Friday, January 7, 2011


Mom took me to see Dr. John.  Dr. John told Mom I couldn't have some people food.  Who would have thought that some people food was bad for me?  I like everything...If you drop it on the floor I'll eat it, but Dr. John says that's not always a good idea.

Ginger doesn't eat food off the floor.  She only eats cat food and kitty treats.  She's kind of a prima donna.  Check out her fancy fluffy bed!  See what I mean?

She even likes to eat on the table! 
Anyway, Dr. John said pets should NOT eat...
  • chocolate
  • coffee or any caffeine
  • alcohol
  • macadamia nuts
  • grapes or raisins
  • raw yeast dough
  • raw/undercooked  meat, eggs and bones
  • xylitol-a sweetner in many products
  • onions
  • garlic
  • chives
  • milk
  • salt
Mom asked Dr. John where he got his information from and he said, "Ahem...I'm a vet."  Then he chuckled and gave her a sheet of paper with the information on it.You can find out more information about things that can be dangerous for your pets at

I really like the smell of Mom when she eats chocolate, but she won't I chew my keys.

Or if I'm good I get to play with my raccoon teddy bear that Lenny sent me for Christmas.  But I only get to play with him when someone is watching.  My humans are kind of over-protective.
If you missed Amy's or Tess's post earlier this week about this creepy website you need to hop over and read their posts.  The website is called but you might as well call it TMI dot com!!!!! VERY CREEPY!!! Just sayin!!!  Check it out and remove yourself and make sure you are not on it more than once...My husband and I were on it twice at two different addresses...

Have a safe weekend!  HUGS to all...


  1. I checked the site and I'm not on it! But thanks for the warning, as well as the pet warnings. We also learned the hard way that anything that has MSG can be fatal:-(

  2. I started to check out that link, but I was kinda' creeped out by your warning. *grin*

    Aw, poor Macy. No MILK?!? Is it possible to live without milk? I'm sure glad I'm people.

    I'm lovin' the fun I've been havin' with the word verification. My word for today is ouslen. It sorta' makes me feel like I can read German. tee-hee

    ~ Yaya

  3. No alcohol? Does this apply to cats. If so, I'm going to change the liquid in Shaggy's water bowl.

    Your pets are adorable.

  4. Hi there. Yes it's me Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    It's so true that humans must be very careful what they feed to us.
    Hi Macy, hi Ginger! Nice raccoon from Lenny, by the way:-)
    Cuddles and pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny xx

  5. Our cat get in with the dogs and begs for people food with the best of them. She's a beast. But, we're careful what we let them have.

    I'll have to check out the creepy website.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon. :)

  6. How do we remove ourselves from the website?

    I'm on there about FIVE times... but I don't know how to remove myself.

  7. I would ask why I'd want to give a pet stuff like coffee, but then, you never know when a moment of madness might hit.

  8. Thanks for the tips! And Ginger looks so comfy in her bed. :)

  9. oh yeah, I work at a vet, so I know all about those things I shouldn't give my dog, whom being a lab, would pretty much eat anything :)

  10. I knew some of them... But then, my Sher has pancreatitis- all he can have is a specific kind of prescription food- my poor baby.

  11. You have a new cat?!! Awwww, Ginger's gorgeous!!! And lovely Macy!! I hope you are feeling better now and are off the chocolate!!! :-)I hope you have tons of fun with your teddy!! What a thoughtful gift from lovely Lenny!

    When my previous kitties were babies my sister and I gave them milk and they were really sick afterwards. Our vet told us that milk we humans drink is a BIG NO-NO - so we gave them special kitty milk! So yes, ordinary milk for humans is not good for pets!

    I typed my name!! I have like a gazillion doppelgangers in America!! And many more world wide!! LOL!! Thanks for the link!! Take care

  12. Those were excellent tips! We don't get any human food at all, but that doesn't stop us from asking! Have a great weekend!!!

  13. I would think alcohol would be a given. I mean, who would be cruel enough to give their pets a drink?

  14. It's always the food we like to eat that are bad for us. My dad, who had a heart problem, used to say "if it tastes good, spit it out, because it must be bad for you then" ~ haha!

    It's good to look after our health though so you better follow Dr's orders.

    Keep well!
    xo Catherine

  15. LOL - I love that Mom checked the Vets sources!! And thanks for the tip on the site! :)

  16. Wow -- milk. One of our cats loves it AND yogurt, though she only gets occasional licks.

  17. Yeah! My cats never got people food...oh well, I take that back. Sometimes they got bits of deviled ham or tuna. I knew cats weren't supposed to have milk, though. Funny, and people always try to give them milk in a saucer.

  18. I knew about some of the things on the list, but not all of them. Thanks for sharing the list of items that are dangerous people food for pets.

  19. hi macy! its real cool that mom lets your do a post some times. this is just a really important one. im thinking stuff on that list could maybe not be good for our wild critters. im just really glad you like your coonie toy. you and ginger look real comfy in your nice new beds. mom sure spoils you! soft pat on the head specially for you and ginger. from lenny
    ps hi miss sharon!

  20. Your dog and cat are sooooo darn cute!
    I do try to not let my dogs have people food, but they certainly try to get the dropped food! Good reminder of what is really bad for our furry friends! And speaking of dogs, my dog's birthday today. My youngest is 2! My oldest is 14 in March!
    Pets are awesome.

  21. I was shocked when I read about the onion and garlic a while back. Especially when I saw a dog show host recommend garlic once! Love the cute pictures :) Happy New year!

    The Arrival, on Amazon NOW!

  22. Cute post, Sharon! I love the raccoon toy from Lenny. Our Labradoodle's favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog! LOL. :-)

  23. Good info! I knew some of the information, but some was definitely a surprise. Thankfully my cats don't get human food at all. It seems like it's harder to avoid human food with dogs.

  24. way to go posting this! I caught my own dad slipping my dog chocolate and I said - NO!!!

  25. I agree 100%... thx for the post, and best wishes.

  26. No milk for a cat too? Oh my-I don't have pets now but really messed up when I did according to this list.

  27. Ginger in her fluffy new bed is so adorable.

  28. Interesting about the not fully cooked meat. Who would have thought?

    I don't own a dog, but I've heard stories about chocolate. Yikes! These are good things to know beforehand. :)

  29. Cute animals!

    I'm careful about picking up dropped food from the floor and not leaving dirty dishes around for my cats to lick. They sure are intrigued by human food, though.

  30. I had no idea there was so much pets couldn't eat!

    Thanks for the link. Will be sure to check it out. Definitely creepy.

  31. You have a lovely Ginger! I want one! :) Thank you for the smushable photos.

  32. Such cute pictures, Sharon, and a load of good information. Thanks for sharing! Also, you got me spooked well and good with the warning about that web site. Gotta go check it out!!

  33. Good info on what not to feed pets! And as for spokeo, I removed myself a while back. Which incidentally is not easy to do. Creepy indeed.

  34. Sorry I've been so distant, Sharon!! :) Thanks for this great advice and I think I'm in love with Ginger... lol. I miss having a kitty. :(

  35. How cute your pets are! I don't have pets, but it's good to know what they shouldn't have.

  36. Hi Sharon .. I don't have pets now .. but how many people feed their pets their own food without thinking ..

    I hadn't taken on board that about cats - I'm sure they 'steal' occasionally - have a few licks?! Ginger looks pretty zonked out - too much Christmas entertainment?!

    Happy New Year - & how brilliant is Lenny's present ... no wonder you're keeping it 'special' .. cheers Hilary

  37. love Ginger's prima dona style :)

  38. i'm always nervous when i'm around pups and food - once my gma's pup had chocolate and almost died! yikes!