Friday, July 16, 2010


Day Two's winners are:
Old Kitty (Jennifer) & Catherine

Please email me your full names and addresses...skmayh at q dot com
(Hmm, random picture...)

For the next 16 days my posts are going to be brief, but to the point and random...I'm sure you know about Jackee's and my REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog party, right? If not click here to enter my grand prize giveaway and here to enter Jackee's. Check back with me daily to answer a few questions worthy of a few small, but random daily prizes...

Today's questions...
  1. What phobia does Howie Mandel have?  Do you have it too?
  2. If you were going to recarpet my basement, what tool might you need?
Thanks for joining in on our random fun! If you have trouble entering the grand prize give away, leave me a note in the comments. :) [Jackee and I will not be playing along on each others games as we don't want to mess up any of's karma for future contests we enter...] Check back tomorrow to see if you won prize number 1 or 2.


  1. hi miss sharon! that picture looks like a dried up stalk of corn. heres my answers for today not sure but i think he doesnt like to get touched. if thats right it not me cause i like touch stuff and i love getting and giving out hugs.

    2. for a tool for doing a carpet in your basement i could need a carpet stretcher. i saw it one time and you gotta keep bumpin it with your knee to make the carpet fit. looks like it could get your knees really sore.

    ...hugs from lenny

  2. And the fun continues ... Happy Friday to you :)

  3. Hooray for Old Kitty! Congrats to Catherine too.

    1) Howie Mandell has a fear of germs. I don't have that phobia.

    2) I'd use staple gun for your carpet.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. 1. He's afraid of car door handles.

    2. A wet vac.


  5. Congrats to Old Kitty and Catherine! I won over at Jackee's blog yesterday, and since I'm still feeling guilty over winning too many blog contests, please don't enter me in the drawings, but I'd still like to answer the fun questions. :)

    1. Fear of germs, and no, that's not me, I don't give germs a whole lot of thought.

    2. A staple gun.

    Okay, I stole answers I saw above, but they sounded good to me. :)

  6. Oops, I'm in trouble on this one because I don't know who Howie is and I would probably need a car ride to get to where your basement is.

  7. Germ phobia is silly because the best immune system is one that is frequently challenged (exposed to germs)!

    I think you will need a good utility knife and some knee pads! Good luck with that! :)

  8. Germs bother me more as a parent than they did before I had kids, but I'm certainly not phobic about them. Not that phobias are rational: I'm more scared of doctors and hospitals than I am of germs.

    A razor blade

  9. Howie Mandel has a phobia of litter. I'm certain! I do, too, because I know my green-conscious 6-year old is going to tell me to pick it up.

    And I think you need a carpet cutting knife at least. I think. :)

    Good luck with that. SO not fun about the basement.

  10. Um, number one, I have no idea and I certainly hope I don't have it too. Number two, I'd need a credit card to pay someone to recarpet your basement.

  11. Congrats to the winners! And I`d use a hammer...people use hammer for these things, right?

  12. 1. What phobia does Howie Mandel have? Do you have it too? GERMS! I'm not afraid of germs. Except germs on spiders. But only because I'm afraid of spiders.
    2. If you were going to recarpet my basement, what tool might you need? Carpet! That IS a tool, right? I didn't do so well in woodshop. Carpeting is a woodshop-y thing, right?

  13. Oh Wow!! I won! I won!! Yay!! Thank you so much!! And congratulations to the other winners too! Yay!! LOL! :-) How lovely!

    What phobia does Howie Mandel have? Do you have it too? I don't fear germs - but I don't like them either!!!
    If you were going to recarpet my basement, what tool might you need? A nice bottle of Chardonay. With some cheese and biscuits.


    Thank you again!!! :-)

    take care

  14. Howie Mandel has mysophobia. I do not have this, though I have some interesting phobias. Including once thinking a gorilla was after me.
    To carpet your basement one would need a power stretcher (possible rental),staple gun,plastic broad knife,carpet trimmer, and utility knife. It seems more than one tool is necessary. But I would need my cell phone and debit card as I would subcontract ;)

  15. 1. Afraid of germs. I'm not.
    2. Not a tool but a trait: Patience!

  16. Whahooo!!!! I'm so excited!!! Thanks Sharon!!! I will e-mail you my address ASAP! Fun!

    1. Howie has Germaphobia ~ I would have to say I have it a wee bit but certainly not like him. I will shake hands but I'd rather give you a hug! :)
    2. To re-carpet your basement ~ the tool I would need is a credit card since I know nothing about putting down carpet so I would just pay someone to do it so that it was done properly! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely evening Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  17. Thanks for dropping by Jen's blog and commenting on my interview! have a good one!

  18. 1: Afraid of germs. I'm not.

    2: A carpet stretcher.