Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Need Some Good Luck???

Guess what I found?  I found some good luck...To some people this might just look like a regular old penny laying on the ground, but this is a found penny and found pennies bring good luck. (After all, it's free money!)

 Why is it  some people find more lucky pennies than other people do?  I have a theory...They are looking for them.  My advice is this...If you want more lucky pennies, you have to work for them: pound the pavement, send out queries, use social and professional networks, join professional organizations....reach out and find as many pennies as you can.  The more lucky pennies you find, the better your chances for success...

If you found a MAGIC COIN (which is different than a lucky penny), and you were allowed one wish (and you can't wish for more wishes...that rule's for you Amy) what would you wish for?


  1. Sharon, you are one of the most positive people I know! I freakin' love it. Anyway, you are absolutely right-- you've got to pound the pavement for a lot of lucky pennies. I remember watching a tennis match on tv and a player had hit an almost impossible shot. One of the announcers said it was a 'lucky' shot. The other announcer said, 'Funny how the BEST players always seem to make those 'lucky' shots.' It's true that you make your own luck :-)

  2. Melissa--I'm a firm believer in making your own luck...

  3. One wish? To make enough money from writing to write full-time.

    I'll keep working for those lucky pennies.

  4. My wish would be that I would make enough money from writing that my family would never have money worries again!

  5. Good advice! I'm always looking for pennies!

    If I found a magic coin, I think I would just ask for something simple like health/happiness. Too easy for the bigger/specific wishes to backfire on you.

  6. hi miss sharon! does it count if you didnt find it yourself and someone really nice sent you a special big lucky penny? :) for one wish id wish everyone in the whole world could love each other. thanks for puttin my oath on your blog!
    ...hugs from lucky lenny

  7. I would wish for a cure for all cancer...Have a great week, Sharon.

  8. You are right about looking for every opportunity and opening doors.

    I guess I am selfish... I would wish for a billion dollars. They say money doesn't make happiness, but I would love to give it a shot.

    My entire problem stem with not having enough money--in fact it probably is the only real problem I have in life.

  9. My wish at the moment is to get through lambing without any problems :o)

  10. I guess if I had one wish, it would be that my children an' my grandies would have the means an' the desire enough to live nearby. I miss 'em all so much, sometimes.

    I believe that it takes a lot of effort to make your own luck. However, on occasion, real luck comes through. Keep lookin' at the ground. I once found $87 within ten minutes an' although I tried to find the owner, no one claimed it. It happened to be on a day when we were desperate, too. I also believe in miracles.

    ~ Yaya

  11. I'd wish for a 2nd magic coin that gave me 2 wishes...

    Love this post. Thanks for the encouraging word. Hard work pays off.

  12. My mum and auntie always scour pavements for dropped pennies! You'll be surprised how much they have at the end of the week - it's amazing!! LOL!!!

    Ooooh I wish to be able to eat as much chocolate and never gain weight! Sigh!

    take care

  13. Your absolutely right...we make our own luck and if you live life with a positive attitude then I firmly believe that positive things happen!

    A magic coin and a wish eh...I think i would wish that no-one had to live in poverty! I think it's awful that some people have so much and some so little...i saw a lot of it in Thailand!

    C x

  14. Don't you just love when you find lucky pennies? Here is my wish, and it has nothing to do with writing. I wish for good health. Whenever I find a penny heads up and I pick it up that's my wish. I've been through so much death in my life that I know that if you don't have your health, you have nothing. All the money in the world can't cure you of a deadly disease. So, my wish is for good health so that I'm able to care for my family and raise my sons to be kind, loving and caring young men. that's my wish -- always:)

  15. Gosh ~ so many wishes to wish for! But I think I would wish for good health for me and my family. After all, without your health, what have you got?

    Happy Wednesday Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  16. Theresa--Your article on GLA is AWESOME....way to work those pennies!

    Susanne D.--I wish that for everyone! (that and happiness and health)

    Vicki--You're right, if you are too specific sometimes you get exactly what you ask for...and it's not always what you really mean....

    Lenny--Someone special found that old big penny for you. My Grandad found it at an antique store in England. I asked him to look for some of them for me. And somehow we found each other online. :) I can't imagine any better luck than that.... I think you are helping spread love and happiness around the world with your "hugs."

    Jacqueline--Me too!

    Jeff--I think people with LOTS of money say money doesn't buy you happiness. LOL! I'm thinking that's because they don't know how to manage it....

    Niki--I hope you get through it too...

    YaYa--I think miracles and luck are two different things...

  17. Lynda--Way to find a loop hole! LOL

    Jennifer--My Dad's the same way, he's always finding money...but I think people in England drop more oney than they do in the States.

    I'd like a free pass on chips!

    Carol--You are right...attitude is key! It gives you the advantage when you have the opportunity to better yourself...

    Buffy--Health isn't really something we can buy is it...Sometimes it's the luck of the draw/gene pool....I wish you and your family the best of health in the future and I wish you happiness and success too...but I can do that cause it's my blog. (wink)

    Catherine--You can do so much more with your life if you feel good....health is so important! I hope you have a wonderful day too...

  18. I used to get excited about finding pennies..then, one time I found one at a writers conference and this guy next to me said, "But it's tails up. That's bad luck". It got me all freaked out and now I see a penny and have this crazy discussion in my head:

    "Oh, a penny, hooray - that's good luck!"

    "Wait! maybe it's tails up...I don't want it if it's tails up."

    *glances at penny*

    "Crap! It is tails up. Now, is it worse luck if I leave it and walk on by? Do I already have th bad luck just by seeing it? blah...blah...blah..."

    See the extent of my insanity?

  19. Tess--It's free money...it doesn't matter which side is up or down...it's good luck unless it is in bubble gum!

  20. Great, great advice. I think there's a lot of luck in the world, but if you rely on it completely, you're never going to get anywhere. Sure, it's lucky that the pennies are there at all (and that a certain agent might be looking for exactly what you're writing right now), but if you don't go out and hunt down those pennies, you'll never pick one up!

  21. How about if I wished to be successful at everything I ever tried to do? Or is that like wishing for more wishes? I don't think so. I think I found a loophole.

    Tossing It Out

  22. You are so right about looking for pennies and backing them up with hard work!

    Does that even make sense? Well, you know what I mean. ;)

    As for a wish. To sell the first novel. Get the wheels churnin'. The show on the road. The pennies rollin'...

  23. I would wish for more wishes so I could share with my friends!

  24. Great post - I totally agree :)

    One wish? If I could spend it on my kids I'd wish for them to have happy, healthy lives.

    If it were all about me?... That's hard because my life is pretty darn good, but I'd probably wish for more time - maybe a magic hour a day just for me!

  25. Hi Sharon .. be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise! and then give lots to others .. share and share alike ..

    Or what Brian said .. more wishes to share with his or my friends for that matter ..

    & have fun days - Hilary

  26. Sangu--Good points! Work hard, look for pennies and make sure you re ready to use those pennies when the time is right. :)

    Arlee--I'm not sure...But who doesn't wish for that? LOL, I've never gotten up and thought...I'd sure like to fall down the stairs this morning. :)

    Suzanne C.--I like that a lot! Looking for pennies and then backing them up with hard work. :) Nicely said! (I've got my fingers crossed for you!)

    Brian--I guess I should have been more specific...I didn't mean only Amy couldn't wish for more wishes...but I think your wish is lovely!

    Jemi--Very nice on all accounts. (I love that you are still thinking a little bit about IBKTY week...)

  27. My five year old LOVES finding pennies. He yells, "It's heads up! It's my lucky day!" Then he says, "I found a lucky day!"
    Sometimes we drop one outside, just so he'll be excited...
    My wish is that my family would be healthy and happy.

  28. Just one wish? That's so hard! If this were a beauty contest of some sort, then the right answer would be very easy: "World Peace". But seeing as it isn't, I would say, "My wish is for me and each one of my family and friends to be content and at peace with where he/she is." (Does that still count as one wish, btw? ;-))

  29. Yay for lucky coins!

    I just want to be happy and for everyone around me to be happy, too. That's not much to ask, is it?

  30. Hilary M-B--You are so sweet!

    Kelly--One car dealership we bought a car from scattered coins around the lot for kids to find...Our kiddo found about thirty cents...She thought she was rich!

    Hema--What lovely wishes....

    Talli--I'm starting to realize when I give away one lucky coin to one writer and that one lucky coin has one wish on it, it's going to have to come with a contract spelling out exactly what one wish is...Lots of people have managed to find a loop hole in my one wish coin... LOL!

  31. Here in my country finding a clover with four leaves is good luck, and ever since I've found one some 15 years ago and put it in my wallet I've always had money in it :)

  32. Hey Sharon. Nope! I had not heard of the silly band until you told me about it here. They seem like fun and harmless enough. Wish I'd have thought of it!

    Thanks for comin to my blog recently. Great to see you there. And here.



  33. I would wish for a super power! Either the ability to time travel or to fly. Is time traveling actually a superpower, though? Maybe not. Okay, scratch that. I want a magic door that will take me ANYWHERE. All I have to do is stand at the door and announce where I want to go, open the door - THERE I AM! But I want to be able to go back in time too. It would be so lovely to hang out with people who are no longer here. Is that morbid? I'm just a grown woman who still misses her grandma terribly! But I also want to go to Hawaii anytime I want to so that door would really come in handy then! For those "wanna get away?" moments!

  34. Jennie--Your magic door sounds like a great wish. I wouldn't mind using it to visit my Nanny who has departed and my Nanny and Grandad who live in England. :) I'm sure in a few months I'll really want a trip to somewhere warm too.... Thanks for stopping in.

    Dezmond--15 years! Wow, that's a long time to hold on to a clover. I hope it's brought you lots of luck. :)

    Keri--They seem to be quite the rage right now...