Monday, March 22, 2010

WRITING COMMUNITY ALERT...and other informational links

NEW WRITING COMMUNITY ALERT: The Inkwell is a great new writer’s community! If you haven’t joined, now is the time… Read Buffy’s review on Literary Rambles, check out the site, join, participate, increase your knowledge, get a manuscript critique and get another step closer to publication.

From The Inkwell“All new writers and artists (including illustrators, web comic creators and graphic artists) have to start somewhere, and we hope you'll begin your journey here. We want to give you the resources and support you need to be successful. This is also a community for established writers and artists, a place for them to promote their work and help others. We hope that they, too, will continue to learn and grow their skills.

Inkwell belongs to you and every other member. Its success depends on each of us participating, spreading the word and growing the site through engaging groups and interactive features. We hope that you find not only the resources you need but a caring community of writers and artists who are dedicated and passionate about their craft.”

AGENT INFORMATION: If you noticed my sidebar has grown. I spent some time looking for agent blogs for you (and me). Chuck Sambuchino’s blog is loaded with agent and publishing information. You can get his blog posts via email. Do you follow links from other people’s sidebars?

EXPERT ADVICE: What are you supposed to do after you send out your queries? "Live your life as though it were normal," says The Authoress. Check out her great post on how to handle the stress of waiting.

So, go forth, increase your knowledge, and be stress free...


  1. You are awesome Sharon. Thanks so very much for the plug. And I hope to see you active on the site. BTW, someone posted in the Celebrate group on the site that they just sold an historical MG. I thought of you immediately. I hope your writing is coming along. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. And congrats on getting more than 100 followers. That's super.

  2. Sharon,

    You're the best. Thank you so much for this!
    I'll be following your blog also!

  3. Buffy--Thanks for your offer...You are one amazing woman. Your suggestions on my hf pb really were helpful. :)

    I need to spend some more time exploring The Inkwell...There is a LOT of information there!

    I'm going to interview some friends with books to celebrate my 100 followers benchmark...I'll be doing signed book give-a-ways after each interview. :)

  4. Jessica--That was cool...I clicked on your name, expecting to find your profile and BAM...I was at The Inkwell! Thanks for becoming a follower and GREAT JOB on Te Inkwell.

  5. I'll have to check the Inkwell out!!
    And I do occasionally click on blogs on other blogs' sidebars!

  6. Kelly--I think you'll find a lot of our blogging friends there... I click on sidebars and if someone leaves an interesting comment on someone else's blog I'll check them out.

  7. Hi Sharon Mayhew

    Oh wow. I am so,so,so impressed! I love how you;'ve organised your side bar links - very helpful thank you. I think the headings really help. I think I'll go look at "Where to find my work" exciting!!!


    Take care

  8. Kitty--You are so sweet! I know the way I've organized my sidebar helps me...I hope if I have a link that helps others that makes it twice as good. :)

    P.J.--Thanks for becoming a follower. :)

  9. Hello, friend! Thanks for the great links. And yes, I do sometimes follow links from other people's sidebars. Especially when I was a new blogger looking to make connections. :-)

  10. Great, more new stuff to check out. I'll surf on over there tonight. Thank you.