Monday, May 24, 2010


Catherine and Amy were selected by, as the winner's of Gene Gagliano's book MY TEACHER DANCES ON HIS DESK.  They each will get a signed copy.

While I was working through losing Stripes several of my lovely blog friends gave me some awards and I'd like to pass them on:

Wendy, aka Quillfeather, has a lovely blog full of interesting and informative posts.  If you haven't checked her head down under...well, New Zealand and have a look around.  :)

I'd like to pass this along to a few of my new blog friends...Brian and Jacqueline have creative cat blogs.  If you love cats check them out.

So let's see four truths and one untruth about me....
1. I'm 5'5.5" tall.
2. I've been to five countries including the US.
3. I'm a women's rights activist.
4. I've helped build a Habitat For Humanity house.
5. I was honored by the American Red Cross in Missouri a few years ago.

This award comes from one of my new critique group members: Hema.  Hema has an insightful blog full of deep thoughts.  I'd like to pass this award along to...Joany who has been steadily blogging and emailing even in her dentist induced tortured condition and to Talli who posts the most wonderful pictures of England and Wales and makes me a little bit homesick.

This lovely award came from Shannon.  Shannon is all over the blogging world.  I think I have yet to visit a site that she hasn't made a comment on.  I'd like to pass this along to Jill. She's a Christian romance writer and has a lovely blog.  She's the one who motivated me to post my weekly goals.  I'd also like to present this award to Jennifer, aka Old Kitty.  She and her cat Charlie frequent a lot of blogs and leave wonderful insightful comments.

This sweet blog award came from Jade.  Jade is in the middle of trying to make a big decision about her career.  So hop over and see if you can offer up any advice...I'd like to present this award to Dawn.  I met Dawn through Mark McVeigh and hope you'll check her out.  I'd also like to present it to A.L. (Amy).  I had the honor of reading the first 15 pages of one of her manuscripts.  To me it's a huge honor when someone wants my advice on a piece.  (big smile)  If you haven't checked out these blogs...give 'em a shot.  (really big smile)

Again, I'd like to thank all of you for helping me during my struggle with losing Stripes.  Over the past two weeks I discovered a whole new world of bloggers.  I had no idea people blogged about so many topics.  Seriously, I just thought blogging was a writer thing.  I found a whole world of bloggers that appear to be cats...cats that can type and take beautiful photographs.  (wink)  I found bloggers that talk about different diseases.  Blogs that are about our current culture and ones about decorating and crafts.  I put a few of my favorites on my sidebar.

Have you discovered any non-writer blogs that you have to check on, just because they make you smile?  Feel free to share.  I'm close to reaching my new blogs visited (and commmented on) goal for Jackee's May Scramble.  I promise, I will go visit any blogs you list (unless I think they are naughty ones...).


  1. I don't know if any of the blogs I visit are without some element of the writer world. But there are some which represent art more than literary . . . Hmm, I'll have to keep my eyes open and let you know!

  2. Congratulations on all of the nice awards and thinks for thinking of me, I really do appreciate it! You have a bunch of cool writer friends, I hope they don't mind if a bit of cat fur floats by their way!

  3. Congrats on your Awards, what a nice recognition here! I do have several bloggers stop by my blog who aren't writers, but that may also be because my content is geared to pursuing our passions, whatever they may be. So I enjoy being inspired by many different arts, crafts and hobbies.

  4. Thank you for the blog award, Sharon. That's very sweet of you. Congrats on all the blog awards! :)

  5. Congrats on your awards! You wear them well. :)

    I'm guessing that you haven't been to five countries. *crossing fingers*

  6. Congrats on your awards, Sharon, and thanks for the kind mention :)

    There's a great blog I follow called 'Dave's Photo & Travelblogue'. At present he's doing an 'Around the World' trip. It's so interesting. Lots of wonderful pics.

    Dave, also has another blog where he talks about a novel he's written called 'Demon's Bane'.

  7. Congrats on your awards! I'm pretty sure I know what your untruth is, but since I know you personally, I don't want to spoil the fun for others.

    I enjoy keeping up with Pam at The Chronicles of a Veteran Kindergarten Teacher. With your teaching background, you probably would to, if you don't already.

  8. Congrats on all the awards! And thanks for sharing the links. It's always fun to see where everyone else is and meeting new friends.

    I think the truth is that you helped build a Habitat for Humanity house. Can't wait for the reveal. :)

  9. Thank you Sharon! How exciting to win this lovely book. Books are very near and dear to me. I will cherish this for sure. I will e-mail you my address asap. You are just too sweet!

    And congratulations on all your awards ~ how lovely!

    Hope you have a lovely evening!
    xo Catherine

  10. I go to Hollywood Spy for my entertainment news. The link is actually on my blog today! Congrats on the awards, Sharon!!

  11. Oo! I won something? I think this is the first time I've won a blog giveaway. :) I'm so excited. I can't wait to receive Gene's book. Thanks Sharon!

  12. Congratulations on all of your awards and thanks so much for thinking of me; I am honored to be one of your new friends...I am looking forward to enjoying your blog and getting to know you better...I hope you have a happy week, Sharon.

  13. Amy--Do let me know if you come across other topics...I really had no idea that other people blogged.

    Brian--We'd love to have your fur flying around...I'm sure you'll make everyone smile, like you do for me. I'm so glad I wandered over to your home. (next time I'll bring catnip)

    Joanne--Thanks. :) You are a writer though...My blog tends to be a bit all over the place. (But that's how I roll...)

    Dawn--Thanks and I'm glad you like the award I passed on to you. :) I'm so glad we've virtually met...

    DL--SPARTA!!! You'll have to wait and see...

    Wendy M.--I can't wait to go and check out Dave! I love to travel...

    Susan--I haven't seen Pam's blog. I'll go check it out Kindergarteners are so funny. I substituted in one class for a few weeks...they are very literal. Let me see your hands means something different to kindergarteners than it does to fourth graders...

    Janet--Thanks. Well you are right...I did work on a habitat house. That narrows the field down to four...

    Catherine--I'll get the book in the mail to you tomorrow, barring any problems. :) Congratulations!

    Kelly--I haven't read your post yet today. I can't wait to hop over and check out the link.

    Amy--I'm so sorry about One Up...I'll get the book in the mail tomorrow. :) I'm glad you won. You needed something nice today...

    Jacqueline--You will always have a special spot in my heart. I truly appreciated your email. It takes a special person to stop and share part of themselves when they see someone is in need...and that's what you did. :)

    Jeff--Thanks for stopping by I hope you are having a lovely week.

    Later this week I'm going to post a new interview for a chiclit author I'm friends with. OMGoodness her book is a tear jerker.

  14. Ooh... naughty blogs! (Hee, hee.) Too bad I'm such a prude I don't know any to punk you with. :o)

    Congrats on all the wonderful awards and for finding so many amazing blogs. You are my hero! Seriously. I would guess all those lies about you are true because I can totally see that about you. So I'm going to have to shoot in the dark and guess women's activist because it's the only one far enough fetched.

    P.S. Congrats to the book winners... I'm only mildly jealous. :o)

  15. Thank you, Sharon, both for the award and the amazing critique. You are a gem! I appreciate both so much. :)


  16. Awwwww you're a sweetie!! Thank you so so so so much for my beautiful blogger award! It's very pretty thank you!

    Ooooh I'm trying to discover the untruth in your creative blogger list... they all sound so good!!! Er... no 1 is an untruth??

    I'm most curious about Jade's big decision so am going to pop over there now!

    Thank you again for my lovely nomination! Oh and well done Catherine and Amy for winning "My teacher dances on his desk"!

    Take care

  17. Oh, thank you so much Sharon! :) Yay for awards - and congrats on all yours! I'm glad you've enjoyed my photos.

  18. Jackee--I'm glad you aren't able to punk me with a naughty link...So you think I don't believe in women's rights??? hmmm...

    Amy S.--Thanks for sharing your lovely ms with me. :)

    Old Kitty--You are such a sweetie! And I am 5'5.5" tall....So that leaves three I haven't admitted to...

    Talli--You are welcome. You have a sweet blog!

  19. wow, lots of great awards there. I also love surfing non-writers' blogs. I read lots of dogsledding blogs.
    Hey - we're exactly the same height!

  20. Congrats on all of your pretty new awards, Sharon. You deserve every one of them - and more!! :-)