Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow up on I.B.K.T.Y. WEEK

 What did you do for International Be Kind To Yourself Week?  I want a full report...

I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota for three days.  It was lovely!  We did some of my favorite things...We ate at Chevy's Tex-Mex our first night.  (YUM!)  We got up early and went to the Minnesota Zoo.

This is Seymour, their male dolphin. He was born in the wild.  They have a one month old baby, but she was in the back pool and we couldn't get a good picture of her or her Mum.

There were lots of prairie dogs.  The guide said they didn't know how many there are as they can make tunnels up to thirty feet deep  and they have tunnelled all over the zoo.  (My husband reminded me there were other animals in the park, after I took about 25 photographs of them...they are sooo cute!)

This has to be the funniest sight I have EVER seen at any zoo (and I've been to a lot of zoos...)  Just in case you are wondering, those are camels.

After the zoo we went to The Walker Arts Center and saw some art, both modern and traditional.
Then we walked through a sculpture garden.
What trip to Minneapolis would be complete without a trip to the Mall of The Americas?  So we hit the mall for a few hours of shopping.  I don't have photos.  LOL!  But, I now have new dishes.  My hubby has been complaining for ten years about our artsy now we have new ones.  (Black on the outside and white on the inside.)

Then we went to a science museum on the bank of the Mississippi River. We saw an awesome exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls!

They had a real tugboat in the exhibit.  It was on the roof, but you entered it through the building...

So, What did you do for International Be Kind To Yourself Week?  Do you need an extension?  If you do let me know....I'm the founder of the movement, so I can grant you one.  :)

PS: Marcia Hoehne, ICL instructor, is doing a critique give-away....You might want to hop over and sign up ASAP!


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip, Sharon!

    I do need an extension. My husband started football practices this week and I've been spending a lot of time crying. Darn hormones. I've also been doing a lot of housework. (Gaaak! What's wrong with me?!) So, yes, please send over the masseuse for that foot massage. :D And thanks for founding such an awesome movement. You are a gem! :)


  2. Sounds like you enjoyed a fun adventure!...Buying the house is ultimately being kind to myself since it's a great house, but it's a lot of work and I don't think I will be able to enjoy myself until I'm really moved in and have this house up for sale...So, I need an extension=I'll use my week in October!...Happy Friday, sweet friend.

  3. Oh noes - I've been whipping myself with my ms redrafts all week !! Erm!! Oh now I remember!! I was kind to myself when I got me my new Wellies off ebay!! Yes - that was my kind thing to myself! Yay!!

    Awwww i love prairie dogs! BBC did a nature documentary on these much misunderstood critters and they are just lovely!! They have a language so sophisticated and a social structure so complex it puts humans' ones to shame. They're lovely!!

    And camels and dolphins too.
    Shopping is always good for the soul (well I say that to my bank manager all the time).

    Take care

  4. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip! You should have posted a picture of the dishes - I wanted to see them!

    Okay, what did I do? Let's see...lots of napping. Oh! And I went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert. I don't think I've been to a concert in almost fifteen years. Had a great time. :)

  5. New dishes ~ fun! And the camel photo is funny! Sounds like you had a great week and got some kindness to yourself in ~ good for you.

    I don't need an extension BUT I think you should declare a IBKTYW at least every 2nd month. Even reading some of your responses above ~ you can tell woman don't always look after themselves first. I think it's ingrained in us ~ no?

    So ~ what I did for myself this week:
    1) I did not let myself feel guilty during or after eating ice cream
    2) I stayed in bed longer then normal, curled up watching a movie
    3) I read my book instead of vacuuming
    4) I went to bed extra early last night
    5) I asked my hubby to clean out the kitty litter box for me (and he did!)

    Thanks for declaring IBKTYW Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  6. Sounds and looks like a great trip! We finally drove over to the beach this week and loved it!

  7. Hadn't heard of Int B Kind... week before :)

    But... I happened to go down to Toronto and watch several days of the Roger's Cup tennis tournament. I saw so many great matches - it was fabulous!!!

  8. My gift arrived in the post today and I love it :-D. (Friday is my clean the house day...I HATE cleaning...your package put a big smile on my face!)

    I've been working on a new painting this week...loosing myself in the creative process is one of my greatest pleasures! Oh and I got new glasses which was exciting but meant I could see the dust clearer!

    C x

  9. hi miss sharon! wow i missed you big time. im glad you had a real nice time. i love all the pictues. that dolphin is my fav cause you know i love dolphins and got to swim with one once. im gonna write about it some time. those little dogs are cool. i couldnt believe they could dig so deep. they could get all the way to china. the camels look like hills. i like how you share out your pictures. that one art thing is art? it looks like some of my legos stuff. ha ha. i didnt do something special for me this week but i had a fun week. i did miss jens blog fest and it was so much fun. its my first one ever and i got a bunch more followers from it. i hope you have a real fun weekend.
    ...hugs from lenny

  10. So glad you had a great trip, Sharon! For international be kind week, I guess I didn't give myself too hard of a time for not being as productive as I've liked. Every little bit counts! Thanks for the comments this week as well!

  11. Would i be an absolute geek if I said I spent the entire week writing? It's been fabulous :) I also bought myself some triple-chocolate coconut milk ice cream. mmm.... :)

  12. That sounds like a great getaway, Sharon!
    When we were in Wyoming, we drove by so many prairie dogs. We got out and were surrounded. They were so cute!
    I've treated myself to too many desserts in the past week. Kind to my tastebuds, not kind to my body. :)

  13. Awesome pics Sharon! It did take me awhile to figure out that the camels were not buried in the grass...too funny! And I'm jealous you got to see The Dead Sea Scrolls...Ummm and I need a 2 week extension :)

  14. Looks wonderful! I love Minneapolis...

  15. Looks like a wonderful time… thx for the pics. I found time to be with my family, I consider that to be “kind to myself” thx for the inspiration.

  16. Your new dishes sound very cool!
    This was a tough week to find 'me' time - car problems, internet problems, a birthday party to plan...but I did find time to work on a contest essay and paint my toenails. :)

  17. It was Be Kind to Yourself Week? Nobody told me! But I didn't do too badly. I got away for a couple days in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. That was pretty good.

    Those pictures are gorgeous. I didn't know Minneapolis was so beautiful! And those camels lying on that grass -- how funny! They must think they've hit the jackpot!

  18. I bought cobalt blue (my favorite color) nail polish and painted my toes. I never take time to paint my nails, and I've never owned blue nail polish before.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  19. That sounds amazing, Sharon! What a fab week. I've had a pretty good one, too. Lots of writing, reading.... various yummy bits to eat!

  20. What wonderful pics! Hummm, I have no idea what to do, maybe some nice vacation in the caribbean lol

  21. Hi Sharon .. loved the tour - wonderful pictures .. and the camels - too funny by half!

    Just at the moment - very little me time .. I have taken a few days out to just work (ie not visiting my mother .. my brother will be there - but it's not the same for my Ma .. but occasionally needs must!) I do feel better that I've got my head down - though & I'm catching up a little ... lots more to do.

    Still one step at a time - then in the Autumn some more free time for a few other things I hope ..

    Are you going to write about the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition a bit more - sounds so interesting ..

    Glad you had a wonderful break .. have a lovely weekend .. Hilary

  22. You chronicled a wonderful trip with a variety of activities.

  23. Aw I love that dolphin! This sounds like a brilliant trip, I'm envious!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was such a nice surprise!

  24. Love the pics! Sounds like you had a great adventure. I recently visited the Central Park Zoo and was reminded how much fun a zoo can be.

    I'm going to borrow from your last post and splurge on a pedicure. Your manicure idea inspired me! Thanks!

  25. Hey Sharon, These photos are amazing and awesome. You have a great eye and probably a good camera, cuz they look professional.

    so appreciate you chiming in on Mr. Estes letter on Always Curtsy When you Sneeze. I loved your comment. Have a great weekend. Keri

  26. Amy--Pregnant women get 12 month extensions...Be kind to yourself and your body!

    Jaqueline--You have a lot going on. I'm sure you'll be able to kick back and relax in October in your new house. :)

    Jennifer--I think you ordered those boots a few weeks ago...I'm giving you an extension....

    Susan--Wow, I'm so excited for you! I know how much you like the Goo Goo Dolls! I'll try and remember to post a photo of my new dishes. :)

    Catherine--I am sooooo proud of you! You are right! I think we are programmed to think of others first. I'll be doing some more posts on the importance of taking care of ourselves. I think it makes us much healthier people.

    Terri--I'm glad you got to the beach (I'm trying to not be jealous....). I hope you took a good book!

    Jemi--I, ummmmm, made it up...I thought it was an important issue and needed to be addressed....

    I'm glad you had fun in Toronto.

    Carol--I'm glad you liked your little prize. :) I'm glad you started a new painting...sorry about the dust. I have the same issues here.

    Lenny--I loved your post on Miss Jen's blogfest! You really "got" a lot of people with your character. WTG!

    I missed you too. :) That is sooo cool that you got to swim with a dolphin before! I've never done anything like that.

    Bluestocking--I think that is important too. Being kind to yourself includes not being too tough on yourself. I used to make my students say a positve mantra each day. :)

    Rosie-So we are all wondering where you get triple chocolate cocconut milk ice cream...

    Kelly--I firmly believe if you deny yourself treats it will come back and bite you later in life. Nothing wrong with having them....

    S.S.--Consider it granted, but come back and let me know that you did do something nice for yourself....all work and no play make life miserable....

    Sherrie--I'm expecting to hear that you did something nice for yourself next week, once the kiddos are back in school. :)

    Jeff--Nothing beats family time...I'm hoping that we find time to play some board games today. :)

    Adrienne--Toes are not so good (I had a flat too). Maybe you can sit in the sun and read for a few hours one afternoon next week. :)

    Dianne--I'm just a little of my WAD mates lives near the Poconos...I hope you had a super time. Are you going to post any photos?

    BTW, the camels are IN a pond....YUCK!

    Myrna--I love dark nail polish too! Mine are a really dark purple right now, almost black....

    Talli--I'm glad you've had a good week. When does your new book come out? I know I need to get your book about London before my next trip over....

    Clara--Don't go in February...we went and it wasn't very warm. We never even swam on the cruise ship or in the ocean on the islands we stopped on.....

    Hilary MB--You have a lot on your plate. I'm glad your brother is helping you with your Mum. :) I hope the move is going well.

    They wouldn't let you take any photographs in the Sea Scroll exhibit....There was one piece that had been wrapped around a handle that when they unrolled it came off in the shape of the lock ness monster it was beautiful....They didn't have good souvenires either of I would have purchased a print of it and posted a photo of that. :(

    Paul--Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Sangu--Thanks for stopping in. I was surprised by how much there was to do in Minneapolis. There actually was another zoo, but it was free and parking was insane, so we didn't go. Next time we are going to look for a more traditional art museum.

  27. Suzanne C.- All movements have to start somewhere! I'm glad you are going to get a pedi. I'm going to look for somewhere here (in Iowa) to do it more regularly. I got this one at the place in Saint Charles where I used to live...

  28. Keri--I wish I had a good camera. I've got to take it in and see if they can do something about the lens. I have a mark on it. I'be bought a cleaner, but I have to crop out part of every photo....

    Your post from Mr. Estes was very moving. Our WWII veterans deserve to be listened to!

  29. I had exams and generally was unkind to myself all week. Thankfully, today I'm spending the day READING! Hopefully I can get one review out for this month. :P

    Thanks for visiting my blog. The Candidates it definitely a book to look out for. I've heard raving reviews. :)

  30. WOW! Those piccies are really GORGEOUS Sharon!

    Just popped over and became a follower after reading your email via FB. MMMmmm - you've really got my juices going about starting a blog now!

    Who is the photographer in the family? The photos are beautifully clear!

    I'm trying to be kind to others this week - especially to 2 sons and hubby. I am self employed and work really LOOOOONG hours during the school year and feel guilty about not spending as much time as I should with my men!


  31. Cass--I hope you get to relax a bit after your exams and BKTY!

    Connie--Congratulations on your upcoming book! You have a sweet blog!

    Ann Marie W.-I'm so glad we met on FB! I can't wait for you to start your blog...

  32. I didn't get my hair cut or colored, BUT I did get my naps in. I've been meaning to get my hair cut and colored all summer, so one of these days it will finally happen.

    Have a great week!
    : )

  33. Susanne--There is always next week! I'm glad you took some time for naps. I find I'm more creative after I take a nap. :)

  34. Well, mine wasn't quite as adventurous as yours, but I did go for a soak in the hot tub with a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of Amarula. It was bliss. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  35. Awesome pics, looks like you had a lot of fun! my week so far did include a little bit of travel, but not for fun. :(