Friday, April 15, 2011

The ABC's of A Good Friend... "M" and a SCBWI Crystal Kite Award Reminder

(There are only a few times in life that I will lose my manners.  Being chased by hornets will cause a whole different side of me to emerge...It's not pretty either.)

It's day 13 of Arlee Bird's A-Z Challenge! Since I write for younger children and we're doing the ABC's, I thought I'd do The ABC's of A Good Friend (and throw in a few random pictures, because I have a bit of a camera habit).


Call me old fashioned, but I want a friend that has manners.  If you are going to be late, you call and say I'm running late.  If you're invited to a function, you RSVP whether it's on the invitation or not.  I'm not perfect by any means, but I try to behave like a "good" grown up when I'm around other people's kids and I hope for that same respect around my kiddo.  I like friends who say please and thank you...and don't sag.  It doesn't bother me when I see your bra strap, but when I can see your underwear it really bothers me, especially if you aren't bent over trying to fix my sink.  I like friends who wait until 3/4 of the table is served when we go out to dinner.  Call me old school and when a lady gets up from the table, I think it's lovely when the men get up too.   I really like to see people everywhere displaying good manners.  Holding doors for people in shops, offering to help someone if they can't reach an item on a shelf or just having polite chit chat with someone who is serving you at a restaurant or checking you out at Target are all ways to show you have good manners.  I think how you interact with people, all people, shows what type of friend you might be.

What good manners do you like to see people display?  Do you have any other "M" words for me?

Today, Friday, April  15th is the final day to cast your vote in Round 2 of the 2011 SCBWI Crystal Kite.  If you are an SCBWI member and haven't voted please hop over and vote.  (Hilary Wagner's book Nightshade City is up for the award in one region!)


  1. Wow, this post is the half way mark. The month of A - Z blogging is going by fast. Maybe because I am reading the blogs and not posting for the challenge.
    : )

    Another great post, Sharon!

  2. Manners are hard to find in a good portion of the populace these days. Maybe because people are so busy with other things that they don't see the need, or were never taught, how important manners are. Great M posting, and thank you for sharing. It's a pleasure to meet you from the A-Z Challenge!

  3. Manners? Oh, I thought they were extinct! Important they are and their results can be Magical!

  4. Sharon, you are such a sweetheart, as usual. Thanks again for all your support! It's so nice to have friends like you! :)

    M is for "Sharon is awesome" today! There's an M in awesome, so it works in my book! ;)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  5. Go Hilary!
    And manners are always appreciated in friends and strangers!

  6. ah the lost art of manners. How I do swoon when they make their rare appearance!

    With all the great M words out there, I'm struggling to come up with a good friend attribute that starts with it. Modesty, maybe. Really, I'm drawing a blank. Must be Friday. :)

  7. Enjoyed your post. I'm trying to teach my grandson good manners. Occasionally its a challenge when others in the family don't remember to use theirs.

    Sharon - another A to Z Challenger

  8. hi miss sharon! wow my mom would of liked your post cause she was way big on manners. when you get taught them when youre little you dont never forget. cool post!
    ...hugs from lenny