but that's not really a quality you want in a friend. Is it?  You want your friends to be independent thinkers and to question you at times.

My real word for today is "Optimist."  Having a friend who is optimistic is so important.  They will help you when you are down on yourself for what ever reason.  They will pump you up.  They'll encourage you to see the good in the last rejection letter you got.  Optimistic friends know that every rejection is one step closer to an acceptance.  Am I right guys???  (Everyone shouts, Yes, Sharon!)

When has an optimistic friend gotten you through a hard time? 

My good friend Tess Hilmo (whose book With A Name Like Love is coming out soon) really helped me when I moved.  She told me, "You can do this, Sharon."  It was a simple sentence, but I fall back on it all of time and I may have said it to some of you when you were down or struggling.  It's a powerful sentence and it continues to get me through.... (hugs to Tess!)



  1. That is a great "O" word, hopefully they are also "Open" to new ideas and are "Open" with their "Opinions".

  2. Being optimistic always helps!! Having lovely Macy is of course a bonus too!! :-)

    Yay for Tess!!!! Congratulations!!! Take care

  3. Very True!Being optimistic can help you through the tough times looking forward to better days.
    Visiting from A-Z challenge.I am an artist and doing the challenge at my blog Expressive Impressive.


  4. My writing friends give virtual hugs, timely suggestions, and support above and beyond.

    This community is unbelievable.

    visiting from A to Z and LOVING IT :)

  5. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That was our family motto.

  6. Having someone who's optimistic around really helps. I'm glad to have my crit group that offers great optimism whenever I need it.

  7. Optimistic is great. So is open-minded. Outgoing comes to mind, perhaps because I'm not and I need someone outgoing to bring me OUT of my shell. :-)

  8. I try to be the optimistic one, and mostly I succeed. Fortunately my CPs are there to pick up the slack when I need it. That's why I love them so much. :D

  9. I dunno, I still prefer friends who are obedient. ;-) Kidding! Yes optimism is key.

  10. hi miss sharon! for sure i got so much optimistic blogger friends that help me when im feeling some down cause of my leukemia and when i have to take that yucky medicine. they make me feel like every things gonna be ok and that makes me feel like i could keep on going and not never give up. for sure your one of my special O friends. :) i hope im a O friend for you and other people.
    ...hugs from lenny

  11. I am inclined toward pessimism, but I do appreciate a good optimist. It's a very healthy way to think!

  12. Being optimistic is very important in life. I would rather surround myself with positive people than negitive people any day.... You have an adorable puppy :)

  13. I tend to be the optimist, and normally the rock for my friends and family. Everyone needs somebody sometime…

  14. Optimism is a vital ingredient for friendship. So many of our blogging friends have buoyed me when I needed it. :-)

  15. I have an optimistic friend who helps me through moments of doubt.

    Cute dog.

  16. I loves Tess too. She's SO DANG COOL. :-)

    Optimism is THE word to remember. :-)

    Do you know about this? A picture book crit done by Jean Reidy? Here's the link in case you don't.

    A Totally Random Romp

  17. Thank you for stopping by! I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment...I read each and everyone of them. I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Take care. Nelson Souzza :)

  18. One of my betas is like crazy optimistic and complimentary. I always make sure to give her my stuff.

  19. I'll tel you about a time when an Optimistic friend has gotten me through a hard time....actually, I'll tell you two times....and this was the SAME friend!

    An optimistic friend helped me move my belongings when I needed to get my 1st apartment. This friend helped me move when not many others did, including my family members...they all said no and this one friend and one other total stranger (how about that!) helped me move.

    An Optimistic friend also helped me cope with a horrible breakup, when I felt like my world had come to an end and also felt like life was so cruel, an Optimistic friend reminded me that all is not lost and better days were to come.

    The Madlab Post

  20. YES, SHARON!

    And yes, you can do this. YOU CAN.

    Optimistic friends rock.

  21. Yes, Sharon!! Macy is just so cute! Great post.